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Plans for a Surprise Proposal dinner party


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Slides prepared to coordinate the actions of guests for the surprise dinner party.

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Plans for a Surprise Proposal dinner party

  2. 2. SCOPE <ul><li>AIM
  4. 4. LOCATION
  6. 6. GUEST LIST
  7. 7. DINNER MENU </li></ul>
  8. 8. AIM To propose to Stacy for her hand in marriage witnessed by close friends.
  9. 9. CONCEPT OF EVENT <ul><li>The central idea is to mislead Stacy into thinking that she is going out for dinner with a few friends only to discover that she is being proposed-to in front of all of her closest friends in an intimate dinner setting.
  10. 10. This is achieved by organizing a surprise 3-course dinner party with live music, an after-dinner chill-out session and a free movie screening on the restaurant premises. </li></ul>
  11. 12. LOCATION NE 8: FARRER PARK MRT EXIT C FOOD #03, Post-Museum 107, Rowell Rd
  12. 13. PROPOSAL DINNER PARTY PROGRAMME <ul><li>SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 6.30pm – Gayle, Yvette & David to meet Stacy @ DhobyGhaut MRT. 6.45pm – Guests arrive at Food#03 7.00pm – Guests to be seated. 7.30pm – Stacy arrives, is seated. 8.00pm – Appetizers are served. 8.07pm – Andy Proposes 8.30pm – Mains are served. 9.00pm – Dinner plates are cleared, dessert is served. 9.15pm – Adjourn upstairs for the After-Dinner Event 9.30pm onwards – Speech by Event Organizer – Acoustic Performance – Movie Screening </li></ul>
  13. 14. DINNER MENU <ul><li>Food#03 @ Post-Museum serves vegetarian food. For a review, go to: </li><ul><li>Starter: Winter vegetable soup. A hearty soup to warm the soul.
  14. 15. Mains: Choice of Dugu Burger or Aubergine stack with salad.
  15. 16. Dessert: Raw vegan nut cake or chocolate cup cake.
  16. 17. Followed by freeflow fingerfood upstairs - pizzas, mini curry puffs, samosas. </li></ul></ul>
  17. 18. GUEST LIST <ul><li>Yvette Koh**
  18. 19. Gayle Tan**
  19. 20. David Lee*
  20. 21. Bernadette Yew**
  21. 22. Nadia Arianna**
  22. 23. Chu Wei**
  23. 24. Grace Quek**
  24. 25. Michelle Kaw**
  25. 26. Erica Lai**
  26. 27. Priya Jean**
  27. 28. Shaiful Risan* </li></ul>