MBLM FLTR - Year in Review (2012)


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Check out the 5 Things We Learned in 2012.

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MBLM FLTR - Year in Review (2012)

  1. 1. The USDA charged Lance Armstrong Mitt Romney was speaking to his audience In an attempt to take market share fromin what may prove to be the largest when he dismissed 47% of the U.S. Google, Apple replaced Google Maps with adrug conspiracy in professional sports. population. Unfortunately, his audience painfully inferior Apple Maps in iOS6. iPhoneArmstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de changed dramatically once a secret video of users around the world took to social mediaFrance titles, though on Strava, a social his speech went viral. Picked up by to voice their frustration. In one week therenetwork for cyclists, Armstrong updated Huffington Post and Mother Jones, the were more than 7 million online referenceshis bio: “According to my rivals, peers, and video got 2 million hits on YouTube in one to Apple, over 600,000 of which referredteammates I won the Tour de France 7 day, and sparked strong reactions and directly to Maps. Shortly after, Googletimes.” His first public response comes conversation on both sides of the topic released its free Google Maps app. The appvia a global simulcast Oprah interview. (though mostly negative) with more than saw about 10 million downloads in the first 100,000 comments featured below the clip. 48 hours after launch. iOS 6 adoption jumped 29 percent in the five days after the app was released.This year fans at Coachella were stunned “Sometimes you have to go up really high Have you been getting antsy waiting foras a resurrected Tupac (via a hologram to understand how small you are,” said the Internet of Things (aka Ubiquitousdeveloped by Digital Domain Media Group) skydiver Felix Baumgartner after his space Computing) to become a reality? This fall,joined Snoop and Dr. Dre for a performance jump. Baumgartner became the first human Kickstarter-backed Twine finally went onof “Hail Mary” and “Gangsta Party.” The to exceed the sound barrier outside of any sale. The Twine sensor can measureTwittersphere blew up during the vehicle in a live-streaming jump from the temperature, moisture, position, andperformance and Hologram Tupac even edge of space that took him 24 miles above vibration, meaning that the little wirelessgot its own Twitter account with 23,979 the earth and had 8 million viewers holding square can tell you what your things arefollowers tuning in to HOLO musings their breath live on YouTube. doing by email, text or Twitter.including “I could have sworn I died witha shirt on” and “Only Tron can judge me.”Horse dancing in a tuxedo calling out to It wasn’t the official video of Carly Rae What is it about cats that has everyonesexy ladies? Yes please. Korean rapper Jepsen’s ridiculously catchy pop tune “Call so mesmerized? Is it their high jinx? TheirPsy’s “Gangnam Style” shattered previous Me Maybe” that launched it into summer cuteness? Their seeming disdain for everyrecords to become the first video ever to hit anthem status. A super fun, low-budget other species including us? We may nevera billion views on YouTube. “Gangnam Style” home video featuring teen stars Justin fully understand the magnetic pull, but thiswas YouTube’s top rising search of 2012 and Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale year definitely saw the rise of the celebrityon October 6th, the site saw more than five lip-synching went viral and inspired a slew cat. With multi-platform social mediamillion searches for the video in a single day. of celeb copycats from Cookie Monster and presence and full merchandise stores Colin Powell to the U.S. Olympic swim team. selling everything from onesies to ceramic mugs, Tard the Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub top the list with 345,000 and 88,000 likes on Facebook respectively.“Negligible” support from her father and When two men from the Taliban stopped In February, members of the all-femaleracism and bullying from teammates and Malala Yousafzai’s school bus in Mingora, Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot stagedcoaches alike early in her career lit a fire Pakistan, and shot her in the head twice, a guerilla-style performance in Moscow’sthat propelled 16-year-old Gabby Douglas to they assumed that would silence her for Cathedral of Christ the Savior to protest theround up a few firsts at the London Olympic good. Instead, the 14-year-old, whose BBC Orthodox Church leader’s support for Putin.Games. Douglas became the first U.S. blog described life under the Taliban’s Three of its members were arrested and twogymnast to win both the all-around and ban on girls’ education, not only lived, were sentenced to harsh two-year terms forteam golds in a single Games and the first but galvanized a movement to address “hooliganism.” The punk rockers’ plightAfrican-American gymnast to win the the rights of young girls around the world. sparked international interest as protestersOlympic all-around title. around the world donned brightly colored balaclavas to support freedom of speech and creative expression.Superstorm Sandy delivered a devastating The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary