CEIC presentation of the IMU at CoData 2012


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A poster for the International Mathematical Union delivered during the session organized by the ICSU's World Data System at the 23rd CODATA International Conferenceb Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet -- held in Taipei on 28 - 31 October 2012.

It comes with a prezi at http://prezi.com/lagth0nehum0/

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CEIC presentation of the IMU at CoData 2012

  1. 1. INTERNATIONALMATHEMATICALUNIONIMUThe International Mathematical Union is a non-governmental and non-profit scientificorganization devoted to promoting the development of mathematics in all its aspects across theworld. IMU is a member of the International Council for Science – ICSU. First founded in 1920,it was reborn after World War II in 1951. Members are countries who are represented in IMUthrough Adhering Organisations. At present, the IMU includes 69 Members, 8 Associate, and 4Affiliate Members. IMU’s governing body is the General Assembly made up of delegates,representatives, and of the IMU Executive Committee. The permanent Secretariat, based inBerlin, runs IMU’s day to day business, provides support for many IMU operations, and hosts theIMU archive.The most important activity of the IMU is to support andassist the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)taking place every four years and uniting mathematiciansfrom all branches and from all over the world. The first ICMtook place in Zurich in 1897, the last in Hyderabad in 2010,and the next one will be in Seoul in 2014. At the ICMOpening Ceremony the scientific prizes of IMU areawarded: the Fields Medals (two to four medals are givensince 1936), the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize (since 1986), the CarlFriedrich Gauss Prize (since 2006), and the Chern MedalAward (awarded for the first time in 2010).The Fields Medal (often referred to as the Nobel Prize ofmathematics) recognises outstanding mathematicalachievement. The Nevanlinna Prize honours distinguishedachievements in mathematical aspects of informationscience. The Gauss Prize is awarded for outstandingmathematical contributions that have found significantapplications outside of mathematics. The Chern Medalhonours an individual whose lifelong achievements in thefield of mathematics warrant the highest level of recognition.Awardees of the Fields Medals and of the Nevanlinna Prizecannot be older than forty years old.MATHEMATICAL EDUCATION The IMU keeps closecontacts to mathematics education through its InternationalCommission on Mathematical Instruction. This commissionis organized similarly to IMU with its own ExecutiveCommittee and General Assembly.DEVELOPING COUNTRIES The newly createdCommission for Developing Countries administers asignificant percentage of IMU’s budget, including grantsreceived from individuals, mathematical societies,foundations, and funding agencies, spent on activities fordeveloping countries.HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS The InternationalCommission for the History of Mathematics is operatedjointly by the IMU and the Division of the History ofScience of the International Union for the History andPhilosophy of Science.INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TheCommittee on Electronic Information and Communicationadvises on matters concerning mathematical information,communication, and publishing. The IMU favoursunrestricted access to metadata and navigation, andultimately (embargoed) open access. The availability ofhistorical literature in mathematics has been a concern andseveral projects are providing scans of works that are notborn digital. The current vision of a World Digital Library ofMathematics focuses on an implementation that benefits thedeveloping world as well as countries with an establishedscientific, mathematical and computing infrastructure. Sinceits Call to All Mathematicians to Make Publications ElectronicallyAvailable in 2001, the IMU has explicitly recognised that openaccess to mathematical literature would be of greatimportance to research and a key to sustainability.www.mathunion.orgIMU poster for the WDS Members Forum, at the CODATA 2012 Conference, Taipei. Taiwan 2012. © Copyright 2012, CEIC. All Rights Reserved.International Mathematical Union Secretariat Markgrafenstr. 32 D-10117 Berlin.IMU EC 2011-2014President: I. Daubechies (US), Secretary: M. Grötschel (DE), Vice-Presidents: C. Rousseau (CA), M. Viana (BR), Members at large: M. deLeón (ES), Y. Long (CN), C. Praeger (AU), V. Srinivas (IN), J. Toland(UK), W. Werner (FR) , Ex-officio: L. Lovász (HU).