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Reader05 readerproject Sample

  1. 1. Wait! Come back, Text Box!This section includesStrategies for pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading.READING STRATEGIES
  2. 2. Pre-reading• Get into Alpha brainwave state by fixing your posture, closing your eyes, and imagining a place that is special to you. Then open your eyes, and focus on the reading material.
  3. 3. Pre-reading continued• Create a KPL chart.• In the first column, K, write down what you know about the reading material.• In the second column, P, predict what you think will happen or what you will be told about in the reading material.• Leave the third column, L, alone for now.
  4. 4. During Reading• While you are reading, it is a good idea to read faster so you can learn more. If you are thinking that you can’t read any faster, consider this. Your brain can process 4,800 words a minute!• To read faster, you can move your finger to follow your eyes in the text, look between the lines to see more words at a time, or mentally divide the text into three columns.
  5. 5. Post-reading• Now you fill in the ‘L’ column of your KPL chart with things you learned.• You can also create a Mind Map or Notes TM to summarize what you have learned.• See the next 3 slides for examples.
  6. 6. KPL example K P LCaseys favorite cookie—chocolate chip Casey will not get cookie Baker ran out of chocolate chip cookiesSomething "unexpected" coming Unexpected event—bakery Casey was closed disappointed but tried the sugar cookie"Cookie Crisis“ in screen title Casey will be upset Liked the sugar cookieBills favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin Caseys dad likes another kind Casey likes of cookie another type of cookieBill learned to bake when local bakery closed Casey will find a different Opportunity to snack learn something positive from the
  7. 7. Mind Map Example Post-reading tips KPL Chart Notes TM Mind MapAlso Pre-reading Stands for Taking and Deals with what Making you want to notes. Deals with know what you Organizes learned what you know This is one
  8. 8. Notes TM Example A Notes TM about making a Notes TM… irony.Notes ReactionYou write the notes on this Where do I write the reaction?side.The reaction goes on the right I get it now…side.Reactions can be anything you Like this!think of when you read ormake the notes.
  9. 9. This section includesGist Statement, Notes TM, why I chose this article, Author’sPurpose, Point of View, and how visuals help you understand.MY ARTICLE
  10. 10. Why I Chose My Article• Here is a link to my article:• ord.htm• I chose this article because I have a lot of accounts online and I would like to make them more secure.
  11. 11. Gist Statement• The Gist Statement of my article is:• The more complex your passwords are, the safer your online accounts.
  12. 12. My Notes TM Taking Notes (T) Making Notes (M)Several high-profile Twitter I wonder what kinds of things theaccounts were hacked, including hackers did with access to thoseBarack Obama. accounts.Logging in to something through I’ll have to watch out for that.another website is usually a scam. Don’t use the same password for Oops… I need to fix that.everything, or a hacker has accessto everything.
  13. 13. Author’s Purpose and Point of View• The Author’s Purpose in this article was to inform the reader of ways to protect their online accounts and to persuade the reader to take these actions.• The article is written in second person.
  14. 14. Visuals That Improve UnderstandingThis picture is a good explanation of one of theways to make your passwords safer demonstratedin the article.