Even before December 21, 2012, came andblow to New York and New Jersey in late school left the entire nation heartbroken, went without a murmur from the fictionalOctober. At the height of one of the most shocked and asking what can we possibly planet Nibiru or a stray devastating meteor,polarizing elections in recent U.S. history, do to help? Ann Curry answered the NASA went about reassuring people thatoutspoken Republican Governor Chris question via Twitter: “imagine what would the world wouldn’t end. On November 28thChristie praised President Obama’s happen if all of us committed to 20 acts almost 3,000 people attended a Google+leadership in a large step toward of kindness to honor each child lost in hangout allowing them to throw theirbipartisanship and healing. On November Newton.” She added, “I’m in. If you are, RT questions at six astronomers, live. The6th, Obama marked his electoral victory #20Acts.” Social media took the idea, upped experts spent nearly an hour patientlyvia Twitter posting a photo of him and it to 26 to honor all the victims, and #26acts debunking myths from the public, includingMichelle hugging, with the simple line: was born. From anonymously picking up one woman who insisted she’s in touch withFour more years. Within hours, the Tweet someone’s tab to donating pet food to a aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system.simultaneously became the most retweeted shelter, kindness went viral.of 2012 and the most retweeted ever. Tour de Lance Celebrity Cats “Armstrong Still the Tour Champion — Or So He “The 30 Most Important Cats of 2012,” BuzzFeed, Says on Social Media,” Velo News, 8 Jan. 2013. Web: 13 Dec. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013.Diego Kolsky 15 Jan. 2013. http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/most- http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/01/news/ important-cats-of-2012 armstrong-still-the-tour-champion-or-so-he-says- on-social-media_270725 Gabby Takes Flight “America’s Golden Girl,” Vanity Fair, October 2012. The 47% Web: 15 Jan. 2013. “Election 2012: Mitt Romney’s ‘47%’ Speech Goes http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2012/10/Mike Preston Viral,” WSJ, Video: 18 Sept. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. gabby-douglas-told-to-get-nose-job-buzz-bissinger http://live.wsj.com/video/election-2012-mitt-Justin Kaczmar romney-47-speech-goes-viral/12DDD1DB-27B9- Malala LivesTara Mastrelli 4582-8FC3-A3EBE5A8DED2.html#!12DDD1DB- “Malala Yousafzai, the Girl Shot by the Taliban, 27B9-4582-8FC3-A3EBE5A8DED2 Becomes a Global Icon,” The Atlantic, 12 Oct. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. Mapplegate http://www.theatlantic.com/international/ “Report: Google Maps Drives iOS 6 Adoption Up archive/2012/10/malala-yousafzai-the-girl-shot-Special thanks to the entire team 29% in Five Days,” Forbes, 19 Dec. 2012. Web: 15 by-the-taliban-becomes-a-global-icon/263527/at MBLM for their contributions, Jan. 2013.observations, insights and input http://www.forbes.com/sites/ Russian Riot Grrls davidthier/2012/12/19/report-google-maps- “Pussy Riot Was Carefully Calibrated for Protest,”— their FLTR work on science drives-ios-6-adoption-up-29-in-five-days/ The New York Times, 22 Aug. 2012. Web: 15 Jan.made this report possible. 2013. Tupac Resurrection http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/26/arts/ Hologram Tupac, Twitter, Web: 15 Jan. 2013. music/pussy-riot-was-carefully-calibrated-for- https://twitter.com/HologramTupac protest.htmlCheck our other Space Jump Christie Hearts Obamaissues of FLTR: “Space Jump: Felix Baumgartner Describes His “One Result of Hurricane: Bipartisanship Flows,” Record-Breaking Skydive,” ITN News, Video, 15 Oct. The New York Times, 31 Oct. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. 2013.Olympics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLaX7hOVVKc http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/01/nyregion/Travel in-stunning-about-face-chris-christie-heaps- Internet of Things praise-on-obama.html?_r=0Education “Our 32 Favorite Products From 2012,” FastScience Company. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. “Golden Tweets,” 2012 Year on Twitter. Web: 15 Jan. http://www.fastcodesign.com/1671488/our-32- 2013.Food favorite-products-from-2012#-9 https://2012.twitter.com/en/golden-tweets.html Hey, Call Me Maybe? #26acts “Ultimate ‘Call Me Maybe’ Viral Mashup,” The “Inspired to act: #26Acts of kindness to honor Huffington Post, 25 Jul. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. those lost in Newtown, Conn.,” NBCNews.com. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shira-lazar/ Web: 15 Jan. 2013. ultimate-call-me-maybe-vi_b_1700301.html http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_ news/2012/12/17/15972814-inspired-to-act- Oppan Gangnam Style 26acts-of-kindness-to-honor-those-lost-in- “’Gangnam Style’ Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube,” newtown-conn?lite Mashable, 21 Dec. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. http://mashable.com/2012/12/21/gangnam- The World Didn’t End style-billion-views-2/ “NASA vs. the Maya Madness,” Time, 12 Dec. 2012. Web: 15 Jan. 2013. http://science.time.com/2012/12/12/nasa- versus-the-mayan-madness/