Pink panther 2


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Treball realitzat per Marina, Àlex i Gal·la.

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Pink panther 2

  1. 1. It was a beautiful morning of spring in Lloretde Mar…
  2. 2. Two girls went shopping
  3. 3. While they were trying some clothes on, they foundsomething strange…
  4. 4. We should call the policeA ring with a beautiful diamond!
  5. 5. Are youinspectorDelgado?
  6. 6. Yes, I am.
  7. 7. Can you help us? Yes, it’s a pleasure
  8. 8. Thank you!With Inspector Delgado’s help, the girls were able to find the
  9. 9. At the end, the girls were happy. With the moneythey got an icecream.