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знаменитости британии

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знаменитости британии

  1. 1. Sir Sean Connery, one of the most outstanding actors of theworld, managed to connect in the images actorsskill, attractive sexuality and courage, please spectatorsalready more half a century. Even at the age of almost 80years it remained the demanded character in the filmindustry, and films with its participation collected full cinemahalls. The way to glory was long and thorny, but Connery has
  2. 2. Freddi Merkjuri - the British musician who has reached of peak ofpopularity in quality front-mena of rock groups "Queen". As the executorit was known thanks to the vocal talent and a bright image; Merkiori haswritten set become world famous songs - "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Arethe Champions", "We Will Rock You", "Killer Queen", "Somebody toLove". Headed Merkjuri "Queen" has sold more than 300 million records
  3. 3. Winston Churchill was the grandson of seventh duke Malboro, that is the linealdescendant of first duke Malboro. However it had no title of the duke, as byEnglish tradition, the title of noble family is inherited by the elder son in a family,and Winstons father was the second son. If native uncle Winston did not havesons Winston Churchill but then it would not occupy an armchair of the primeminister of Great Britain became the ninth duke Malboro unequivocally.
  4. 4. Tony Blair – the British politician who was the prime minister of GreatBritain from May, 2nd, till June, 27th, 2007. With 1994 for 2007 it was alsothe leader of the Labour party. Blair was the prime minister-labourite whohas served the longest term, and the unique party leader who has plaidthe game through three consecutive victories on elections.
  5. 5. The British musician Gordon Matthew Thomas Samnera for a long time alreadynobody names by name, even the wife and near relations call him easier Sting.This talented singer who has become in 1980 leader of popular group "ThePolice", now is involved with serious themes – for example, protection of theBrazilian rainforests and hunger, and also other problems of a modern civilisation.Therefore creativity of Stinga finds echoes in the hearts of millions fansworldwide.
  6. 6. The British comedian, the actor and writer Rouen Atkinson known for game insuch serials as "the Black viper", "the Thin blue line" and "Mr. Bin", has subduedthe whole world the a little придурковатым a kind. Thanks to such not ordinaryrole, Atkinson has entered into the list of the most ridiculous actors for all historyof Great Britain. Роуэн versatile enough person: from shootings he writes articlesto free time for the British automobile magazine "Car".
  7. 7. The author of the well-knownproducts about Sherlock Holmesand doctor Watson sir ArthurConan Doyle was not going tobecome the writer. It has endedthe Edinburgh university andhas started medicalpractice, however its productsmade such success at generalpublic that soon Doyle has leftmedicine and has completelydevoted itself to the literature.Contemporaries did not considerDoyle as the serious writer, butnow Arthur Conan Doyle is theclassic of the British literature.