Ivrach professional network for russian speaking physicians


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Social network for physicians iVrach is а closed online community of Russian speaking physicians that brings together medical professionals from a variety of places near and far abroad. We aim to reduce the distance between physicians from different regions, enable their convenient and effective communication which allows sharing experiences and discuss professional issues, initiate and maintain professional contacts, and feel the friendly support of their colleagues.

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Ivrach professional network for russian speaking physicians

  1. 1. iVrach – leading professionalnetwork of Russian speakingphysicians April 2012
  2. 2. Our goalsTo enable easy and effective collaborationbetween doctors from different parts of theregionTo become a hub for professional medicalinformation for Russian-speaking physiciansand enable 24/7 access to quality CPDmaterialsTo facilitate effective and mutually beneficialdialog between healthcare industry andphysicians’ community
  3. 3. Some iVrach community statistics 60 000+ members 20-40 new registrations per day on average, high participants’ engagement rate Average visit duration 20 minutes, 19-20 pages per visit 600+ discussion topics and clinical cases, majority have 10+ comments
  4. 4. Our offer toPhysicians: Industry: Professional news Fast growing physicians’ and information communityPeer communication e-Detailing tools and collaboration eCME Platform
  5. 5. Internet usage by physicians in Russia Use infrequently Use occasionally Use frequently Overall usageSource: Comcon MEDI-Q, April 2010
  6. 6. iVrach community breakdown by country
  7. 7. iVrach community statistics –some specialties by years of practice
  8. 8. Internet became an important source of professional medical information Every second physician in Russia is using the Internet in professional activities 86% of physicians rate Internet importance as high 58% are frequent users (use Internet at least once a week or more) and 2/3 of them consider Internet to be one of their main sources of informationSource: MEDI-Q Physicians’ Opinion Survey, Comcon Pharma Russia, September 2009
  9. 9. e-Marketing is set to take a leading role in building strong pharma brands in Russia Compared to non-users physicians who frequently use internet usually have less trust to medical representatives but ironically tend to get more sales calls from the industry New Health Bill (FZ-232) significantly restricts interactions between medical practitioners and industry. Tightening of access to physicians is likely to reduce the productivity of medical representatives as call frequency, the number of calls and call duration will drop
  10. 10. Russia has world’s most engaged social networking audience Russia – 6.6 hours per month/user United Kingdom – 4.6 hours World-wide – 3.7 hours Social networks’ audience in Russia is expected to grow 23% annually up to 2014Source: comScore World Metrix audience measurement service
  11. 11. E-Detailing – very promising results2 month long e-detailing program on iVrachplatform was equivalent to 4.6 FTEThe cost of this e-detailing program was 10times lower compared to an off linecampaigns with equivalent amount ofphysician interactionsMajority of participants returned to gothrough the program again. There were 2.74repeated program viewings per participant onaverage, with some doctors going through thesame program up to 8 (!) times
  12. 12. Benefits of going digital with iVrachExpertise underpinned by unique experience andsuccess track record for edetailing and eCMEprojects for Russian physiciansAlready functioning and flexible IT infrastructurethat enables customisation and quick project kickoffTarget audience engagement and trust enhancedby independent, third party brandSignificant cost reduction due to economy ofscale and IT and project managementoutsourcing
  13. 13. Thank you!Oxana KolosovaManaging Partneroxana.kolosova@ivrach.com