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2 short terms en


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2 short terms en

  1. 1. 29 short-term programmes in business, management, finance and marketing 100% online In a highly competitive, dynamic, globally-oriented world, the knowledge of the sector, experience and understanding of recent trends in the market give professionals an invaluable advantage. For those working professionals who would like to continue their professional development, London School of Business & Finance offers a selection of 29 short-term online programmes in management, finance, marketing and other business disciplines. The language of the video materials is English. Lecturers of the video lessons are the same faculty as those from the full-time format of studies, conducted in LSBF campuses. The practical orientation of online programmes helps participants to bring their skills to a new level. Online programmes give its participants a number of invaluable advantages: `` The growth of personal competence and individual competitiveness of each participant; `` Instruments for effective changes, both in the company and within separate working places; `` Release of the internal reserves of company’s competitive growth. `` Certificate in Advanced Financial Management `` Certificate in Business Continuity & Crisis Management `` Certificate in Buy Out Strategies: LBOs and MBOs `` Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership & Management `` Certificate in Consumer Behaviour `` Certificate in Corporate Finance Strategy `` Certificate in Equity and Fixed Income Investments `` Certificate in Financial Reporting and Analysis `` Certificate in Fundamentals of Islamic Finance `` Certificate in Global Marketing `` Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications `` Certificate in International Financial Management `` Certificate in International Financial Markets and Institutions `` Certificate in International Human Resource Management `` Certificate in Internet and Digital Marketing Communications `` Certificate in Islamic Portfolio Management `` Certificate in Managing Information `` Certificate in Marketing Management `` Certificate in Marketing: Metrics, Analysis and Evaluation `` Certificate in Operations Management `` Certificate in Options, Futures and Derivatives `` Certificate in Organisational Behaviour `` Certificate in Performance Measurement & Control `` Certificate in Project Management `` Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Investment Management `` Certificate in Risk Management `` Certificate in Strategic Planning `` Certificate in Strategic Sales Management `` Certificate in Valuation of Mergers and Acquisitions The choice of LSBF short-term programmes includes: