Workplace Gamification


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An overview of the concept of the workplace gamification or using game mechanics and elements of play at intranet

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  • Workplace Gamification is considered asa relatively new concept. Companies and organizations are now looking at Gamification to help solve organizational issues such as employee engagement, learning and collaboration. The concept of Gamification is more than just game playing in the workplace: it is about introducing elements of game-play to real world situations.The term has been added to Oxford Dictionary and to Gartner, Inc. Hype circle in 2011
  • However, people play games or treat their work as a game for centuries.Games At Work: How to Recognize and Reduce Office Politics by Mauricio Goldstein &Phil ReadManipulative behaviorGotcha: identifying and communicating others' mistakes in an effort to win points from higher-upsGossip: engaging in the classic rumor mill to gain political advantageSandbagging: purposely low-balling sales forecasts as a negotiating ployGray Zone: deliberately fostering ambiguity or lack of clarity about who should do what to avoid accountability
  • Most implementations focus on points, badges and leaderboardsCombining different game mechanics good , using one could create negative effectCreate a flow state!
  • Missing Link company
  • “UPS began using video games to train newly recruited drivers after finding that 30% of candidates failed the company’s traditional training program, and the Hilton Garden Inn worked with Virtual Heroes to develop Ultimate Team Play, an interactive game that places employees in a virtual hotel," Taylor says. "Even the U.S. Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice has developed a training game, called Incident Commander, in which emergency responders practice coordinating disaster relief efforts
  • Siemens Industry, Inc. recently launched Plantville, a new online gaming platform that simulates the experience of being a plant manager. Players are faced with the challenge of maintaining the operation of their plant while trying to improve the productivity, efficiency, sustainability and overall health of their facility. Engage customers, employees, prospects, students and the general public while driving awareness of Siemens technologies and brand.
  • Have a look at this TemboSocialinfographicfor some of the statistics. Gamification could be a powerful tool and I feel that it could be big, if properly utilized.
  • Workplace Gamification

    1. 1. Workplace Gamification By Olga Koz, CTU Doctoral student
    2. 2. Short caption or quote
    3. 3. Office Games Employee of the Month Competition Scapegoat Games were always part of a workplace
    4. 4. Gamification using technology is new Gamification Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2013 Source: Gartner August 2013
    5. 5. Gamification of Intranet Bunchball platform Badgeville Behavior platform
    6. 6. Levels, points, leaderboard Rewards, bonuses, lottery Quests, challenges, battles, Difficulty tiers GoGame design Virality, collaboration
    7. 7. Gamification of a physical place Missing Link & Google campuses
    8. 8. Gamification of workplace LEARNING
    9. 9. Emergency response game by Virtual Heroes
    10. 10. Insert text or image to convey key point. Insert text or image to convey key point. Insert text or image to convey key point. Hilton Garden Inn worked with Virtual Heroes to develop Ultimate Team Play
    11. 11. Siemens Industry, Inc. Plantville
    12. 12. Key vendors: Badgeville, BigDoor & Bunchball Key authors: Deterding, Csikszentmihalyi,