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Marketo Social Media Case Study


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In this case study, we'll discuss how a leading IT systems and services provider, was able to increase the performance of their existing Marketo instance using the Oktopost integration. With the added data, they were able to better score and nurture their leads, which led to leads moving to sales faster.

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Marketo Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. +1 (646) 559-6157 Easily manage and measure all of your B2B social media marketing Case Study The company’s biggest challenge was to obtain actionable data from social media that would not be siloed from existing marketing programs, enabling them to create a closed loop marketing strategy. Challenge Solution Results Having previously used tools and platforms not designed for B2B marketing, the company was keen on finding a platform that could be used to leverage their existing marketing resources, provide analytics that would allow them to measure the success of their social campaigns, and most importantly integrate with their existing marketing technology stack. A leading IT systems and services provider, uses Oktopost to integrate social media campaigns and analytics into Marketo, their existing marketing automation platform. Like many B2B companies, the marketing department was using Marketo for marketing automation. While Marketo is excellent at providing a scalable marketing experience, the social media management capabilities are severely lacking. The company was facing two major challenges with social. Lead Activity All lead activity not happening on their website was invisible to Marketo. Content curation was a big part of their marketing strategy, but none of the data generated by these campaigns were available to Marketo. Marketo RTP Anonymous leads active on social generate a marketable footprint, that is invisible to Marketo. Data their leads were generating with social interactions, could have helped paint an actionable picture for RTP, but was simply unusable, making their RTP less effective. For the first time, this leading IT Systems provider has actual data, such as clicks, conversions, engagement and real ROI, they can use to prove how social media enhances the performance of their marketing campaigns. By providing actionable data on leads created through social directly to their sales teams they are able to move the nurturing process forward seamlessly. Not only can they prove the value of their social media program, with the new analytics they are able to design new strategies moving forward. Now that social can be proven as an effective way to support other initiatives, it can earn the time and budget investment necessary to create social-focused strategies. They have already began to increase their Marketo integration and nurture their leads specifically based on the social media lead sources and engagement. The company selected Oktopost because of the deep Marketo integration. With multiple new data points Oktopost is able to provide Marketo, the marketing department’s first point of action was to get a better understanding of their prospects social journeys and figure out how all this new data could improve their marketing programs. Custom Activities The company had recently produced a series of lectures on YouTube covering a range of subjects, and created multiple campaigns supporting them. Using the Custom Activities, the company was able to trigger programs in Marketo even if the prospects went from Twitter directly to YouTube without visiting their website. Full Social Journey and Attribution In addition to the many data points Oktopost was now pushing into their Marketo instance, the company also used the platform to understand the lead’s full social journey. Prior to using Oktopost, the company would see many leads referred from Google. However, after the implementation, they were able to see the social activity prior to the conversion. Closing the loop from a LinkedIn post to a article and finally back to the company blog and conversion. Social Click Data Each social click provides at least 15 different data points that the marketing department was then able to use for a better segmentation and scoring in Marketo. Understanding the topics that the prospect was interested in, enabled the marketing team to provide the most relevant content at the right time. Key Takeaways Immediately after implementing Oktopost, the company saw a big increase, in the value of their existing Marketo programs, and the kind of programs they were able to create. With real metrics such as clicks, conversions, engagement and real ROI, the marketing team can understand where their leads were coming from and what content is driving them through the funnel. They added value to their RTP by being able to personalize for anonymous leads. In addition to the enhanced lead segmentation capabilities, which led to more accurate nurturing campaigns, and better lead scoring capabilities that pushed hot leads to the sales team faster. All indicate a clear win for social media as part of their marketing strategy. The company already has plan to increase their social media marketing budget and implement an employee advocacy program to compliment the social strategy. CRM SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AUTOMATION