Networks and Politics. A presentation for Spanish Fulbright Alumni Associa…


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Networks and Politics. A presentation for Spanish Fulbright Alumni Association. Madrid. December 4rd, 2012.
This version has some typos that should be corrected, sch as the reference to Llanos Mora and some others that should be addete yet, such as Pascale Banhg

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  • Networks and Politics. A presentation for Spanish Fulbright Alumni Associa…

    1. 1. Networks and PoliticsA Presentation forOlga Gil, Ph.D.December 4rd, 2012.Monthly Tertulia of theSpanish Fulbright Alumni Association
    2. 2. 1
    3. 3. 2I. ThinkersFind us @Twitter @TicWisdom @OlgaG@JeanCharles
    4. 4. 3The Wealth of Networks Power to the People A Moment of Opportunity Radical Reordering “Collective actions practices, … decentralized, that do not rely on the price system or the managerial structure of coordination” “The most convincing case for a fundamental change on how we understand the economy of society” --Lawrence Lessig Yochai Benkler, Medialab Madrid 2010
    5. 5. 4 2Networks & Politics Arquitecture is control in Cyberspace: it is power to regulate behaviour in society. --Lawrence Lessig. An example is Facebook, reproducing the same structure (& induced also) we find in society. --Stephen Downs Language is also control. . @cognolab_beta
    6. 6. 5@cognolab_beta
    7. 7. Politics and Networks… 6 Democracy …And what went wrong…?•Individualism –attack on family, class…) made very difficult to engage people in politics•The end of the Cold War broke the social contract between elites and the citizen•Elite put of the control of voters•Democracies today depart from the egalitarian outcomes @cognolab_beta
    8. 8. 7
    9. 9. 8What the digital world has made to the USA today…?A positive viewChange in productive, leaership and relation models:@NewUrbanMechs –new urban mechanics civic -- innovationfocused on delivering transformative city services to Boston residents@CitizensConnect City of Boston´CitizenSourcing. Mayor´s 24 hoursplan@Patrick_Brennan in Boston or @CoryBooker
    10. 10. 9II. Makers --and in betweenFind us @Twitter @TicWisdom @OlgaG@JeanCharles
    11. 11. 2 10How … did TicWisdom came about? People such as @piscitelli has inspired us from 2009 to 2011. And others such us @MadanRao @LRainiee @stevehargadon or @zephoria were the first informed about the initiative. In Spain we counted on @alafuente @dreig and @jfreire among others… and growing.TicWisdom is now working for profit in !) Big Data Projects2) Developing Long Life Learning Programs Designed forPrivate International Firms at IBEX Index and Universities,3) On the Trends side, working for private firms and buildingbridges with with three universities at the momentBesides, we are now over 20 people working under the LABslabelTicWisdom is committed to participate in society and devotes20% of its time to support non-for-profit causes for two projectslinking Enterpreneurship, Sustaninability and Sports for Kids onthe one hand and Spain Global Branding on the other.
    12. 12. 11 Projects “in Between” @RedesyCambioTogether with Maria Luz Congosto@Congosto, Cecilia Gañán de Molina@CeciliaGanan, Ricardo García Vegas,Carlos Montes, Dolors Reig Hernendez@DReig, Jaime Ridriguez Martinez,Lourdes Soria and Llanos Montes@LlanosMontes and Jean CharlesBlondeau @JeanCharles
    13. 13. 12An example of a project inBetween, thinkers andmakers:@RedesyCambio… Firms, Institutions and Citizens in the Networked Age @OlgaG
    14. 14. Where… did TicWisdom was Born 13 At Medialab-Prado, Madrid ( Medialab-Prado is an international space oriented to the production, research, and broadcasting of digital culture. It is a space where art, science, technology and society merge – a space where workshops, seminars, debates, meetings, concerts.... take place. Streaming is available for quarterly events so that #influence and #global participation are possible. All the sessions are recorded and are openly available and free. Thank you Jean Charles @Jeancharles Julia @julajcandela and Yolanda @Tintaalsol, Jose,Juan, Pascale Bang-Rouhet, @McGlaria, Marcos, Gabriel for your support those challenging- start days, and many others before and afterwards… @cognolab_beta
    15. 15. 14II. Applied Thinking How do networks empower institutions, citizens and firms? And religion… @PontifexFind us @Twitter @TicWisdom @OlgaG@JeanCharles
    16. 16. @OlgaG 15COSTS
    17. 17. @OlgaG 16COSTS
    18. 18. @OlgaG 17REPUTATION
    19. 19. @OlgaG 17NETWORKS
    22. 22. @OlgaG 19FIRMS
    23. 23. @OlgaG 20PEOPLE
    24. 24. @OlgaG 21PEOPLE AND… PARTIES
    25. 25. @OlgaG 22IDEAS
    26. 26. @OlgaG 23CHANGE
    27. 27. 24 El ámbito de la reflexión de esta presentacionCOSTS son los últimos cuarenta años, en los que hemos sido testigos de una gran revoluciónREPUTATION tecnológica. Esta revolución se basa en un cambio, el empoderamiento. Internet hace posible que la humanidad se comunique a granNETWORKS escala de forma distribuida. Las redes de comunicación distribuída facilitan el empoderamiento del individuo y de laFIRMS sociedad.INSTITUTIONS Investigando científicamente las posibilidades novedosas que existen de modificar objetivos, prácticas, formas organizativas y valoresPEOPLE sociales a través de las redes sociales, y cómo empoderan a las instituciones, al ciudadano, y las empresas, hemos llegado a conclusiones. ElIDEAS estudio se realiza desde las aportaciones teóricas de la ciencia política, y de maneraCHANGE secundaría, desde la sociología y la matemática…
    28. 28. COSTS 25 Hemos encontrado variables estructurales nuevas, que dependen de la tecnología distribuída y que afectan positivamente a laREPUTATION acción colectiva.NETWORKS Hemos visto tambien que los grandes detonantes del cambio son los cambios de valores, las nuevas ideas, la búsqueda de innovación, y diferenciación.FIRMS Por lo tanto, podemos hacer recomendaciones como: • La prospectiva sobre las nuevas ideas y sus aplicaciones, comoINSTITUTIONS las avanzadas por Joi Ito, director de Medialab en MIT, cuya visión es la de una tecnología que forme parte de la naturaleza, en lugarPEOPLE de intentar dominarla… a diferencia de lo hecho en revoluciones industriales anteriores. O centros como The Centre for Design and Geopolitics en San Diego, en http://designgeopolitics.orgIDEAS • Podemos hablar de mejores prácticas, prácticas nuevas y disruptivas. •Podemos establecer recomendaciones para el diseño deCHANGE acciones colectivas.
    29. 29. 26Networks andPolitics I. Thinkers II. Makers Conclusions
    30. 30. 27
    31. 31. @OlgaG 28REFERENCES A Great Scientific Study, Bonobos ed. December 2012. Thanks to Dr. Rodrigo Sandoval
    32. 32. @OlgaG 29REFERENCES A great applied example, december 2012. Thanks to @Amaya_Flyabit
    33. 33. 30Time 4 YourQuestionsWe invite you tocontact us@TicWisdomOlga Gil - Founder and Director@olgag+34
    34. 34. 31 Thank you very muchVisit us Olga Gil, Ph.D. Founder Author of the idea and design for this presentation Jean-Charles Blondeau @jeancharles Labs director Education. Moodle. Tech tools. Feeds specialist and Financial Planning