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Group 4a old city


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Group 4a old city

  1. 1. CHAN Cho Ki Zoie, CHAN Hei Ching Queena KEI Ho Kwan Janice, LAW Yuen Fong Isra WONG Tsz Yan Emily Byte Café
  2. 2. Old City• Living: Elderly• Working: Young Professional• Coffee drinkers• Technology• Café + Gadgets = Byte Café
  3. 3. Byte Café• Café: - General beverages, snacks - Hong Kong style milktea• Store: - Selling gadgets - As a platform to try latest technological products
  4. 4. Byte Café• WiFi service• Laptops• Multi-touch tables - 6 customers - play games - watch videos - surf internet - e-menu
  5. 5. Style of Byte Café• Retro• Sophisticated• Cool• Design of 1930 -1980s• Perfect match of old city
  6. 6. Style of byte cafés’ product• Retro style• Retro style portrait printed on products
  7. 7. Decoration of café• Vintage colour• Enhancing elements: – Vintage colour for internal walls of the shop – Old poster posted on the wall – Pattern floor tiles
  8. 8. Store Target Market young professionals 20-35 years old with satisfactory incomes more likely to use the high-tech products more affordable for them often enjoy their after work hours in the café are not high-end fashionistas care about quality, comfort and vintage
  9. 9. Store Name “Byte Café” refers to the computer term “byte” represents a very small unit of the computer memory storage sell small computer stuff similar pronunciation to the word “bite” indicates that food will be available in the café
  10. 10. • North 3rd Street, Philadelphia
  11. 11. Product- computer area• coffee,• chocolate beverages,• ice creams,• Salad,• Bakery,• Milk teaServices• multi-touch tables• e-menu• Games• surf the internet
  12. 12. • Product- computer area• headphones,• earphones,• smart phones’ and i-Pads’ cases• USB memory sticks,• mouse,• keyboard• bags specially for holding laptops, etc.• latest technological products. – virtual laser keyboard. Connected with the laptop or smart phone
  13. 13. Floor Plan
  14. 14. Multi-touch Tables
  15. 15. Accessories-DisplayCupboard
  16. 16. Accessories Rack
  17. 17. Tech exhibition• A platform to display and share the knowledge of the latest technology• Held not only on the opening day, but once a year• Invited spokespersons from different manufacturers and companies and introduce and display their products• All visitors get a chance to try out the new products• Visitors could participate in it by submitting their ideas or their technological work for people to appreciate• At the end of the event, the most innovative products would be chosen through voting and the winner will earn a prize• Snacks and beverages are provided for free during the event• Purposes is to make Byte Café a hot topic in town and the strengthen the theme of combining technology and traditional stuff
  18. 18. Promotional Plans• Magazine Ads 1
  19. 19. Promotional Plans• Magazine Ads 2
  20. 20. Promotional Plans• Magazine Ads 3
  21. 21. Promotional Plans• A media kit is a package of information about a company given out to media workers.• Media Kit of Byte Café – Press release about the open day of Byte Café – The inner environment of Byte Café – The branding and aim of Byte Café – The detailed menu and price for various services – The information of products available in Byte Café – Activities that will be held, such as discount day etc. – The partnership of Byte Café with different companies
  22. 22. Promotional Plans• Other accessories – Leaflets – Active talking staff – Coupons that will be issued through newspaper and magazines
  23. 23. Promotional budget• Promotional budget Cost of print promotions - HKD $30,000 for print ads in Wired, PC World, PC Magazine. Cost of website and management- HKD $10,000 Salary for staff distributing leaflets- HKD $20,000 Cost of coupons in newspapers- HKD $5000• Cost of special event (Exhibition) Wine, drinks and snacks: HKD $10,000 Invitation of spokesperson : HKD $50,000 Hiring PR company for the event: HKD $10,000 Hiring event 15 helpers: HKD $10,000 Hiring DJ to play music: HKD $10,000 Cost of prize for competition winner: HKD$2000 Total Cost for the night: HKD $92,000
  24. 24. Social Media Strategy• Step one: Assessment• Social media technologies take on many different forms including magazines, Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs etc.• decided to put ads on facebook to attract people to the special event and also buy our products.
  25. 25. Knowing our audience• five major benefits• Laser focus• Break barriers• Language• Empathy• Positioning
  26. 26. Step two: Identify goals(themes)• Our themes for this project is “awareness”, “sales” and “loyalty” .• Sales- look at click rates, social e-commerce sales and conversion rates. Awareness- measure growth , engagement, brand awareness Loyalty- engagement, sentiment and influence.
  27. 27. Step three: Implementation• Integrating social media on website with icons. • contests or promotions- special event • Showcase your expertise- competition during special event • Promote networks consistently- add network links to emails and business cards
  28. 28. Step four: Monitor• evaluate our progress and tune in the details.• brainstorm new ideas.
  29. 29. Viral marketing promotional plan• tr0&feature=related