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Manufacturing web for the future of product lifecycle


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My presentation at IDE 2019 summer school in Italy. I describe the current state of the PLM industry and the opportunity for the future Network paradigm in Product Lifecycle.

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Manufacturing web for the future of product lifecycle

  1. 1. 2019 Manufacturing Web for the Future of Product Lifecycle Oleg Shilovitsky @ OpenBOM™
  2. 2. What is PLM?
  3. 3. Has the term PLM run its course? Business process + Technology + Products MBx Digital Twin IoT PLM ?
  4. 4. Traditional PLM value sandwich Integrations Product Process People Lifecycle Integrate with design tools, enterprise applications and data source (CAD, BOM, specifications, drawings, etc) Requirements, Design, BOM, production planning, supply chain, purchasing, regulation, etc Design, Engineering Change, Quality, Costing, CM Engineering, Production, Suppliers, Contractors, Customers, Service and maintenance Concept→ Design→ BOM→ Production planning →Prototype→ Shop floor→ Sales→ Support Maturityandvalue Copyright © Beyond PLM 2018 Copyright OpenBOM™ 2018
  5. 5. PLM integration projects Single Database and Federated platforms Single databases are dead. We cannot pull data in a single place. Federated platforms are dead on arrival… The latency and complexity of integration is killing factor Integrations are complex, “data pumping” is very expensive
  6. 6. Challenge 1: Low Downstream Adoption
  7. 7. Challenge 2: Disconnected from Business
  8. 8. Work is not done in a single place any more
  9. 9. Manufacturing looks like a giant web Crowdfunding Design contractors Prototyping Mfg2: scale Mfg1: small batch DFM consultants component suppliers Design tools local factories Chinese factories online component libraries Funding Hackers H/W “startup” additional component libraries Example of manufacturing relationships in a hardware startup
  10. 10. Complexity of connections
  11. 11. Can “cloud” become an answer? Yes and No...
  12. 12. Is Digital Transformation the next “magic”? Digital Transformation is a better way to sell PLM stories in 2019...
  13. 13. Just a better user experience... Capture data, transform and connects to the actions (eg. buying decision, insurance saving)
  14. 14. How to expand product lifecycle to physical world As-designed As-manufactured As-built As-Maintained Virtual Physical Physical to virtual loop
  15. 15. Digital transformation of driving process Driving in 1995… ...driving in 2019Driving process is connected to physical world
  16. 16. Role of Networks in Digital Transformation Network connecting people & products (eg. social network, phone network) Marketplace & money transactions (eg. online catalogs, trade sites) Platform including developers and users (online OS, messaging app, SaaS app) Virality + Economy of Scale + Network Effect Copyright © Beyond PLM 2017
  17. 17. The power of Market + Networks combination source: NFX LLC.
  18. 18. Collaborative economy and networks
  19. 19. The era of networks is coming… What common between these companies? They are NETWORK based Copyright © Beyond PLM 2015
  20. 20. PLM “Digital” Evolution - Networks and Connected Apps Drafting Boards CAD Files PLM Database Connected Apps Company1 PLM App Company 2 Paper File Data Network Copyright © Beyond PLM 2018
  21. 21. Opportunity 1. Product-data centric business solutions 2. Digital workflow for supply chain 3. Data intelligence for manufacturing marketplace © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  22. 22. Example of Digital Workflow: Design to Purchase Process © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  23. 23. © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  24. 24. PLM paradigm shift: data control vs data intelligence © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  25. 25. PLM Digital Value Chain Model Connect Visualize Excel ERP PLM CAD DB Copyright OpenBOM™ 2018 Analog Data Digital Technologies Share & Collaborate Human Analysis Applications Information Digital assets © Beyond PLM 2018
  26. 26. PLM - next five years 1. Data networks 2. Intelligence and analytic 3. Platform transformations 4. Battles for lowest TCO © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  27. 27. Questions