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The best-lead-capture-pages

  2. 2. DisclaimerPlease note the information contained within this document is for educational purposes only. Everyattempt has been made to provide accurate, up to date and reliable complete information nowarranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is notengaging in rendering legal, financial or professional advice. By reading any document, the readeragrees that under no circumstances is responsible for any losses, direct orindirect, that are incurred as a result of use of the information contained within this document,including - but not limited to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. Copyright © 2013 by SEOWEBAnalyst®™ All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system. Published by: OLATUNJI.ADETUNJI Website: E-Mail: Visit us on the web at
  3. 3. Introduction to Squeeze PagesSome of you may find yourself asking, “Well, what in the world is a squeeze page, exactly?” Let’s goahead and take a look at the definition for it so we know we’re all on the same “page” here.Squeeze pages are landing pages that are created solely to act as an opt-in for information - primarily email addresses - for potential subscribers. You can see an example of a squeeze page below: Are you starting to see where this is going? Hopefully you are. But if you aren’t, no worries because I am here to hold your hand through the whole process and drum a marketing state of mind into your head until you finally have the beat. There’ll be no need to thank me until later!The Importance of Building a ListThe biggest and most beneficial thing that a squeeze page can do is to build an e-mail list. Once youhave an e-mail list and thus, a list of subscribers, you can start sending targeted offers and products,which potentially ends up converting into huge profits for you.There’s also a vast plethora of other things you could do with an email list as an online marketer; thechoice is really up to you in the end. But just get something straight. Squeezes pages are hands downthe BEST way to get an e-mail list, and if you have a targeted e-mail list then, well, then you’re golden.Simply golden. Like they say the “MONEY IS IN THE LIST”!Bigger Is Better!Now, it goes without saying that the bigger your e-mail list, the better your chances at a solidconversion. Basically your main goal is to make a squeeze page so well-constructed and well-thought outthat people won’t be able to resist subscribing to your services. Share The Love You don’t just have tomarket your own stuff. You can sell other people’s products to your e-mail subscriber list or even helppromote a product that you yourself like. Most likely any product you like has an affiliate program,which means you earn money referring new customers. There’s nothing wrong with doing favors in thisindustry, but if you’re helping someone push something, then definitely make sure that you’re going toget compensated somehow. It’s only fair!
  4. 4. A Strong FoundationE-mail lists are an integral part of internet business marketing.Email lists allow mass communication with a host of subscribers and people who are interested in theparticular products or services that the company offers. It is also a very fine way to follow up with pastcustomers to ensure that they’ll remain your customers. Are you starting to see just how importantsqueeze pages are yet?I certainly hope so! The Sooner You Start, The Better Building your e-mail list has been equated tostarting a retirement account. It’s similar in that, if you don’t get one going soon, at some point yourelikely to be really, REALLY wishing you had just gone ahead and started one when you were younger. Ifyou’re just getting into the online marketing world now, then do yourself a favor and start building yourlist today.If you start now, down the road you could have a mammoth e-mail list that you can utilize in everysingle one of your online marketing campaigns or projects.The Proof Is In The Pudding!If you don’t believe that a squeeze page can realistically get people to give you their e-mail andsubscribe, well, look at us! A well designed Squeezed page can certainly increase your e-mail subscribers75% month-to month thanks to using a well converting squeeze page! There are a lot of testednumerous homepage designs and consistently, the best performing and highest converting homepagehas been the squeeze page layout.It CAN be done. The hard part is, you just have to DO it!While there are certainly a few other layouts to get people to subscribe or submit their e-mailaddresses, a squeeze page is arguably the best possible kind. Why? A squeeze page is one of the easiesttypes of websites to set up.Quite literally, squeeze pages are built and designed to squeeeeeeeeeze whatever information isneeded from the Internet surfer. They are processed through the layout as they are read and aresqueezed into the position with the best odds that they’ll submit to willingly give over their informationor e-mail address.Starting out building squeeze pages will also give you a strong foundation and base for when you beginto build more complex landing pages for other offers and projects, pages that will require the Internet
