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Learn common mistakes that seo experts makes and get your seo error free zone thinking cap on, learn how to correct duplicate errors with index pages, learn how to resolve Google bot non indexing errors, learn how to use your Google web master tools for seo effectively and so much more at

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Seo services-by-seo-expert

  2. 2. Disclaimer Please note the information contained within this document is for educational purposes only. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate, up to date and reliable complete information no warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in rendering legal, financial or professional advice. By reading any document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of use of the information contained within this document, including - but not limited to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. Copyright © 2013 by SEOWEBAnalyst®™ All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system. Published by: OLATUNJI.ADETUNJI Website: E-Mail: Visit us on the web at
  4. 4. PREAMBLE Hello my name is Olatunji.Adetunji and I am a seo expert working at SEO WEB ANALYST®™ , Now it was during my personal experience as a seo specialist that I have come to share a bit of my experience along the line of building a brand name [SEO WEB ANALYST ®™] for myself with the combination of all sort and medium of web marketing services. Well you can look at an alexa popularity rating for a keyword phrase for both “SEOWEBANALYST and SEO WEB ANALYST”, this two phrases have now become popular as keywords I have my site ranking for on Google, Bing, and Yahoo (with some other search engines like Ask, AOL, etc). In this exclusive write up am going to share with you some of my own experiences and challenges I went through while building an online presence for my business, starting from how I got my site ranking within 3 months for my most crucial keywords to most highly competitive keywords. It all started on February 2013, when I decided to start something out of nothing. My first conquest was to know what I wanted from this new web venture am about to commence, noting perfectly have just failed woefully with starting a small interior décor business and in the same vain a web business have been trying to put together for over 7 years, so what really was going to make this one different? First I sat myself through all my experience and then started to apply all my knowledge and even develop my own hypothesis for online marketing, my aim was to brand the name “SEO WEB ANALYST ®™” online and get it solemnly linked to my website, I had all it takes, and the tools to run this not to mention my well hone knowledge and skill in the subject matter. I have decided to put my gift to test, and so I bought a new domain name that was closely related to what I wanted, all I had in mind was to be a seo consultant and tried all two keyword phrases but they were all taken and some where even bought just for resale in domain auctioning. After cross pollinating different keyword, several keyword research and short phrase domain names I came up with ; point to note:- the name of your selected url must be short easy to remember and not necessary that the name must be exact match as your primary keyword, you can just pick a keyword domain name that contain part of your main keyword, eg-I couldn’t get but I got the character are of the same numbers and my option B for domain name actually have part of my main keyword , which is SEO. Mind you when selecting a keyword my best advice is to look at trend or search volume of the keyword to help you build popularity index for the keyword easily. Seowebanalyst had bythetimeofFebruary2013,withzeropeopleplacingadvertforit,butasofthiswritingthetermseowebanalystishaving greatrecommendationfromGoogle,whenyoutype“SEOWEBA”youwillnoticeamongyourGooglesuggestiondrop downthattheterm“SEOWEBANALYST”isamongtherecommendedsearchqueries,andnottoforgetthatasofthis writingAlexa.comasnowratedtheterm“SEOWEBANALYST”witha36%popularityanda10%competitiveness,meaningI nowhavefewpeopleplacingadvertforthissearchedterm,interestinglybuildingawarenessbecausemyurlisnow permanentlyassociatedtothephrase,youcanalsodothesamewithyourchoiceforkeywordwithin6Months.
  5. 5. What is SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION? SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and it is a vital component of search engine marketing, where a seo expert tries to work on your web pages by optimizing it for search results queries associated to some particular keyword or keyword phrases in your niche market. Search engine optimization well known as SEO is what web masters and online business owners hire seo experts or seo specialist to try and get their business websites or e-commerce sites listed on search engines, when keywords that are pertinent to their niche or industry are being searched for on search engines. As of this writing 4/6/2013 Google is definitely making a stand out, that it’s the people’s choice when it comes to search engines and they have over 60% of the niche market with an approximation of over 1 billion searches per day going on their website. About SEO Here I will tell you the essence of it and why you should look at it as a way to brand, promote, market, and sell your own niche area of expertise or specialties; either it is a product or a service for the end user. SEO looks at the way people search for a particular keyword, and the technique is carried out by a seo expert, that will look into your area of niche market and perform a keyword research to analyze the opportunities that may arise for one’s business in that chosen market. Keyword research is done via KEI (Keyword Effective Index), The KEI is a way or a calculative formula use to measure the strength of keyword competitiveness with respect to other websites targeting the exact keywords you might be targeting to rank for on search engines. It’s calculated as the square root of the number of searches (the demand) over the number of supply, a more detailed explanation can be found further below in the content of this document.
