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Military Conflict in Ukraine: Why People Are Seeking Shelter


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The visual explanation of the situation in Ukraine. Please feel free to share and republish. The graphic was created for Columbia Missourian newspaper (Columbia, Missouri, USA) and ran with the piece about Ukrainian journalists who fled Ukraine:

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Military Conflict in Ukraine: Why People Are Seeking Shelter

  1. 1. MILITARY CONFLICT IN UKRAINE: WHY PEOPLE ARE SEEKING SHELTER NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT 2-- -2 President 800,000 Parliament At least 88 people Crimea's referen— Protesters Pro-Russian Malaysia Ukraine NATO says it Vlktor people attend passes killed by snipers In dum on joining occupy separatists In Airlines flight releases "stands with Yanukovych demonstration , e5t, .ictiVe anti. 48 hours. Clashes Russia is backed government Donetsk and MH17 shot videos of Ukra| ne" In the abandons in Kiev (Kyiv). protest laws erupt. Yanukovych by 97 percent of buildings In Luhansk declare down in captured face of Russia's the trade city hall is Protesters ' flees. Pro-Russian voters. Putin signs eastern Independence after rebel—held Russian "destabilizing" agreement occupied. _ _ I gunmen seize key bill to absorb Ukrainian cities. referendums, which territory close para— Influence. with EU. 5e'ze_ 'Fg'°"_a buildings in Crimea into the Anti— terrorist are not recognized to Russian troopers. Hundreds are Protests start. adm'"'5t"a"'°"5- Simferopol, Crimea. Russian operation starts. by Kiev, the EU or border. killed despite Federation. the U. S. the Sept. 5 ceasefire. Donetsk and Luhansk regions: Missouri: 20,541 square miles 68,741 square miles . ET ‘7 Ha I Luhansk* “R A / ~, '‘''¢. ‘-' » : Vi ‘a ‘J1 “ I5 r U ‘ (3 1. 2 . $Iovyansk* ‘; 1 I" 5, © € '~ ~ . 8 Luhansk’: fv . _, _, u K RAI N E © “/ Hor| ivka* / ‘ , , Dn| propetrovsk* . .. ~ A _ : it killed (including 35 Dane k V fl ‘ children and 2.98 ' 7 people from flight ' MH17)** Donetsk wounded in RUSSIAN FEDERATION eastern Ukraine”, Zaporlzhzhya* _ Mafiupo| Internally © displaced people*** fled to LEGEND neighboring Previous extent c°untrIes*** SEA OF A Z0 V of rebel control 7 ‘ Rebemeid areas Notes: * Donetsk and Luhansk are bilingual regions. The map presents Ukrainian OLGA DOROVSKYKH/ Missourian spelling of cities’ names. Russian spelling is as follows: Lugansk, Slavyansk, Dneprop- etrovsk, Zaporozhye, Gorlovka. ** as of Sept. 30 *** as of Oct. 3 Sources: BBC, GOOGLE MAPS. QU| CKFACTS. CENSUS. GOV, UNITED NATIONS OFFICE FOR THE COORDINATION OF HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS UKRAINE SITUATION REPORT NO. 14