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Art in people’s life


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Art in people’s life

  1. 1. Art in People’s Life ôîí äëÿ ïðåçåíòàöèè èñêóññòâî - Ïîèñê â Google.htm
  2. 2. Free Microphone Discussion What is art? • The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle • Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. ~John Ruskin • Art is more than just a beauty. Art must create an emotional link between artist and viewer, one that “infects ” the viewer. Leo Tolstoy • Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well- balanced humans. Shelley Esaak • Art is making something out of nothing and selling it. Frank Zappa • Art is something that is both functional and , hopefully, beautiful. Shelley Esaak • A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. ~Michelangelo
  3. 3. Graffiti is Vandalism
  4. 4. Graffiti is art
  5. 5. Slonim Graffiti Art
  6. 6. Relaxation minute Psychadelic Art
  7. 7. ART AUCTION PERFORMANCE Musicians (1924).
  8. 8. Sean Kenney
  9. 9. «Monkeys»
  10. 10. «Birds»
  11. 11. Norman Foster a British architect
  12. 12. • He was born in 1935 in Manchester • Then Foster won the Henry Fellowship to the Yale School of Architecture, where he met future business partner Richard • hi-tech became the main style of his work
  13. 13. Hearst Tower in New York
  15. 15. Curriculum Vitae • Family name: THOMPSON Given name: PENELOPE Date of Birth : 1964 / 05 / 13 Nationality : Australian/ UK
  16. 16. "Dreamweaver" installation "Images constantly flow and change - a bird, a cloud, the wind, a fish are all connected. Dreams and reality are all the same in the mind's eye."
  17. 17. In "Raintrees" - the artist wanted to express the feeling of the heavy, cool raindrops of the summer rainy season in Korea. “RAINTREES” INSTALLATION
  18. 18. Eero Aarnio
  19. 19. Eero Aarnio was born 21 July 1932 in Helsinki. He is a Finnish interior designer, well known for his furniture designs in the 1960s, notably his plastic and fibreglass chairs. Aarnio's designs used very simple geometric forms.
  20. 20. Paul Henningsen( 9 September 1894 – 31 January 1967), Danish author and critic, was one of the leading figures of the cultural life of Denmark between the World Wars/ In Denmark, he is often referred to as PH.
  21. 21. PH Artichoke
  22. 22. PH5 lamp
  23. 23. PH Grand Piano
  24. 24. OSSIP ZADKINE (July 14, 1890 - November 25, 1967)
  25. 25. WORKS OF ART Musicians (1924). A couple (1921).
  26. 26. A village (1924). A bar (1920).
  27. 27. Orpheus (1928).
  28. 28. WORKS OF ART A musician. Muse.
  29. 29. Philippe Halsman
  30. 30. Kareena Zerefos
  31. 31. Kareena Zerefos is a London based artist, designer and self-confessed daydreamer with a pencil in her hand who was born in 1983 in Sydney. ”FLYING OWL”
  32. 32. MTV Gallery flyer - an exhibition of illustrative works by Kareena Zerefos.
  33. 33. “BEYOND THE MENAGERIE (WINGED)” “Bumble Bee Girl” “Elephant”
  34. 34. “Where the Wild Things Are”
  35. 35. Homework • Find and write the information for the blog about one of the Belarusian contemporary artists
  36. 36. A Diamond Poem
  37. 37. Reflexion • What useful information did you get from the lesson? • Describe the lesson in three words. • What would you like to learn more?