  5. 5. surfer to not only give up their information, but more importantly give up something very guarded liketheir credit card information for a free trial product or something similar.But don’t worry about that now as it’s really just your job to begin making the best squeeze pages youcan possibly muster, because like we talked about earlier, you’re going to get cracking on this email/subscriber list right from the get-go.It’s bad enough growing old and grey. You don’t want to be growing old and grey and also without an e-mail or subscriber list. That’s no way to age.Good Content = Conversion Is King!If you haven’t already learned it, you soon will.Conversion is king in the Online Marketing industry and the standard that everything is judged on.Success is measured by it, comparisons drawn with it and campaigns made or broken depending on howit is faring.Whether you’re building a squeeze page, a landing page, or even just that online ice cream store you’vealways wanted to get running, the bottom line is how to make sure you’re getting as many sign-ups aspossible and as many leads as possible (or as many mint chocolate chip gallons as possible).One of the biggest ways to make sure what you have is tweaked enough to get the maximum number ofconversions is... to test!Change the background color, change the picture sizes, change the font, change the submit button. Justmake sure you’re testing each one equally to see which one gives you the highest amount ofconversions.Less = BetterThe less clutter and other eye-candy you have on your page, the easier it is to get an e-mail address.Everything on the entire page should be focused on the overall page function of an e-mail submit.A squeeze page with fewer outgoing links will perform better than a squeeze page with externalhyperlinks. Colors, layout, text copy, headers, footers - it’s all very important.Again, test out several different things and if you’ve been brushing up on your HTML, CSS and PHP, youmight even be comfortable with adding some type of function or supplementary doo-dad into the mix.Once AGAIN, test anything major that you think might be a positive. Whittle everything down to ONLYwhat works, and what you’ll be left with is a squeeze page so fine-tuned and efficient you’ll be hardpressed not to break out into a smile.
  6. 6. Section 2: Your Tasks1) If you subscribe to any e-mails, try and find the squeeze page that the service/company used to getyou to give away your e-mail address. List these websites and think about why they grabbed yourattention.2) If the last one didn’t apply to you then make a rough, quick squeeze page and throw it up online. Youcan build a squeeze page in less than 5 minutes with Squeeze Theme.3) Once you have built your squeeze page, get some of your friends to take five minutes of their timeand have them go onto it, pretending that they are really just surfing around on the Internet. Count howmany of them submit their e-mail, then talk to each one and pinpoint what could make your squeezepage better.4) Write down how you plan to market to your e-mail list once you builds yourself a sizable one.The Difference between Squeeze and Landing PagesThe Who, What, When, Where & Why of Landing Pages (Landing Page)WHO: Affiliates, merchants.WHAT: A page where customers “land” before being directed to the merchant offer/leadinformation page. Unlike a squeeze page, a landing page is basically meant to guide thecustomer into the buying process and also helps obtain a higher Google Adwords PPC qualityscore than a straight-to-offer campaign.WHERE: Quite literally all over the Internet, however, any landing page creator worth his mettleusually registers a hyper-specific domain name to match the purpose of their landing page (, .net, or .org).WHEN: Landing page creation and testing is so in-depth that some people only run traffic totheir Landing Page on certain days and even at certain HOURS that have shown to produceparticularly high conversion percentages.WHY: Although some online marketers tend to like the “no middleman” approach of “straight-to-merchant” affiliate offers, pages with a landing page in between often have higherconversion percentages over the long run than those without.
  7. 7. An example of a “landing page” for a Online Radio site.The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Squeeze PagesWHO: An increasingly large amount of people, even though a squeeze page could helpeveryone develop a potentially strong base of an e-mail/subscriber list that you can in turnmonetize in many different ways several years down the road.WHAT: Squeeze pages are used/created to “squeeze” information out of a web visitor. Themost popular kind of squeeze pages is the ones that are used to collect e-mail addresses. Thesee-mails are then eventually used to send periodic e-mails telling the subscribers about aproduct or service and thus, monetizing from those subscribers who purchase theaforementioned product or service.WHERE: Like landing pages, squeeze pages are pretty much everywhere and usually have acustom-titled domain name to match.WHEN: Since squeeze pages are used primarily to gather e-mail addresses, they are runthroughout the day, every day. As with landing pages, however, some on-the-ball OnlineMarketers have found a sweet spot of a time and run ads for their squeeze page heavily duringthis time.WHY: We talked a lot about this earlier, so we won’t go into too much detail again here. Theways to monetize an email list are limitless and are constrained by just your imagination.Section 2: Your Tasks1) Write out how you would build your ideal squeeze page and ideal landing page. What wouldyou do to your landing page to ensure that the person clicked over to the actual merchant/offersite? What colors, wording, and imagery would you use to direct the viewers’ attention?
  8. 8. 2) Ask yourself, if you were trying to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, which wouldbe the best page to build: a squeeze page or a landing page?3) If you were trying to get someone to purchase something that another company was selling,what would be the best page to build: a squeeze page or a landing page?Part 3: The Ingredients To Make a Strong, Efficient Squeeze PageCapture Their Attention From The Get-GoThe headline of a squeeze page can make it or break it. It is the perfect opportunity to make astrong and positive first impression.Why should the reader care? Why should they take their time to read through your pitchinstead of going to Google in the hopes of finding a quicker answer?Studies have been done that show that Tahoma 20pt in red are the best color/font combinationfor grabbing readers’ attention.People like to feel that what they’re doing at any particular moment is IMPORTANT. They wantto feel that they are somehow gaining from the experience or becoming a better person.Capture their attention, but do it in a big way.After that, it’s just a means of informing them how they will benefit from what it is that you’reoffering, which leads us directly into our next point…How Is Your Service Beneficial?Touching on what we just talked about in the headline section, you’re going to want to talkabout how whatever it is that you’re promoting (newsletter, e-mail opt-in) is going to make thereaders lives better and benefit them in some way.People like to think that whatever it is that they’re doing is not a waste of time. For somepeople, persuading them this is very easy and doesn’t take much in the way of wit. For othersthough, it’s a bit more difficult. A good way of bypassing this often difficult hurdle is to putyourself in the shoes of the reader. Pretend you’re just stumbling on your squeeze page andhave never seen it before.
  9. 9. Pretend you were searching for something similar to the solutions that your e-mail opt-in wouldprovide.What would it take for you to be persuaded into giving your e-mail address and signing up forthe service? Lots of facts? Lots of persuasion? A little poking fun at the competition? Identifyingwith your reader can certainly go a LONG way in writing content copy, so make sure that younever stray from that point of view for too long.Call To Action With AuthorityWhen it comes time to do so, don’t just call to action, but instead call to action withAUTHORITY! Cause the reader to be overcome with a very strong urge to sign up or else be leftwith a feeling like they’d be missing out on something special. Don’t drone on too longbeforehand either, just get right to the point. If you have too MUCH information before the callto action, you might end up boring the reader too much and turning them off.Remember, they’re entering in their e-mail address in an opt-in, not signing over their life to alegally-binding contract. Hit them with the facts and benefits and then BOOM! Call to action.The call to action is ultimately the “submit” button of the page, so make sure your submitbutton uses words which are related to the action the readers’ will be taking.The Opt-In Form and Why To Call Attention To It The most important thing you can ensureabout the opt-in form is that it’s easy to see, not too long and somewhere in the area of the callto action. Make sure you don’t try to disguise the opt-in form or make it secretive in any way aspeople would become incredibly suspicious of both of these actions.IT SHOULD STAND OUT AND DRAW ATTENTION!With arrows and graphics, you can call attention to the opt-in form/ box in a good way. You’llalso account for the people who’ve decided they just want to sign-up right away. A quick, easyroute to the opt-in box will ensure that you get these easy conversions as well.
  10. 10. Say Hello To Your New Little Friend, Auto-responders!An auto responder email service provider that is going to make your life a HECK of a lot easier.It will allow you to manage each and every one of your e-mail addresses on your list, massemail them, keep track of them and more importantly, keep track of how long they’ve been onyour list.It would also help you unsubscribe anyone who no longer wishes to receive e-mails from you,which is important since it would help you stay on the up and up where the law is concerned.And as we all know, that is DEFINITELY a good thing (especially regarding concerns about“spamming” with e-mail). If you haven’t already selected an email marketing service, make sureyou check out Awebere, Getresponse or check out my site if you’re looking at a zero cost auto-responder and capture page hosting all in exchange for an advert on your landing
  11. 11. Help To Visualize with VideoLet’s face it, some people are just lazy. They don’t want to read a long drawn out post abouthow your email service is going to help improve their life no matter how well and witty that it’swritten. This is where video comes in.If you can make a video and place it anywhere strategic in your site, not only are you going tosave someone who’s on your squeeze page time, but you’re also going to demonstrate howsigning up for your service a must is for them.If you do decide to use a video and can keep the amount of text on your squeeze page to aminimum (just the most important information) than you should be well on your way to asuccessful and efficient squeeze page.Section 3: Your Tasks1) Head on over to and have a look around. Note all of theweb marketing features and see for yourself why it would be an invaluable tool if you ever findyourself with a substantially sized e-mail subscriber list.2) Go to Google and do some searches for “Call to Action” and “Characteristics of a Strong Callto Action” to read up more on one of the most important parts about any Online MarketingPage, squeeze or not.Part 4: WordPress 101 & How To Enhance Your Conversion RateThe Who, What, When, Where & Why of WordPressWHO: WordPress is used by millions of people who aren’t online marketers. Practicallyeveryone who’s an online marketer worth their mettle has used WordPress in some way, shapeor form.WHAT: WordPress can be used to create everything from squeeze pages to landing pages tostatic redirect pages.WHERE: You can use the extension for free or buy your own domain tohave your own .com, .net, or .org with a domain install as the content manager. In order tobuild squeeze pages with WordPress, we STRONGLY recommend you sign up with a web host,such as godaddy, that allows you to host the copy of WordPress instead of WordPress.comhosting it for you. Just remember this: = GOOD, = BAD
  12. 12. WHEN: WordPress is literally available right away once you sign up with a qualified web host,such as godaddy, which offers an automated installation of WordPress. This saves you fromhaving to fuss with databases, FTP, and coding all together.WHY: The fact that you can tweak and customize WordPress into practically anything you wantis the biggest plus to using it as a content manager. You can tweak the HTML and CSS or youcan just search for themes to install to change the entire look and layout of your page. Thisflexibility and customization delivers big time and ensures that whether you’re making asqueeze page, a landing page, an informational page or just a made for Adsense page, you cando it quickly and easily with WordPress.Enhance Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rates: TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST & TEST SOME MORE!We talked about it earlier but it’s worth talking about again.Testing….In order to get the highest conversion rates possible, you’re going to need to test, test, and testsome more. After that, you’re going to need to test some more. And just when you think thatyou might be finally done with testing, you’re going to have to test some more.Don’t be afraid to change the colors, fonts, wording, media, call to action - everything!In a way, testing is kind of fun. It’s interesting to see all of the data after you’ve split-tested aton of different things to see which works the best. Things like background color, text color,page layout, amount of pictures, placement of pictures, size of opt-in box, placement of opt-inbox, headline placement, headline text, etc.If you design it, then it can be tested. The way you test is to create several different web pagesand send an equal amount of traffic to each. Or you can create a script to randomly but evenlydisplay one of a different array of test pages. As with practically everything else, Google is yourbest friend here. There’s a ton of different and stealthy ways to test your split test pages, andthere’s also a ton of different things to test for.Auto-responders such as Aweber even offers an incredible interface for comparing the opt-inrate of different web forms. This is available to all subscribers of Aweber.A squeeze page will perform better than any pop-up or sidebar widget. Just for explanationfollow the below experiment to estimate result!While a blog sidebar widget can have a .05% opt-in (conversion) rate, the homepage (squeezepage) had a 20.7% opt-in rate. Now, do you see the benefits of squeeze pages?
  13. 13. In the end, you test to see the best possible set-up for conversions. Whatever has the bestconversion percentage, you run with that. And after you begin to test different squeeze andlanding pages, you’ll begin to see some trends in the layout of your page that you’ll begin tosubconsciously automatically build into all of your new and subsequent pages.Don’t be afraid to test anything. It’s an exciting game to play and there are even more excitingthings that can affect the conversion percentage for your particular page.Just make sure that you don’t get lazy and neglect to test because you’re sure that it won’thave much of an effect on conversion rate percentage. This has been the downfall of MANY acampaign before you and it will be the downfall of MANY a campaign after you. So make surethat you go ahead and do the right thing!Section 4: Your Tasks1) Head over to and check out what the whole thing is all about.Consider signing up for a hosting account with a WordPress-friendly web host, such asBluehost.2) Head on over to Google and do some search and research on ‘split-testing’. Make a list ofcommon things to split-test for to get the best conversion percentage.Part 5: Traffic Generation For Your Squeeze PagesPay Per ClickPay per click advertising is great to get a high volume amount of traffic to your squeeze page ina relatively short amount of time.The only downside? It costs money as you quite literally pay a certain price for every click/hitthat you get to your web page. You can bid different amounts on different keywords, with morehighly searched, buy now-type keywords being realistically more expensive.The key to pay-per-click advertising is basically to arbitrage the amount you’re spending on theamount that you’re making in income from the traffic youre sending to your traffic source.So if you’re spending $100 a day on PPC advertising but you’re making $200 a day from all ofthe opt-in signup e-mails you’re sending out, then you’re arbitraging it correctly and are makingmoney.
  14. 14. Banner advertising (which is talked about below) is similar to pay-per- click advertising but isusually measured in a cost per thousand impressions format rather than a cost per click.From Your BlogIf you have a heavily trafficked blog, you can either send people from your blog to a separatesqueeze page or even have a mini-squeeze page on the actual blog site itself. Squeeze Themeoffers you the ability to integrate mini-squeeze pages into the blog/ website itself. This is arelatively easy way to get e-mail opt-ins because if the readers enjoy your blogging, they’ll bemore likely to sign up for a daily or weekly e-mail from you.However, the downside is that it’s not easy to create a blog quickly that has a steadyreadership. It can be done, however, and would come at little to no cost to you.Notice where John Chow places his opt-in box on his blog.In Your E-mailsIf you have a sizable e-mail list and have a separate topic or offer a squeeze page that you needto get sign-ups for, you could even advertise the new squeeze page to your already existing e-mail subscribers. As long as the topic is somewhat similar to what they signed up for before,they might be very likely to sign up once again if you’ve been providing what you promisedthem the first time.Banner TrafficLike the pay-per-click traffic that we talked about above, banner traffic is very similar but it isusually measured in cost-per-1000- impressions. It’s a lot easier to gauge than pay-per-click butit works best if you have some previous conversion data on the entire topic so you can betterarbitrage the advertising.As with all types of paid advertising, it’s a bit risky because youre spending money and notalways making as much back.Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is quite popular in its own circles but not especially useful forpeople who need to make money quickly.It takes a long time to get indexed and climb up the search rankings, but the best part is thatonce you do so you’re basically going to get free advertising/traffic for a very long time.
  15. 15. It is a lot more complicated/complex than some people think it is, though, and it can take up to2-3 months to really get indexed enough to the point where it would be worth the timeinvested. If you plan on developing a blog/squeeze page with WordPress, make sure youdownload and install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.This plugin will help your blog/squeeze page get indexed not just by Google, but also Yahoo!,Bing, and (the top search engines).Section 5: Your Tasks1) Read up more on each method of traffic the best you can through some Google research.Pick the one that you think will work best for you and map out a strategy to go aboutimplementing it with your squeeze page.2) If you pick pay-per-click, make a list of potential keywords that you would want to sendtraffic from of people who were searching Google for those potential keywords.3) Relax! This guide is almost finished. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve been completing "YourTasks" with each passing chapter!Part 6: The Conclusion (Departing Strategies and Words of Advice) So, we’ve covered a lot ofinformation so far in this guide. You’ve done well if you’ve read every single section up untilnow. If you’ve been seriously doing the “Tasks” section, well, then you deserve some specialtype of cookie or something. How about sign in up with me as a seo web analyst? And I give toyou more knowledge to how I drive targeted traffic to my website daily As this is the last section, we’d like to include any information we feel we didn’t cover up untilthis point.One of the most important things that you should know is that gathering different niche e-mailscould be very important down the road. I know we said that collecting e-mails in general is animportant feature but once you get well-versed and experienced in squeeze page creation andmaintenance, it would be wise of you to start collecting different e-mails in different niches sothat you can gather together a bunch of different offers and have a separate, more-targeted e-mail list for each and every one of them.You’ll also be able to use incentive offers such as those that would have, perhaps, a 15%discount on a product or a free coupon for something, a e-book, free trial etc. If you see apromising incentive offer then you just check over your e-mail lists, see that you have a list forthat particular niche, whip out an e-mail and Bam! Literally, every single one of those e-mailshas a ridiculously high percentage of converting.
