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Don't Lead Your Team to the Dark Side (second edition)


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For Scrum Master, you have power that can lead a team to be successful or fail. This slide is about some ideas and practice from Star Wars the movie that mapped with Scrum Master activities to remind that what you there and do not lead them into the dark side.

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Don't Lead Your Team to the Dark Side (second edition)

  1. 1. Don’t lead 
 Your Team to the Dark side for Padawan Scrum Master
  2. 2. About Myself ชื่อ: โอฬาร อึงอำนวยพร ชื่อเล่น: โอ กรุ๊ปเลือด: A Odd-e (Thailand) Agile Coach Scrum Master (Padawan) Swift, Objective C C#, Delphi
  3. 3. Odd-e
  4. 4. Scrum Master Not a Technical Lead Not a Team Lead Not a Manager Not a Project Manager Master of Scrum Agile Mindset Servant Leadership Techno-Functional
  5. 5. Certified Scrum Master Training
  6. 6. Young Passed Agile Training Certified Scrum Master Remember all Principles Self-confident Let’s do Agile in our Organization Scrum Master
  7. 7. ๏ Command and Control ๏ Do everything Yourself ๏ Shouts ๏ Never Trust your Team ๏ Point finger ๏ Political
  8. 8. The Dark Side • anger • hatred • greed • jealousy • fear • aggression • megalomania • unrestrained passion
  9. 9. I will become a great Scrum Master. It’s very easy. Just 4 Manifesto, 12 principles, and Scrum process.
  10. 10. Scrum Master Skills ✓ Technical ✓ Coaching ✓ Organizing
  11. 11. ๏ Code Smell ๏ TDD, BDD ๏ Design Principles, Design Patterns ๏ Version Control ๏ CI/CD ๏ UI/UX ๏ ATDD ๏ etc. Technical Skills This bug is very serious and dangerous. Pair with me, Obi One!!! Yes, my master!
  12. 12. Coaching Team Skills ๏ Agile Principles ๏ Scrum Process ๏ Mind sets & Attitudes ๏ Tools, Tips, Technique ๏ Communication ๏ Observation ๏ Teaching ๏ Mentality ๏ Coaching ๏ Facilitator ๏ Psychologist ๏ etc. Our PO change the requirements again!!! What should we do sir? That’s OK. Remember, welcome changing requirements, even in late development.
  13. 13. ๏ CIO, CTO, CXO Negotiation ๏ Compliance ๏ Business Process ๏ Business Value ๏ Sale ๏ Marketing ๏ etc. Organization / Enterprise Our organization complied ISO9001. Are you sure Agile will fit with it? That’s would be fine ‘cause Agile is about continuous improvement. It would be OK.
  14. 14. Master / Padawan
  15. 15. They didn’t Standup
 Meeting again!!! Calm down Anakin. We are here to make them self-organize. Coach them, don’t force them.
  16. 16. Consult with your Grand Master They want to scale 5 to 6 Scrum team to deliver more features simultaneously with just one PO. What should we do? Introduce LeSS or SAFe to them, I may.
  17. 17. • Back to the basic Principles 
 and Core Values • Mindset, Attitudes • Scrum Master vs. Coach / Teacher / Mentor • Observation • Inspect & Adapt • Actively do Nothing • Remember, It’s not for you, it’s for your team • Scrum Master with Technical Team, also your Master Turn Back to the Light Side, you should.
  18. 18. Q&A
  19. 19. Thank You