Ultimate Resume Guide 2014


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Some of my coaching materials!

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Ultimate Resume Guide 2014

  1. 1. Speed CoachingSpeed Coaching Everything you didn’tEverything you didn’t write down!write down!
  2. 2. Olga OconOlga Ocon Executive Recruiter &CoachExecutive Recruiter &Coach Presented by:Presented by:
  3. 3. Today you will learn howToday you will learn how to compile a resumeto compile a resume that will get you past thethat will get you past the screening process, get youscreening process, get you more interviews andmore interviews and ultimately open the door toultimately open the door to employment.employment.
  4. 4. Resume PhilosophyResume Philosophy Your resume is aYour resume is a MARKETING pieceMARKETING piece used to present yourused to present your skills, experience and abilitiesskills, experience and abilities..
  5. 5. Purpose of a ResumePurpose of a Resume The purpose of yourThe purpose of your resume is toresume is to OBTAIN AN INTERVIEW.OBTAIN AN INTERVIEW.
  6. 6. Resume Advice & TipsResume Advice & Tips Everyone hasEveryone has opinions & preferences.opinions & preferences. Use logic when taking advice:Use logic when taking advice: Does it make sense to you?Does it make sense to you?
  7. 7. Resume TemplatesResume Templates AVOID TEMPLATES:AVOID TEMPLATES: Recruiters Hate them!Recruiters Hate them! They are geared forThey are geared for the inexperiencedthe inexperienced and recent grads.and recent grads.
  8. 8. Resume FontResume Font Aesthetics are important!Aesthetics are important! Font should be simple & easy to read.Font should be simple & easy to read. 9pt – 11pt is typical size.9pt – 11pt is typical size.
  9. 9. Resume FontResume Font Avoid using italics,Avoid using italics, it makes text harder to read.it makes text harder to read. BoldBold sparingly.sparingly. Bold forBold for impactimpact..
  10. 10. Anatomy of aAnatomy of a ResumeResume
  11. 11. IntroductionIntroduction NameName Contact DetailsContact Details LinkedIn URLLinkedIn URL
  12. 12. Olga OconOlga Ocon olga@olgaocon.comolga@olgaocon.com  408-759-1990408-759-1990 linkedin.com/in/olgaoconlinkedin.com/in/olgaocon
  13. 13. SummarySummary 1.1.Professional Tag LineProfessional Tag Line 2.2.Professional SummaryProfessional Summary 3.3.Core Competency ListingCore Competency Listing Note: This section should be about 30% of theNote: This section should be about 30% of the first page.first page.
  14. 14. Professional Tag LineProfessional Tag Line Your professional tag line is aYour professional tag line is a short marketing phrase used toshort marketing phrase used to give the reader an instantgive the reader an instant understanding of what you do. Itunderstanding of what you do. It can include function andcan include function and technology key words.technology key words.
  15. 15. Example:Example: Olga Ocon:Olga Ocon: Executive Recruiter &Executive Recruiter & Instant Human,Instant Human, just add coffeejust add coffee..
  16. 16. Professional SummaryProfessional Summary Your professional summary should:Your professional summary should: -State who you are and what you do-State who you are and what you do -Provide career highlights-Provide career highlights -Communicate what you have to offer-Communicate what you have to offer -Explain what is unique about you-Explain what is unique about you
  17. 17. Use this as a starting point:Use this as a starting point: Marketing executive with X yearsMarketing executive with X years of experience in Y industry/ies,of experience in Y industry/ies, with an understanding of A and B.with an understanding of A and B.
  18. 18. Core CompetenciesCore Competencies A core competency is a majorA core competency is a major strength, strategic advantagestrength, strategic advantage or unique ability. Use keyor unique ability. Use key words or phrases important towords or phrases important to your job function or industry.your job function or industry.
  19. 19. Sample ListingSample Listing Product Marketing Professional:Product Marketing Professional:
  20. 20. ProfessionalProfessional ExperienceExperience 1.1. List company, Title and DatesList company, Title and Dates 2.2. Include 2 lines describing companyInclude 2 lines describing company 3.3. 1-2 paragraphs of responsibilities1-2 paragraphs of responsibilities 4.4. Use bullets for achievements &Use bullets for achievements & accomplishments – keep them shortaccomplishments – keep them short
  21. 21. Busch International Los Altos, CA A retained executive search firm serving the high technology, venture capital and investment community. Recruiter, Hunter & Sourcer 3/95 to 7/11 Responsible for executing the full life cycle of recruiting activitiesResponsible for executing the full life cycle of recruiting activities for executive hires including conducting phone screenings,for executive hires including conducting phone screenings, scheduling, and interviewing candidates. Conduct and managescheduling, and interviewing candidates. Conduct and manage internal and external executive searches. Implement executiveinternal and external executive searches. Implement executive staffing and recruiting/sourcing strategies. Identify opportunitiesstaffing and recruiting/sourcing strategies. Identify opportunities for improving executive recruiting processes and procedures.for improving executive recruiting processes and procedures. Consults and advises executive leadership executive hiring.Consults and advises executive leadership executive hiring. Placed over 400+ executives in high technologyPlaced over 400+ executives in high technology Maintained 47k database accurate and up-todateMaintained 47k database accurate and up-todate
  22. 22. EducationEducation Start with most recentStart with most recent degree. List title of degreedegree. List title of degree first, then the school, andfirst, then the school, and then date of completion.then date of completion.
