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creation vs manufacturing


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What trouble creation went to to provide us with what we want. What trouble we go to, to use mountains of energy and resources for such little return.

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creation vs manufacturing

  2. Millions of years ago…. before dishwashers…
  3. before ATMS… even before people…
  4. A great tree grew, died and fell in a forest.
  5. Its body returned to the ground and was covered in new earth.
  6. Over millions of years and under extraordinary pressure, the tree became shale and oil.
  7. Above the tree, on the surface, people emerged and began to develop science and culture.
  8. Using their vast wisdom, the people drilled into the earth and removed the oil.
  9. With the miracle of science, the oil was transformed into plastic.
  10. Factories were built to refine great amounts of oil into great amounts of plastic.
  11. to produce…
  12. the plastic spoon
  13. The spoon was packaged in more plastic, with other plastic cutlery…
  14. …transported to a shipping port and loaded…
  15. …onto a diesel powered container ship.
  16. Once used, the spoon (our tree) is buried in a land fill…
  17. …and takes hundreds of years to rejoin the earth.
  18. Why?
  19. …so you don’t have to wash up one spoon.
  20. And God saw all that we had made and said…
  21. “It is not good”
  22. By Greg Elliott All images are Creative Commons licensed from Stock Exchange