  6. 6. KEYWORD RESEARCH TECHNIQUES After you must have selected a powerful keyword you need to check the keyword if it has competitor and doing a keyword research is what is looked at feasibility study for a market, thus what I did to work out my possibility to rank with the keyword. The best way to perform keyword research is via the use of Google web master keyword tool from adwords, this is tool is only associated to Google and not include other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, so when looking up at working a keyword research on Google keyword tool, you need to know the quantity of delivered website query for a particular keyword and to do this successfully you need to apply the hyphen and keyword in the middle and do a search as shown in the diagram below. You take note of the supplied quantity and you now move on to google adword tool and use the keyword research tool to check how many people do search for your primary keyword just as show below, please take note to highlight the country you want to target for seo on local search engine, eg is for the US, is for UK, is for Australia etc.
  7. 7. You then take record of the supply, the once on global monthly result is the total volume from the individual countries that search for it, but the local search represents the total number of volume search assigned to that country. The merit with this approach helps you to know if a client will make sales if he targets that country or region. Next you divide the square root number of demand for the keyword by the volume supplied by Google, this answer will be the keyword effective index, a good mathematic representative is show blow DX2/S = KEI (Demand x demand/supply) as simple as that, your KEI can be computed and used to target hot sizzling keyword traffic that are not very competitive, in your Google keyword tool the competitive represent the amount of people placing ads for the keyword your doing research for.
  8. 8. Now a lower KEI means the possibility to compete for the keyword is slim but a higher KEI signify that the keyword is ripe for the taken, depending on the KEI a keyword may take 3 months or 6 months to achieve first page rank on Google. In most cases we don’t get the exact keyword match so we adopt the similarity keyword phrase by the use of tilde to search for you keyword (make is a single one) and check out the similarity keyword to use for getting targeted traffic.
  9. 9. For the example above training and education and courses have got the same meaning, so we can use them for online ranking of our keywords on Google, the technique to adopt in this is to target the least competitive keyword out of this three and use it as our major keyword, for instance; you want to target “seo consulting company” but it has got a very low KEI and the competition is high, what you will do is to try “seo consulting firm” you will be surprised that your option B has got a better preference for you to rank better on Google than the latter. This is how to apply this technique, and since “FIRM” and “COMPANY” are related keywords on Google but different search volume (Which is to your advantage) , you can easily rake in traffic from both “COMPANY” and “FIRM” together, the same goes for consulting and consultant and other similar keyword phrases and how to apply this technique gracefully. The next technique I adopted was the use of spreading my keywords evenly on my TITLE META-TAG, this was done to increase my other chances for keywords that are not listed in my KEYWORD META-TAG (since most major search engines have reduce the relevancy of this META-TAG and still maintain the high relevance of the TITLE META-TAG), this is how you adopt this technique with the instance I used below. <title>AFFORDABLE SEO SERVICES | SEO CONSULTING FIRMS | SEO WEB MARKETING</title> <meta name="description" content="Affordable seo services by seo consulting firm offering seo consulting services and seo web marketing @47$/MTH-AFFORDABLE SEO FIRM-SEO WEB ANALYST®."> <meta name="keywords" content="affordable seo services, seo consulting firm, seo web marketing, affordable seo, affordable seo firm, seo consulting, seo services, seo web analyst"> From the above META-TAGS a close analysis will reveal that I adopted spreading my keywords relatively across my TITLE, KEYWORD, AND DESCRIPTION, hence getting more keyword phrases than what was expected, just to mention a few eg SEO FIRM, SEO FIRMS, SEO WEB, and WEB MARKETING. This keywords are not included in my major keywords but are relevant because I have balance their keyword relevancy and density in the main body of my website, and they can be found in my DESCRIPTION META –TAG, now when building your reputation online you need to focus on the major highlighted factors mentioned in the ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION. Mind you SEO OPTIMIZATION is a continual progress and you need to keep working on your site especially in terms of quality link building, the use of Google trend is also a major factor to help you balance your website traffic. Have you ever noticed that when you look at some site that don’t have any
