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Love art

  1. 1. “LOVE ART. OF ALL LIES, IT IS THE LEAST UNTRUE” Gustave Flaubert
  2. 2. THE GOLDEN AGE OF BRITISH PAINTING ( the 17th - 19th centuries) William Hogarth Joshua Reynolds Thomas Gainsborough Joseph Turner John Constable
  3. 3. “The Golden Age” of English Painting The period from Hogarth to Constable and Turner, that is the period between the 1730 & the 1830, is considered to be the Golden Age of English painting. Never in any other period did England contribute so much to the history of world art. English art had some peculiarities. Right from the beginning English artists worked almost only for some private person. That’s why portrait painting was the leading national genre of the English school. The landscape painting began to attract the attention of painters in the middle of the 18th century, but didn’t win the love of the public for a long time. It began to flourish in the 19th century. As for genre-painting it became popular at the end of the 18th century. Brilliant artists of that time made English painting one of the famous among the Europian art schools.
  4. 4. William Hogarth The first great English painter who raised British pictorial art to a high level Famous for so-called “modern moral subjects” A humorist and satirist Harmonious in colouring Capable and direct in theme & composition
  5. 5. The Marriage –a-la-Mode Marriage Contract
  6. 6. Marriage-a-la-Mode Shortly After Marriage
  7. 7. The Graham Children
  8. 8. Shrimp Girl
  9. 9. Thomas Gainsborough The purest lyricist A brilliant out-door portrait painter Portraits are inseparable from landscapes
  10. 10. The Blue Boy
  11. 11. The Mr and Mrs Hallet Morning Walk
  12. 12. Mr and Mrs Andrews
  13. 13. Mrs Thomas Hibbert
  14. 14. Joshua Reynolds Portraitist Convincing likeness Denied static portraits A fine colourist A master of composition
  15. 15. The Archers
  16. 16. Simplicity Dawson
  17. 17. Love Me Love My Dog
  18. 18. John Constable Affection for nature An acute observer of nature Close to Impressionism A notable treatment of skies
  19. 19. The Deadham Valley
  20. 20. A Flowerpiece
  21. 21. The Haywain
  22. 22. The Malvernhill
  23. 23. Stonehenge
  24. 24. On The Coast
  25. 25. The Sky
  26. 26. Joseph Turner (1775-1851) A genius seascape painter Reveals the grand beauty of the sea The dynamic force and movement A ship was a living creature to him
  27. 27. The Shipwreck
  28. 28. Fishermen At Sea
  29. 29. After the Shipwreck
  30. 30. Misty Morning
  31. 31. The Fighting Temeraire (The Last Voyage)
  32. 32. The Funeral in the Sea