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JUG involvment in JCP and AdopJSR program


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This presentation is intended to give an idea about what is JCP and Adopt JSR program for those developers who are not familiar with it yet, to explain why this is a right thing to do and to show how easy to join and be involved. This is another step towards JCP openess and transparency and another try to involve more talented and passionate delelopers into moving Java forward. Has been shown on JEE Conf 2013

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JUG involvment in JCP and AdopJSR program

  1. 1. JCP / Adopt-a-JSR programand ways for JUG growth
  2. 2. About speakersOlena Syrota• Experience in softwaredevelopment about 15years• Working at EPAM Systems• Lecturing at NTUU KPIOleg Tsal-Tsalko• Senior Java Developer inEPAM Systems.• Mostly working withenterprise businessapplications.• Member of LJC and JUG KPIcommunities.
  3. 3. JCP is driven by community!!!
  4. 4. JCP diagram
  5. 5. JCP process flow
  6. 6. JSR lifecycle
  7. 7. JCP triangle
  8. 8. Entry point
  9. 9. JMS2.0 home page
  10. 10. JMS2.0 adoption
  11. 11. JUG KPI (Kiev)• Home -• Forum -!forum/jug-kpi• Twitter - #jugua
  12. 12. Why should the JUGs get involved?• To move the entire Java ecosystem forward• To contribute your code and knowledge inJava platform• To be at the forefront of new technology• To acquire new knowledge• To be more recognizable in Java world• Have fun!
  13. 13. How to start?• Decide inside JUG what JSRs to support• Contact Spec Lead / Expert Group to startcollaboration• Set up a wiki page to co-ordinate youractivities– e.g.– Link that into the matrix at• Start work!
  14. 14. What exactly to do?Starter• Participate discussions in mailing list (give your thoughts,suggest enhancements)• Help reproduce issues• Test the early RI builds (report bugs, suggest improvements)Intermediate• Give feedback on design (review code, specification)• Help evangelise the JSR (talks, blogs, articals)Advanced• Help build the RI• Help build the TCK
  15. 15. There are a lot to choose from:• JSR 310 – Date & Time• JSR 335 – Lambdas• JSR 107 – JCache• JSR 236, Concurrency Utilities for Java• JSR 339, JAX RS 2.0• JSR 343, JMS 2.0• JSR 344, JSF 2.2• JSR 345, EJB 3.2• JSR 346, CDI 1.1• JSR 352, Batch Application for the Java Platform• JSR 353, Java API for JSON Processing• JSR 356, Java API for Web Sockets
  16. 16. Who is already participating?20 JUGs:Campinas JUG, ceJUG, GOJava, SouJava,PeruJUG, SV JUG, Houston JUG, Toronto JUG,London Java Community, BeJUG, Madrid JUG,JUG Cologne, Indonesia JUG, Hyderabad JUG,JUG Chennai, Morocco JUG, Faso JUG, JoziJUG, Mbale and more…JUG KPI could be one of them!!!
  17. 17. There are also other ways for growth…
  18. 18. LJC event and meetups• Meet a project• Developers sessions• HackDay• Hack the towerLSCC event and meetups• Code & Coffee• Code & Beer• Round tables• Coding kata
  19. 19. Hack DayMore details here -• Educate• Give feedback• Find/fix bugsPick a target• Establish time, place and agendaFind a space• Have coordinator,• Follow guidelines,• Communicate with EG via mailing listGet some help• Talk/discuss with each other• Consider range of experiences• Consider exercises• Pair/learn from each other• Have fun!!!Do it!
  20. 20. Glossary• JUG - Java User Group• JSR - Java Specification Request• JCP - Java Community Process• RI - Reference Implementation• TCK - Technology Compatibility Kit• EG - Expert Group• EC - Executive Committee• SL – Spec Lead
  21. 21. Links• AdoptJSR:• OpenJDK:• JSR stages:• JavaOne talk “Ways to improve Java” -• Devoxx UK 2013 slides -
  22. 22. Thank you!Oleg Tsal-TsalkoEmail: oleg.tsalko@gmail.comTwitter: @tsaltsolOlena SyrotaEmail: