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Cooking project


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Iris Victoria

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Cooking project

  1. 1. Hello Comenius, we are goingto explain you how to make a cake. But first, we are going toshow ourselfs, … well we are a group of 4 teenagers, and our names are : Iris,Victoria,Maria and Mario.
  2. 2. Maria :Hi, I’m Maria, I’m 14 years old, and I’m from Ondara; Ondara is near Denia, where I study. In my family, we have a tipycal tradition and it’s to make a cakecalled ‘’Coca Maria’’ and if it’s with chocolate it’s better,and more sweety.
  3. 3. Victoria: Hello, I’m Victoria and I’m 14years old, I’m from Pedreguer, andalso it’s a town near Denia, where I study. In Pedreguer like in Ondara have tipycal traditions, and they’re the same, a ‘’Coca Maria’’ ,but in my family we put nuts and also chocolate.
  4. 4. Iris : Hello, I’m Iris ,I’m 14 years oldand I live in Denia ,a small city. In Denia there are some beaches,and also there is a school called Paidos, where I study.In Denia, when it’s a birthday we make a cake ; the tipycal cakes are ‘’Coca Maria’’ or the tipycal ‘’biscuit’’
  5. 5. Mario: Hi, I’m Mario, and I’m 15 years old, I live in Pedreguer, like Victoria. And in my family, we have thesame traditions like them, and we are going to show you how to make ‘’Coca Maria’’ with chocolate.
  6. 6. INGREDIENTS: We need to do the ‘’coca maria’’ : -4 eggs -1/2 kg of sugar -1/2kg of flour -3 packs of yeast -1 cup of sunflower oil-2 or 3 table soons of cacao -1 cup of milk.
  7. 7. AND FINISH ! Now, if you prefer you can try to make it withyogurt, nuts,hazelnuts, pumpkin and almonds…