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  1. 1. LEARNING SESSION PLANI. GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1. School : Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán Zea 1.2. Standard of Education : Secondary level 1.3. Grade : 5to 1.4. Sections : A, C. 1.5. Area : Foreign Language. 1.6. Teacher : Olga Reaño Kant. 1.7. Duration : 2 hours.II. DENOMINATION MUSIC!III. ABILITY TO DEVELOP  Expression and understanding oral. / Understanding of texts.IV. LEARNING EXPECTED  Express the main idea of the text. “AT THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL”.  Identify adverbs of manner: “quietly, safely, easily, badly, early, late, fast, hard, well.”V. DIDACTIC MOMENTS MOMENTS ACTIVITIES RESOURCES T  The teacher greets to the students.  Ask: Text -Do you play any musical? Listening -Have you ever had a musical festival at school? Questions and I -what is a band? answers 15 WARM UP  Answer the Questions: Brainstorming -Yes, I do / No, I don’t -yes, I have / No, I haven’t -free answer.  Inducen la clase de hoy.
  2. 2.  Shows a text “AT THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL”  Read the text and ask: Questions and - What is your main idea of this conversation? answers - What are they talking about? Speaking  Express the main idea of the text “AT THE Reading SCHOOL FESTIVAL”. Questions and answers  Do your exercices about the text. Check or cross II Brainstorming  The teacher asks: PROCESS 70 -what is your favorite kind of music?  Answer: the latin american, rock n roll, romantic, Texto Nº 5 reggae, classical. Internet  The teacher explains about adverbs of manner computadoras “quietly, safely, easily, badly, early, late, fast, hard, well.”book pag. 32  They do their exercices On line http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/sp/adjetivo- o-adverbio1.html III  Homework: translate the text using the Google Notebook EXIT translator “AT THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL”. Internet 05  Draw musical instruments in your notebook PCVI. EVALUATION CAPACITIES INDICATOR OF ACHIEVEMENT INSTRUMENT OF EVALUATION EXPRESSION AND  Express the main idea of the text. “AT THE  Participation. UNDERSTANDING SCHOOL FESTIVAL” by means questions  Lista de cotejo ORAL. and answers Identify adverbs of manner: “quietly, safely,  Participation UNDERSTANDING easily, badly, early, late, fast, hard, well.” by  Exercices OF TEXTS. means the developed your exercises Online  QuizVII. BIBLIOGRAPHY  State Book, English Secondary 5to Grade.  Página Web : http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/sp/adjetivo-o-adverbio1.html  Teacher’s manual, 5to Grade of Education Secondary. Santillana 2010.  Dictionary English-Spanish.
  3. 3. ANEXOThe teacher greets to the students. Good afternoon students! How are you?Ask:-Do you play any musical?-Have you ever had a musical festival at school?-what is a band?Answer the Questions:-Yes, I do / No, I don’t-yes, I have / No, I haven’t-free answer.Shows a text : “AT THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL”The teacher asks:-what is your favorite kind of music?Answer:the latin american, rock n roll, romantic, reggae, classical.
  4. 4. PRACTICEName and Surname:....................................................................................Grade:.......................................................Date:.......................................... score1.Complete the following sentences with “WHILE OR WHEN”-My mother was cooking ___________________________the telephone rang.-__________________ she was crying, kathy said something nice to her.-___________________ my father was working in the store, I was doing homework.- __________________ the earthquake started, I was taking a shower.I was Reading __________________________ the music was playing.2.Draw a CHECK (√ ) if the sentences is correct or CROSS (х) if is wrong. And circle the mistakes-He were watching TV while I was doing my homework ( )-our teacher was telling us about Shakespeare. ( )-when I were doing homework, my friend arrived ( )-While sue was talk on the pone, Martha stole your bag ( )-What were you doing when I leave home? ( )3. Order the following sentences.Example: was /she/ homework /doing/ her. She was doing her homework-was/ she/ while /crying/I/studied ________________________-driving /was / home /Amanda ________________________-I / was / Reading /children/when/arrived ________________________-happy birthday/is / when / your/? _______________________-was/I/listening/the teacher/while /explaining/was ________________________4. Write 5 sentences using WHILE and 5 sentences using WHEN. WHILE WHEN_____________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________