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Introduction to the lecture series


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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to the lecture series

  1. 1. Hönnun og smíði hugbúnaðar T302 Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson
  2. 2. Introduction to the Lecture Series
  3. 3. About the Lecturer Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson Adjunct at Reykjavik University Chief Software Architect at Betware @olandri
  4. 4. Objectives  Know the basics of software design and beautiful code  Understand and know how to use design patterns  Implement software framework with component reuse in mind
  5. 5. Objectives continued  Understand different software architectures and the different design choices  Understand Software Oriented Service (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS)  Understand the practices of how professional software is developed in the software industry
  6. 6. Textbook  Lectures are based on Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
  7. 7. Other reading Internet resources like Wikipedia The Java Tutorials Spring Framework Reference Documentation Play! Framework
  8. 8. Lectures L01 Enterprise Application Architecture Introduction, 1 L02 Software Design L03 Design Patterns Introduction L04 Base Patterns 18 L05 Frameworks L06 Process Design L07 Organizing the Domain Layer 2, 9
  9. 9. Lectures L08 Mapping to Relational Databases 3, 10 L09 Behavioral Design 3, 11 L10 Web Presentation 4, 14 L11 Putting it all together 8 L12 Concurrent Programming 5, 16 L13 Session State and Distribution Strategies 6, 7, 15, 16 L14 Summary and Conclusions
  10. 10. Prerequisites Java Object Oriented Programming HTTP, HTML, JavaScript REST, Json SQL XML
  11. 11. Development Enviroment Java JDK IntellijIDEA Spring Framework Play! Framework Ant JUnit SQL Server
  12. 12. Next Lecture 01 Enterprise Application Architecture Reading: Fowler Introduction