  16. 16. If you are looking for offers to promote, we highly recommend you check out the SFI affiliatenetwork.Just make sure that you keep an open mind for the entire process.Its been said before and it will be said again, many affiliates and online marketers dismiss someoffers or campaigns right away because they get a “bad feeling” about it. Keep in mind,however, that particular offer could be the most successful one you’ve ever run up until thatpoint.You just seldom know if a campaign will fail or not on first glance. So try EVERYTHING becauseoften the campaigns and offers you think wouldn’t work end up converting like crazy.Also remain open-minded about how you promote your page and how you test your page. Justbecause all the other affiliate or online marketers aren’t doing something doesn’t mean thatyou shouldn’t.The vast majority of affiliate/Internet/online marketers go with the grain, so to speak, and onlytry or experiment with things that ALL of the other lemming marketers are trying out.Those of you who think outside the box and try new things are the ones who usually turn out tobe the most successful.One last departing tip is to always remain hungry for knowledge.There will never be a point in time where you’ll know EVERYTHING about this topic. It’simpossible. If you have the strong thirst for knowledge that you have now, starting out as a newonline marketer, then you would do well to keep this perspective and outlook even AFTERyou’ve begun to make money and be successful.Just because you experience success doesn’t mean that you’ve learned everything that there isto know. Some of the greatest minds and thinkers our world has ever known never STOPPEDlearning. There’s just too much out there on any possible topic to know everything.Remain hungry, remain thirsty and remain driven. Never stop trying to learn everything thatyou can about online marketing and always try out new things to see if they work or willincrease your conversions.
  17. 17. If you follow this advice along with the other advice contained in this guide, then you will dowell. Don’t be lazy. Work your tail off. Get up early and go to bed late. Out work any and all ofyour competitors. Keep on learning.Oh, and make sure you do the final "Your Tasks" assignment to wrap up everything togethervery nicely.Section 6: Your Tasks/Final Exam1) Read through some of the basic overviews of an HTML, PHP and CSS tutorials. Find a fewsnippets of code for each and just look through it and study it for a half-hour or so. Note howthe code begins, ends, and flows overall. These are the coding languages that WordPress uses.2) Research SEO and PPC methods of traffic. Write down how they’re different and how theyresimilar.3) Make a quick squeeze page and throw it up online. Consider using Squeeze Theme to quicklybuild your squeeze pages using WordPress. Get some of your friends to take five minutes oftheir time and have them go onto it, pretending that they are really just surfing around on theInternet. Count how many of them submit their e-mail and then talk to each one to pinpointwhat could make your squeeze page better.4) Ask yourself, if you were trying to get someone to purchase something that anothercompany was selling, what would be the best page to build: a squeeze page or a landing page?How would you go about doing it?5) Head on over to Aweber and have a look around. Note all of the Aweber features and see foryourself why it would be an invaluable tool if you ever find yourself with a substantially sized e-mail subscriber list. And if you realize the expense is too costly you can try my own auto-responder services 6) If you’re savvy to the language, research some different scripts to rotate a bunch ofaltered/customized split-test pages randomly upon web traffic arrival.7) If you pick pay-per-click, make a list of potential keywords that you would want to sendtraffic from of people who were searching Google for those potential keywords.8) Create a list of niches that you want to collect lists of e-mails for. Incentive type nichespreferred. If you enjoyed this eBook, consider checking out -a powerful new way to build your web marketing. SEO Web Analyst®™takes the hassle of online marketing out of build a solid web marketing optimization and
  18. 18. blogs. With our helpful video tutorials, you will be creating optimum exposure and webmarketing in no time. Visit for more information!Cheers,SEO Web Analyst®™OLATUNJI.adetunji info@seowebanalyst.comVisit WEB MARKETING TUTORIALS, VIDEO TUTORIALS, LIVE WEBMINARS,SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION LESSONS, HTML , GALLERY, & CSS TUTORIALS, FREE EXIT ADVERTWINDOW SCRIPTS AND SO MUCH MORE….ONLINE RESOURCES TO BUILD YOUR WEB MARKETING !ALL FREE!