  23. 23. Other:Other: As an option you can include the following:As an option you can include the following: Awards, honors, scholarships & fellowshipsAwards, honors, scholarships & fellowships Volunteer activitiesVolunteer activities Languages spokenLanguages spoken Professional MembershipsProfessional Memberships Note on listing hobbies and interests: These shouldNote on listing hobbies and interests: These should only be listed if they support your career goals andonly be listed if they support your career goals and objectives.objectives.
  24. 24. Content vs LengthContent vs Length Average resume of aAverage resume of a high-tech professional ishigh-tech professional is 3-4 pages long.3-4 pages long.
  25. 25. A one page resume won’tA one page resume won’t include all the relevantinclude all the relevant experience necessary for anexperience necessary for an employer to asses a fit.employer to asses a fit. Employers/ Recruiters willEmployers/ Recruiters will assume you do not have theassume you do not have the experience and disqualify you.experience and disqualify you.
  26. 26. Focus on last 10 yearsFocus on last 10 years As a rule of thumb –As a rule of thumb – your most recent roleyour most recent role should be the longest.should be the longest.
  27. 27. The further back in yourThe further back in your career the less detailed thecareer the less detailed the description. Keep positionsdescription. Keep positions 15+ years ago very brief.15+ years ago very brief.
  28. 28. Submitting YourSubmitting Your ResumeResume Word vs PDFWord vs PDF When no preference has beenWhen no preference has been expressed by employer – using a PDFexpressed by employer – using a PDF is a great way to ensure you resumeis a great way to ensure you resume keeps its formatting after its sent.keeps its formatting after its sent.
  29. 29. Submitting YourSubmitting Your ResumeResume LinkedInLinkedIn LinkedIn doesn’LinkedIn doesn’t permit attachments.t permit attachments. Upload your PDF to a site like BOX.com.Upload your PDF to a site like BOX.com. Create a custom URL to the document.Create a custom URL to the document. Include this in your InMail.Include this in your InMail.
  30. 30. Your resume is a storyYour resume is a story – you are the most– you are the most qualified to tell thisqualified to tell this story.story.
  31. 31. Olga can teach you how toOlga can teach you how to tailor your resume to specifictailor your resume to specific roles.roles. Olga can help you strategizeOlga can help you strategize how to get your foot in thehow to get your foot in the door.door. Olga can help youOlga can help you accentuate your strengthsaccentuate your strengths and minimize the impact ofand minimize the impact of your weaknesses.your weaknesses.
  32. 32. About Olga OconAbout Olga Ocon 16 Years of Experience in16 Years of Experience in Executive SearchExecutive Search Focused in HardwareFocused in Hardware Semiconductors - MemorySemiconductors - Memory Peripherals-NetworkingPeripherals-Networking Consumer Electronics - WirelessConsumer Electronics - Wireless
  33. 33. More…More…  Industry Knowledge & ExperienceIndustry Knowledge & Experience  Depth & Breadth of Contacts / ExpertiseDepth & Breadth of Contacts / Expertise  Proven Track Record of PerformanceProven Track Record of Performance  Speed –Speed – “Hit the Ground Running”“Hit the Ground Running”  World Wide CoverageWorld Wide Coverage  Guaranteed ResultsGuaranteed Results
  34. 34. Searches PerformedSearches Performed President/ CEO/ Board of DirectorsPresident/ CEO/ Board of Directors VP/ Dir of EngineeringVP/ Dir of Engineering VP/ Dir OperationsVP/ Dir Operations VP/ Dir SalesVP/ Dir Sales VP/ Dir MarketingVP/ Dir Marketing Product Marketing & ManagementProduct Marketing & Management
  35. 35. Sign up today for aSign up today for a coaching session:coaching session: https://olga.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.phphttps://olga.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php
  36. 36. Olga OconOlga Ocon Executive Recruiter & CoachExecutive Recruiter & Coach linkedin.com/in/olgaoconlinkedin.com/in/olgaocon Twitter: @olgaoconTwitter: @olgaocon olga@olgaocon.comolga@olgaocon.com Mobile:Mobile: 408-759-1990408-759-1990 Office:Office: 408-490-4096408-490-4096
  37. 37. Setting up your profile forSetting up your profile for optimal results!optimal results!
  38. 38. Privacy ControlsPrivacy Controls Turn your activity feed off!Turn your activity feed off! Login to your LI account – upper right hand corner click your name > Select Settings > Scroll down to Profile and “Turn on/off activity broadcast”. For job seekers – it’s important that you turn off this feature – otherwise your network will get an update for every change you make to your profile!
  39. 39. Turning off…Turning off…
  40. 40. Include a picture!Include a picture! No picture = Red Flag Don’t be shy!
  41. 41. Include a picture!Include a picture! Your picture should be a high quality / clear headshot. Look personable & approachable. Save pictures of your kids and pets for Facebook! No ties allowed… too stuffy! Remember to SMILE!
  42. 42. Properly list yourProperly list your Name!Name! My full legal name is Olga Jose Ocon Aviles – that’s a mouthful! I use Olga Ocon to make myself easy to locate. Be found by using your commonly recognized name. Avoid listing certifications (e.g. PHD, CPA, CPM etc) as this makes locating your information a challenge.
  43. 43. Brand yourself!Brand yourself! Jedi mind trick the viewer of your profile to associate your name with what is listed in your tagline! Choose these words wisely and decide what words you want associated with your name .
  44. 44. What do you think if my tagline? Anthony Robbins is a GIANT btw!
  45. 45. Customized your URL!
  46. 46. Want MORE???Want MORE??? There’s nothing like a personalized session withThere’s nothing like a personalized session with a seasoned professional!a seasoned professional! Guaranteed to impact your job search!Guaranteed to impact your job search! Schedule a session today:Schedule a session today: http://acuityscheduling.com/appointments.phphttp://acuityscheduling.com/appointments.php Olga Ocon Recruiting Services High-Technology Consumer Electronics Semiconductors - Hardware