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Being social media savvy at college


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The presentation at the Professional Development Conference organized by the Kansas City Professional Development Council (KCPDC).
An overview of how employees of organizations of Higher Learning use social media for both personal and professional purposes. Focus is on Student, Career, and Admission services

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Being social media savvy at college

  1. 1. Being Social Media Savvy at Work Presented by Olga Koz at the KCPDC Professional Development Conference Social media use by colleges and universities
  2. 2. Social Media • Word association game I say “social media” what will be the first word that occurs to your mind? Digital one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to- many communications Mass media Social Personal
  3. 3. Love-hate relationship with SM Why do you love SM? Why do you hate SM?
  4. 4. Social media is a two-edged tool Publishing Marketing Networking Bullying Learning Diversion, Addiction, False information Community building Violence accelerator Freedom Regulation Identity building Reputation destroyer
  5. 5. SM Marketing • Harvard#virtualvisitas experience 500 tweets • Yale U. Tumblr blog • Princeton U. Instagram • U. of Kentucky SM Week Facebook • Colorado Technical U. Linkedin page • Syracuse U. SM Directory • Top 100 SM Colleges
  6. 6. SM Publishing • LinkedIn Publishing Platform • Blogs U. Oregon Grade First Aid • Academic Advising Graduate Programs K- State U • Live webcasts Georgetown U.
  7. 7. PLC, educational blogs, forums, videos, access to experts, content, redesigning learning management systems to include SM SM in teaching & learning Social media Addiction Personal Learning Network
  8. 8. SM and community building Student riots & parties organizing Image source iStockPhoto Two U. of Arizona students took selfies during Saturday night's riot after the team's loss Penn State Yammer Network
  9. 9. SM & Privacy Big Data • Big Data obsession • FERPA • SM data collection is not regulated Monitoring • SM Listening • Social media audits • Social Media Policies
  10. 10. College intelligence with SM Rate my professors Rate my employer Glassdoor Linkedin for Admission Using Twitter to find #bad or # good remarks about the college
  11. 11. SM Policies SM policies at U.S. universities
  12. 12. Your own SM strategy LinkedIn – demonstration Twitter –demonstration The audience/community Purpose Knowledge of media