  10. 10. of the keyword phrase you searched for on Google are being shown as top listed? The reason to this is basically the fact that they have build quality links from highly page ranked web sites to link back to their site with anchor text (keyword itself), and their website content have got relevance to this body, it may not occur in the META-TAGS but in the body context, but be weary of this technique because it may fall on Gray Hat SEO and can get your site Flagged whenever Google decide to indulge in some of their algorithms changes (update). ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES Simply use the outline content below as your guide line to how to perform a sound on page and off page search engine optimization. Table of contents 1. Report overview 19 . Keyword use in same domain link URLs 2. Keyword use in document title 20 . Keyword use in outbound link URLs 3. Global link popularity of web site 21 . Keyword use in meta description 4. Link texts of inbound links 22 . Number of trailing slashes in URL 5. Keyword use in body text 23 . HTML validation of web page to W3C standards 6. Age of web site 24 . Readability level of web page 7. Keyword use in H1 headline texts 25 . Keyword use in meta keywords 8. Keyword use in domain name 26 . Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text 9. Keyword use in page URL 27 . Keyword use in HTML comments 10 . Links from social networks 28 . Search engine compatibility 11 . Server speed 29 . Factors that could prevent your top ranking
  11. 11. 12 . Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts 30 . Table: Number of keywords 13 . Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes 31 . Table: Keyword density 14 . Top level domain of web site 32 . Table: Keyword position 15 . Keyword use in bold body text 33 . Table: Number of words 16 . Number of visitors to the site 34 . Table: Number of characters 17 . Keyword use in same domain link texts 35 . Table: Ranking factors digest 18 . Keyword use in outbound link texts After working on your web page optimization you should do a seo score and try as much to get a minimum of 60% score with your seo. Besides site optimization, link popularity or link building development is another important aspect of your website’s search engine success. You should have links pointing to your website from other popular websites with good page rank. Most SEO firms will take care of link development as well.
  12. 12. They use a number of highly effective link building strategies including: • One-way links from content relevant directories and websites. • Reciprocal link exchange with content relevant websites with good PR. • Directory submissions to both free directories and fee-based directories. • Article Syndication for creating link popularity. • Blog reviews for contextual link building. • Reciprocal link building. • Targeted link purchases. For further understanding on how to perform a sound on page seo optimization, you can download my free seo web report guide, which has a slide presentation and videos to help you understand how to get the best results from your seo marketing via search engine optimization and search engine ranking positions, including cheap ways to drive traffic to your site, hence branding, authority and building awareness for your business online.
  13. 13. Please Note:- SEOWebAnalyst®™ (SEO COMPANY) offers free online web marketing services that are tailored to help you with leveraging your online marketing budget via the use of several diversified online marketing approaches, they parade well knowledgeable seo experts that have utilize their years of experience in the online scene to brand, generate sales, drive targeted traffic for your business exposure online. SEOWebAnalyst®™ also provide seo consulting to clients and a free onsite seo marketing training that covers most areas of seo web, seo optimization and web marketing. From videos tutorial, article lessons, and scheduled webinars to help you get better with any subject matter arising in search engine optimization, web traffic, pay per click, basic html, hosting, blogging, article marketing, list generation, cost per action, Google adsense and so much more. ROBOT.TXT DENIES GOOGLE INDEX Well one of my challenges as a web marketer when it comes to seo web marketing was the day I went online and checked Google for most of my targeted keywords and to my surprise I noted the following results on BEFORE SITE MAP ERROR You can visit and do a search for the keyword now SEOWebAnalyst®™ ranks #2 with it’s description now fully intact. AFTER SITE MAP ERROR
  14. 14. The keyword I was obviously targeting for my site was “seo consulting firm” and after an approximate seo optimization of about 3 months I was able to attain my result on search engine, now if you look closely on the image above you will notice that my site still ranks for this keyword SERPs 4th on the list , I presume because it was one of my main targeted keyword and my site do contain high relevant content to the keyword itself, next you will notice a web 2.0 site with article related content ranking for this keyword instead SERPs 2nd on the list [my previous position](This is one of my article I wrote with good seo quality content used to target the keyword I want to rank for back when I was working on my search engine optimization). This was getting me a bit weary so I decided to check for another keyword I was targeting but not included in my main keywords, just to note the difference and extent of this damage. BEFOR SITE MAP ERROR
  15. 15. AFTER SITE MAP ERROR I was nowhere to be found for this secondary keyword of mine and it really brought me to some grieved moments, there in I decided to go straight to my Google web master tool and check what was going on really, because prior to this I was able to index my site [I mean Google bot was able to fetch my site via my robot.txt and to make it easier for the bot to know which of my site I wanted it to crawl I infused the use of my site map]
  16. 16. I went to the fetch as Google from the health bar located at the left hand side and to my surprise I saw all the denied access warning! And this was the same robot.txt I had actually submitted with no issue, almost 2 months prior this alarming problem that will eventually changed the way my site will get ranked on Google for my keywords. Next I went to my blocked url to note why it was being blocked and try and check my site map configuration.
