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Culture research on film Bend it like Bechkam


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This ppt will help enlarge your understanding on three different ethnic : India, British, Irish which are represented in the film Bend it like Bechkam (2002)

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Culture research on film Bend it like Bechkam

  1. 1. CULTURE RESEARCH on “ Bend it like Bechkam“
  2. 2. How are the different ethnic communities represented?
  3. 3. Three different ethnic • India • British • Irish
  4. 4. • Belief : Sikh (Religion is a very important thing) • Arranged – marriage • True Woman • Think traditional : Culture is the correct one
  5. 5. • Flexible and Modern • Jules mother’s point of view about a woman • British culture toward homosexuality
  6. 6. Sikhism Below are five basic facts about Sikhism: 1. Belief: Sikhism is a monotheistic religion 2. History 3. Scripture: The primary source of Scripture for Sikhs is the Guru Granth Sahib, regarded as the living Guru.
  7. 7. 4. Place of worship: gurdwara. 5. The Five Ks • Kesh, or unshorn long hair, which is protected by a dastaar, or turban. • A kangha is a small wooden comb meant to keep the hair combed twice a day. • A kara is an iron bangle to be worn on the hand used most. • A kachera is a specific undergarment for men and women. • A kirpan is a short dagger.
  8. 8. Joe • Irish people are accustomed to knowing a lot about each other, and will be very curious about visitors. • Irish people will spend much of their free time out and about, most likely at the pub - though more and more it could be cafés or the like.
  9. 9. What ethnic markers are there of the British culture?
  10. 10. Britain is willing to achieve rapidly with the new generations • Men and women mix freely, with independent relationships to one another.
  11. 11. Individualism • Parents can’t interfere in Jules’s private life, even when it deals with her sexual orientation. • Individuals have universal communication and equal attitude to everyone, in the family and in everyday life where men and women enjoy equal rights. • British culture is definitely an individualistic one, due to its high level of individual independence, goals and concept of individuality over group goals.
  12. 12. • British culture is a low level context culture because the messages are clear and the words carry most of the information in most communication. For example, when the coach sees that Jess has problems with her parents because of football, he goes there and tells them about his opinion, without any rituals, very directly.
  13. 13. Feminism • Jules mother wants her daughter to be and look more female and is concerned about her daughter interests. She even fears that Jules is attracted to girls since she spends her entire free time with Jess and the girls on the team.
  14. 14. What ethnic markers are there of the immigrant culture?
  15. 15. The Culture of India • The holly man picture : praying
  16. 16. • Indian Clothes
  17. 17. • The wedding ceremony
  18. 18. • The cuisine
  19. 19. • The way they say hello
  20. 20. • The stereotype : Indian's hold the same exact values and always respect their elders.
  21. 21. What kinds of problems do the immigrants face?
  22. 22. • A girl from the opposing football team calls Jess "Paki", after which the girls break into a fight • How others made fun of his turban
  23. 23. • Jess' father tells her about a time when he first came to Britain and was kicked out of playing cricket. He says that they made racial slurs and he never went back. Indian family are afraid the living in Britain will influence the lives and behaviors of their children.
  24. 24. The same thing : Cultural similarities are shared ideas, beliefs or experiences that two different cultures may have in common. • The reactions of the characters show how British culture and Indian Culture view homosexuality in a similar way. Although homosexuality does exist in the Indian culture, it is not accepted or spoken about. • The mothers both believe that their daughters playing football does not fit into a "womanly" role.
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