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commercial music


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commercial music

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commercial music

  1. 1. Joane, Carolina and Maite
  2. 2. For example:
  3. 3. Commercial music This music type is use in the radio and in the TV. This music accompany the product for selling it and for call the attention of the buyer. - - -
  4. 4. JINGLE • A jingle is a sung song or short song used for advertising purposes. • It can be melodic or any other musical genre, so that the brand is easily remembered by people. For the jingle to be more effective, a brand slogan is also included or a phrase is repeated, for example: "I invite you ... for a new neighborhood ..." They can fulfill different functions and can be classified into several types. The jingle usually lasts between 30 to 60 seconds • The effectiveness of a jingle is essential because it has to be printed in the memory of the listener. For that reason it has to be clear, short and easily identifiable in order to be able to distinguish soon.
  5. 5. Subliminal publicity Subliminal advertising is one that offers the consumer a product or service in such a subtle way, that the person isn´t aware of what they observe and that attracts them to use it or consume it without knowing the true reasons. A subliminal message is directed to the subconscious of the person or group of people, represents an act of communication. Therefore a subliminal ad is projected so that people perceive it in an unconscious way. This kind of advertising is legal. Among some features that are presented this type of advertising is: Proceed below the principles of thought. Handles impulses that can not be understood consciously, but that can modify the behavior of the observer.
  6. 6. For example: