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Lid tmdl badger_062613_gtg


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Lid tmdl badger_062613_gtg

  1. 1. the clean water act national pollutant discharge elimination system permit and total maximum daily load programs’ convergence towards the of low impact development techniques to satisfy multiple compliance dilemmas or, why acronyms are sometimes ok
  2. 2. LID • Low Impact Development (what it originally meant): – Mimic the pre-project hydrology (rate, time of concentration, and volume) at the site – Avoid habitat impacts by site design – Use natural processes to provide ongoing “treatment” of storm water from site
  3. 3. What LID means now • ? • 5% effective impervious area (EIA) • Use my proprietary model to design features • Engineered boxes in the ground designed to infiltrate • “True” pollutant source control techniques (great idea, but not LID) • Site by site vs. regional controversy
  4. 4. Current Problems Looking for Solutions • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) compliance with Receiving Water Limitations (RWLs) – aka, “the iterative approach is broken” • TMDLs for many pollutants associated with runoff • Cost of compliance with all this stuff • Oh, and water supply. ..
  5. 5. LID, or the CWA Honey Badger
  6. 6. LID… • Eats trash • Chews up pollutants of all types • Recharges aquifers in its sleep • Is low maintenance • Just sounds cool • Don’t cost an arm and leg (if you are nice) • Don’t care about political boundaries
  7. 7. Improvement • Making someone “do LID” is better than most alternatives. • LID requirements and guidance is getting better, generally. • LID and related techniques are converging on common metrics and expectations. • Water supply interests will further drive LID to become common practice, I predict.
  8. 8. Risk Management Topics, Regulatory Style • Groundwater vs. surface water protection • SW credits – markets, trading and accounting fraud opportunities, abound • Tracking and oversight of projects, acre-feet recharged, etc. • Water rights • Long term performance of installed features • LID is often a surrogate for many interests
  9. 9. Related Water Board Projects • RWLs for MS4s • TMDL Implementation Requirements – Caltrans, Phase II, IGP, etc. • IGP – BAT/BCT equivalency? • Trash Amendments • Ground Water Strategy and Storm Water Strategic Workplan (coming soon)
  10. 10. National Projects and Websites • Impervious Cover TMDLs – • Center for Watershed Health – • The Green Solution Project – html • Washington DC SW Credit Market – river-protecting-stormwater-management-standards