  17. 17. Obviously there was nothing wrong with my site map but my robot.txt, which was indicated in line 3 as stated in the image above, so my plan was simply try to edit this by simply allowing the Google bot to read the line 3 as allow, so I changed all the disallowed to allow but maintained the disallow :/cgi-bin/ Then I tried to fetch as Google Bot and resubmit my site map for quick indexing, Why I did this was to ensure that my errors are quickly resolved before I even lose my major keywords from search engines, don’t want to wait another 3 months before it starts picking up again…judging from the way Google spider my site it takes a week interval to come and visit my site and index it, but I wanted to get it to correct the error have corrected as soon as possible, so I did the following outlined action listed below.
  18. 18. ACTION FOR QUICK INDEXING BY GOOGLE Resubmit your site map Next you confirm that there was no error
  19. 19. Next you visit Google url submission site and submit all your web pages individual (The main ones) And also resubmit to other search engines like bing and others, for quick link back network for your re- submission and make sure that you have corrected your major errors as well. While waiting for this error to get fixed I noticed another disturbing red alert warning which am sure most of us might have been a victim of as well, and this is “CONTENT DUPLICATION” most people do this without knowing how damaging it is to their online seo work, but I will explain this and how it almost cost me a lot. We are all aware that content duplication can be used for link spamming especially if you are lining the same content with in the same url, now it causes the Google bot panda to act on your site followed by penguin for providing supercilious links, another issue with duplicate content is stealing from another site and posting on some other site, most article site don’t take this likely and will eject you and your copied content because it only build bad reputation to not just you, but them as well! But these types of duplicate content are not as dreadful as the one am about to explain to you. Why is it dreadful, simply because this affects almost 90% of new webmasters, when you launch your site , did you noticed that you could actually get access to that site via the following links below; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. If you look at the listed urls you will notice that they all point to the same content and are under the same url name….unlike or any other conical url (sub url) The two major problem is getting your visitors to not access your index.php, that is you must restrict all visit to your main site url to not include the index.php, because if they have access to this index.php, search engines will read this as duplicate content. The www and the http:// are both the absolute and relative url are both separate entity that points to the same thing, so when you want to convert it be best to make use of http:// and the best way to solve the duplicate content error is via redirect via 301 from your addon domain panel in your Cpanel hosting or any other hosting plat form you might be on. Thus you will need to redirect your index.php to, another method is to get access to your .htaccess file on your server and edit the file, if you are using a Vpanel hosting server you can copy the code below and edit it with your website urls.
