San Andrés Island


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Tourist Attractions in San Andrés Island

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San Andrés Island

  1. 1. San Andrés Island In San Andres Island there is a prevalence of Sunny days, during the second half of the year , it could be some storms, the velocity of the wind change during the year, being the strongest months June and July, in September and October there is a nice weather, with a water temperature between 27 and 30 centigrade grades, that becomes it in an ideal place to practice Water sports.
  2. 2. There has been identified 76 species of migratory birds, 18 residents.There are more than 273 species of reefs, fish and corals, they are found in the mangroves, forest, and coastal areas. San Andres is surrounded by a complex reef, formed with reefs and lagoons, including a variety of hard corals and sponges that make that a lot of experts and enthusiastic's want to investigate and know more about this reserve.
  3. 3. The official language is Spanish, although the predominant culture is Anglo Caribbean, its language is CREOLLE, a mixture of spanish and English, it´s talked by its natives. This region has a lot of religions, as Catholic, Baptist, Christians, evangelical, Muslim and others.
  4. 4. The Island structure of the hotels offers a variety of magical places to stay, people can find modern architectural hotels that included all kind of service, there are apartments and natives lodging called posadas.
  5. 5. Most of the hotels are in the North of the Island or down town where it is a commercial place. For the nature lovers , there are hotels with great sea views and sunsets, private beaches, It´s offered to the hosts activities to enjoy with their families. Tourists will never forget their vacations in the Island. It´ll be an unforgettable experience in life.
  7. 7. The Beaches of North End, Rocky Cay, Cocoplum, Sound Bay, Johnny Cay and Aquario. In Providence the beaches of Manzanillo, Fresh Water Bay and South best Bay and others. Visit the beaches of the Archipelago, enjoy with your family and friends of a sunny day at the beach, walk by the moonlight. The beaches in San Andres are THE BEST.
  8. 8. Native sector of the island. It´s the highest place of the island (approximately 120 meters above sea level), where tourits can see the most spectacular views of the caribbean sea, where the contrast of blues and greens make a mixture of colors that is called the “seven colored sea”.
  9. 9. This beautiful area is full of history and culture, in the past it was an important port where ships full of coconuts loaded,. Nowadays, it is the quietes place, away from the noise of the city, with long and beautiful beaches, typical restaurants and a peaceful environment.
  10. 10. In the Archipelago there are12 mangrove forests, this ia a very important mangroove because of its reproduction and preservation of flora and fauna, between them it´s found the red, black and white mangroves, visitors can see oysters, crabs, iguanas, lizards, endemic and migratory birds, making an ideal place for educational and make concious all tourist its enviromental importance and development such as eco-tourism.
  11. 11. Coral Cay full of palms, with a lot of visitors and natives who practice water sports, tourists can cook delicious BBQ, camping and simply spend having a relaxation time, it has restaurants that offer delicious food from the island. This beautiful sea contrast in all tones of blue, beaches and palms its an ideal scenario to make weddings, because in San Andres you can make them only with your ID or passport.
  12. 12. This beautiful cay was declared a natural park in 2001, because of its beautiful landscapes, and tourists can find more than 30 species of fish that live in this area, its long area has a specie called "beach cedar" that controls the erosion of the beaches because of the effects of waves and strong winds, becoming as a shelter of a lot of beach birds. In all around it visitors can see wonderful beaches and big coral forms, where easily you can see a variety of species, being an attractive for visitors to practice snorkeling and diving.
  13. 13. The Legend said that the Pirate Henry Morgan, used this cave to hide his treasures. Nowadays, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Visitor can get into the cave and visit a small museum.