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Bill of Materials Basics: Who's involved in an effective BOM process?


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The slide deck from the OpenBOM Education Webinars. In this presentation we speak about who is involved in the process of creation and use of Bill of Materials and related information

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Bill of Materials Basics: Who's involved in an effective BOM process?

  1. 1. Who’s Who in BOM Management Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM Wednesday December 11th, 2019 © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  2. 2. This webinar is NOT a deep dive BOM or Manufacturing theory. This is a “Marketing Free” event! This webinar is 30 minute or less discussion of who the contributors & consumers are in an effective BOM process. We will do a live demo….. With Q&A © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  3. 3. Definitions: (typical) A Bill of Materials is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. A Catalog is a list of parts used by your company to make your products. Often called an INventory or an Item Master, its a list of parts and sub-assemblies needed to put your final product together. A Part Number is an unambiguous identifier of a particular part design. Its purpose is to simplify reference to that part. A Part (Often called an Item) is generally defined as a thing in your BOM. A Property is the piece of data you wish to store for a particular Item, the column header (ex. Cost or Description) © OpenBOM, 2018 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  4. 4. What is a Bill of Materials? Our definition from Webinar #13 A list of all materials, information and quantities required in a process. © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  5. 5. Vendors and Materials Purchasing and Sourcing Assembly Test and Validation Validate Item Master Create BOM Structure © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Manufacturing Shipment Sample: A Skateboard Manufacturing Company
  6. 6. Vendors and Materials Purchasing and Sourcing Assembly Test, Validation, Docum Validate Item Master Create BOM Structure © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Manufacturing Shipment Proto BOM Materials on hand Assign and define Purchase parts and materials Manufacture parts. CNC ? Based on product structure CMM, Users guide CAD ?
  7. 7. © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Validate Item Master Create BOM Structure Vendors and Materials Purchasing and Sourcing Manufacturing Assembly Test, Valid, Doc Shipment Stockroom / Inventory Manager O Receiving clerk O Quickbooks/Accounting person → Catalog, RW Engineer / Designer O Extract from CAD O Construct in Excel → BOM, RW Manufacturing Engineer or Planner O Manage Vendor List O Spec materials → BOM, RW SLM Manager O Accounting / PO person → BOM, RO, SLM View (Views of data in next webinar) Machine Operators O Internal / Shop floor O External / Sub-cons → BOM, RO, MFG View Assembly line managers O Shop floor O Pick N Place programmers → BOM, RO Quality Control O CMM Operator O QA Team O Tech pubs → BOM, RO So Who’s Who in the proces? O Sales O Billing O Accounting O Inventory manager → Catalog, RO
  8. 8. Live demo… Open Solidworks Longboard assembly Create BOM. OpenBOM show item info Open Catalog Share Catalog with Incognito Sign in as stockroom and set Quantities on Hand Share Catalog with Incognito Sign in as manufeng and set Vendors Adds Material to Catalog As you can see all this sharing does become work, Review Team feature Note subcon is set to readonly Open Incognito browser sign in as subcon Open longboard BOM As you can see the entire process can be controlled by sharing with proper permissions with your team. © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  9. 9. © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Secret of success → Share Your BOM and Catalog with your team! OpenBOM and other BOM tools offer a Team approach which greatly improves the share experience. No need to share each BOM/Catalog individually.
  10. 10. © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Closing thoughts of Who’s Who in your BOM process? ● Sketch out your information flow process. Literally write it down! ● Clarify By Function group the contributors and consumers of the BOM data ● Identify individuals in each groups and their required access (RO/RW) ● Establish a process in your Company to share BOM resources accordingly ● Consider using a Team version of your BOM Management tool to simplify ● Share your BOM ← Absolutely the secret to success!! ● Publish a diagram similar to my slide on your office wall ● Watch Webinars #2 and #13 - essentials to an effective BOM
  11. 11. References OpenBOM blog A deep dive into properties OpenBOM Key Concepts - Importance of a BOM My Webinar Playlist: OpenBOM 101 - Collaboration OpenBOM 101 - Provisioning Team Members Webinar #2 - Create a well organized BOM © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  12. 12. Questions? Please type into the webinar panel or send to More information at © OpenBOM, 2019 (Newman Cloud Inc.)