  20. 20. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ RewriteRule ^index.php$ "" [R=301,L] The third method will be to place this code on the index page itself and let it be located before </head> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- window.location = "" //--> </script> </head> So whenever someone types the index.php of your site with your url, they will be redirect ted to instead. After you must have tried any of this listed solutions you can try it yourself and enter your url with the index.php and see if it gets redirected to And whenever you are submitting your site for ulr submission to Google, always submit it with or but never Next Issue we will look into that is quite common with new webmasters is the loose of ranking positions form search engines, like previously stated above, when I lose my ranking it was basically for my error from robot.txt which I solved, but when It got back working fine I noticed that I have lost my rankings, especially for those keywords I was beginning to get higher preference for (Two keyword phrases), so I started my investigation; at this time my keywords were back but few didn’t come back to page one, and those on page one were not all on their normal SERP, eg like affordable seo packages, which has
  21. 21. been decreasing ever since this incident and have been unable to pin point the issue and not waving the fact that the two keyword phrase “affordable seo “as well was nowhere to be found on Google. So I went to my Google analytics to check what was wrong to note if I was hit by penguin or panda, but to my surprise I saw no effect from this two instead I noticed that some of my links might be the cause, have not been practicing bad link scheme and am certain I have only linked most of my content and keyword in a much seo friendly way, but then it hit me, that the cause of my search engine position was that my competitors have gotten an edge over me on most of the keywords I was targeting by either getting more links, because during this period I stopped building links and tried to focus on fixing the issue highlighted by Google and waiting patiently, because I was scared of distorting any web properties of my site. So have checked for penguin or panda attack and have no squat on me, but I still have most of my keywords losing their positions, so my solutions was simply to target traffic via other mediums and reduce my total independent of getting traffic via search engines, this will further strengthen my online branding and popularity on alexa for my brand name “seo web analyst” or “seowebanalyst”. I worked on social media, articles, pdf, and video marketing, and building links via this mediums and also I sorted out building more diversified links from high page ranked websites to link to my urls, I released press releases for my targeted keywords (The ones with crazy competition levels) and also worked on building 3 tier links. GOOGLE ANALYTICS WEBSITE METRICS
  22. 22. Most young webmasters find themselves caught up with so many metric information on their website performance that they lose concentration on the things that really matters, most of the information on Google analytics can be used to deduce how well your site is doing like the duration metric explains which of your web page is actually getting more time than the other and you can try and work on it to get your webpage perform better as well, there could be the issue of slow loading time, or the web visitor to your site is practically not getting the results they expects on your site. Another wonderful use of Google analytics will be in knowing where your web traffic is coming from and to understand your target audience much better, as to which country your website visit comes from. The essence of this is to help you target your website to the right country, and dig a bit further for possibilities for marketing opportunities in that country. The whole idea of traffic metric comparison is also a lovely concept to help you develop a sound strategy on knowing when to execute your traffic trends more effectively This comparison of the three major type of traffic is contended between search engine traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic; a good web master will try as much as possible to adopt this three source of traffic to work simultaneously together, you can always keep building this strategies by adding more keywords to rank on, and also add more referral traffic sources e.g social media, paid adverts and banners, email marketing, mobile marketing etc. just to mention a few hand of them. Working your
  23. 23. traffic metrics is an assured way to secure a consistent traffic flow and to develop on any current one, compare and contrast which is better and which converts, so you can delegate more hourly on that which matters. The use of landing page from the traffic source also helps you to determine which of your pages is performing better, and the time spent of that particular page also helps you to figure out how well the page getting most of your traffic is doing, and how to compute it’s sales conversion results. GOOGLE WEB MASTER IMPRESSION TOOL In contrast to your Google analytic tool the Google web master tool also show case how well your doing on the internet, the more impression your getting for a particular keyword and how many clicks your getting for this, it is some worth similar to the pay per impression advert you normally will carry out on facebook where you get the total number of impression, the number of clicks and number of conversion clicks as well (to help you with the number of people that converted into action, what or where you want the referral traffic to land). You can visit to learn how the whole terminologies on impressions, and click through works and also with the help of an in built PPC calculator and video you will be able to understand how to use the pay per click calculator and know how to successful run a campaign either on facebook or Google paid search traffic.
  24. 24. Search Engine Optimization helps you achieve impression status on search engines for keywords you rank for and using Google web master tools allows you to highlight the number of impressions you get in a day and in a month variance, with specific concentration on the query keywords you are raking impressions from. Another thing to look at is your click through rate on each of these keywords as they stack out, Google web master tools rate your keywords by impressions and click through and allow you to see which of your search engine keywords are getting a better click through rate and this will simply give you the insight of improving on the search engine ranking position of this particular keywords if they are not on the top 3 list and if they are, then you might want to work on a better keyword that will have a higher impression and click through rate in contrast to the one you already have. An additional value to the Google web master tool is the link management system, unlike, Google actually looks up the anchor text your back links use to drive link juice to your site, and also highlight how many links your getting from a specific domain, in most cases this highlights helps you to detect links that are bad or links from a flagged site from Google. You can also use this facility to help you augment for more link building strategies by checking the link authority of each links that link back to your site; there are numerous ways to derive back links, just make sure the links are from authoritative sites, with sound page ranks, relevant contents and have got good traffic (Not necessary you kill all bird with one stone, you can do them one by one). Did you enjoy this e-book? Visit and sign up at for more information! Cheers, SEO Web Analyst®™ OLATUNJI.adetunji