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Musical instrument groups


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Musical instrument groups

  1. 1. Musical Instrument Groups
  2. 2. Different Groups Musical instruments are divided into different groups These groups are created by how sounds are made in an instrument
  3. 3. Percussion Percussion instruments make sounds in different ways Sounds are made when: The instrument is hit (drums) The instrument is shaken (maracas) And many other ways!
  4. 4. Strings Instruments in the String group make sounds by: Being plucked (the harp) Being bowed (violin)
  5. 5. Brass Brass instruments are made of metal and have a mouth piece Sound is made by the musician buzzing their lips (to make a “raspberry” sound). The air goes into the instrument and vibrates
  6. 6. Woodwinds Sound is made by air going through the instrument. Air can be blown across an edge, like with a soda bottle (flute) Between a reed and an edge (clarinet) Between two reeds (bassoon)
  7. 7. Percussion Instruments Cymbals Bass Drum Bells Snare Drum Timpani Triangle
  8. 8. String Instruments Violin Guitar Harp Cello Viola Bass
  9. 9. Brass Instruments Tuba French Horn Trumpet Trombone
  10. 10. Woodwind Instruments Bassoon English Horn Flute Oboe Clarinet piccolo
  11. 11. Clarinet? Oboe?? English Horn??? The Oboe uses two reeds and has a bottom similar to the clarinet The Clarinet uses only one reed and a flat surface The English Horn has a round bottom
  12. 12. Saxophone – Brass or Woodwind? The saxophone is made of brass, but it uses a reed and air to make noise, so it is a woodwind instrument WOODWIND
  13. 13. Listen and Identify the instrument
  14. 14. Which instrument does NOT belong? B A C D
  15. 15. Which instrument does NOT belong?