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Lung Tumors: CyberKnife Treatment Overview


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Oklahoma CyberKnife treats lung cancer patients who cannot tolerate surgery, have an inoperable tumor, or are seeking an alternative to surgery. Treatment is delivered by Oklahoma CyberKnife's radiation oncologist and highly trained staff. Oklahoma CyberKnife provides a non-invasive, painless and comfortable treatment with no recovery time. Contact Oklahoma CyberKnife at 918-949-6676 or visit to learn more.

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Lung Tumors: CyberKnife Treatment Overview

  1. 1. 6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  2. 2. A  lung  tumor  diagnosis  can  be  scary.     Learn  more  about  lung  tumors  and  how  we  can  help.     Please  note:  We  encourage  consumers  to  thoroughly  review  and  understand  all  treatment  op8ons.   The  informa8on  presented  here  is  not  all-­‐inclusive.  Rather,  it  represents  a  star8ng  point  to  learn   more  about  medical  condi8ons  and  treatment  op8ons.  This  is  not  intended  as  a  subs.tute  for   medical  advice  from  your  professional  healthcare  provider.    Contact  your  professional   healthcare  provider  to  find  out  if  CyberKnife  treatment  is  right  for  you.   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  3. 3. 6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  4. 4. Lung  Tumors  and  Their  Symptoms   The  vast  majority  of  primary  lung  cancers  are   malignant  and  known  as  carcinomas.     The  most  common  cancer  diagnosis  in  the   world,  lung  cancer  is  also  the  leading  cause  of   cancer  deaths  in  the  United  States.     Symptoms   •  Coughing   •  Wheezing   •  Shortness  of  breath   •  Coughing  up  blood   •  Unexplained  weight  loss   •  Pneumonia  or  other  infec?ons   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  5. 5. 6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  6. 6. ConsultaMon  and  Pretreatment  Procedures   Oklahoma  CyberKnife’s  physicians,  therapists  and  physicist  are  focused  on  your  individualized   plan  for  treatment.     •  You  will  meet  an  Oklahoma  CyberKnife  radia?on  oncologist  to  decide  if  CyberKnife  treatment   is  appropriate  for  your  diagnosis.       •  Your  CyberKnife  team  will  decide  which  pretreatment  procedures  you  may  need  to  help   develop  your  treatment  plan.  These  could  include  a  CT  scan,  an  MRI,  laboratory  studies  or   ?ssue  markers.       •  The  data  from  your  pretreatment  procedures  will  be  used  by  the  CyberKnife  team  to   determine  the  exact  size,  shape  and  loca?on  of  your  tumor.   •  This  informa?on  will  indicate  the  size  of  the  area  being  treated  with  radia?on,  the  radia?on   dose  and  cri?cal  structures  where  radia?on  exposure  should  be  minimized.     6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  7. 7. How  CyberKnife  Can  Treat  Lung  Tumors   Oklahoma  CyberKnife  treats  lung  cancer  pa?ents  who  cannot  tolerate  surgery,  have  an  inoperable   tumor,  or  are  seeking  an  alterna?ve  to  surgery.     •    •    •  •  CyberKnife  has  gained  recogni?on  as  an  effec?ve  treatment  for  pa?ents  with  medically  inopera?ve   early  stage  nonsmall  cell  lung  cancer.   The  challenge  of  trea?ng  lung  tumors  is  that  the  tumor  moves  as  the  pa?ent  breathes.  Unlike   tradi?onal  radia?on  therapy,  the  CyberKnife  system  iden?fies  the  tumor  loca?on  during  non-­‐ invasive  treatment.     The  ?ghtly  contoured  beams  move  precisely  with  the  mo?on  of  the  target  throughout  the  breathing   cycle,  requiring  no  breath  holding  or  respiratory  ga?ng.  Thus  allowing  pa?ents  to  breathe  normally   and  remain  comfortable  during  treatment.   Treatment  is  delivered  by  Oklahoma  CyberKnife’s  radia?on  oncologist  and  highly  trained  staff.   Oklahoma  CyberKnife  provides  a  non-­‐invasive,  painless  and  comfortable  treatment  with  no   recovery  ?me.   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  8. 8. CyberKnife  Treatment   Prior  to  stereotac?c  body  radia?on  therapy,   doctors  may  have  to  implant  between  three   and  six  small  metal  markers  known  as   fiducials  in  or  near  the  tumor  that  enable  the   CyberKnife  to  pinpoint  the  tumor  loca?on   during  treatment.  ImplanMng  the  markers  is   an  outpaMent  procedure  that  takes  about  an   hour.       About  a  week  later,  pa?ents  are  fiOed  with  a   custom  body  mold  made  of  soP  material  that   they  lie  on  during  treatment.  The  fiSng   process  is  painless.     The  treatment  process  includes:   I.  Consulta?on  appointment   II.  Pretreatment  procedures   III.  CyberKnife  treatment   IV.  Follow-­‐up   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  9. 9. CyberKnife  Treatment  Process     Typically  treatment  is  completed  within  three  to  five   sessions.  On  the  day  of  your  treatment:       1.  A  therapist  will  help  you  onto  the  treatment  table  and   fit  the  body  mold.  Pa?ents  are  observed  throughout   the  treatment  on  a  closed-­‐circuit  television,  and  they   can  pause  treatment  at  any  ?me  by  waving  or   speaking  to  the  therapists.   2.  While  the  CyberKnife’s  advanced  tracking  system   accounts  for  movements  like  breathing,  you’re  asked   to  lie  s?ll  during  treatments.  The  system  periodically   takes  x-­‐ray  images  and  compares  them  to  the  CT  scan   data  to  make  sure  the  radia?on  beam  is  locked  on  the   tumor.   3.  Pa?ents  can  usually  return  to  their  normal  rou?nes   once  the  treatment  is  complete.   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132   FOR  YOUR  INFORMATION   •  •  •   918-­‐949-­‐6676   Treatment  procedures  take  about  30  –  90   minutes,  depending  on  the  complexity  of  your   tumor.   Pa?ents  are  asked  to  wear  comfortable  clothing   during  CyberKnife  treatments.  Jewelry  is   acceptable  unless  it  is  close  to  the  area  being   treated.   Feel  free  to  bring  an  iPod®  or  your  favorite   music  CDs  with  you  on  the  day  of  your   treatment  and  we  will  play  them  for  you  during   the  procedure.
  10. 10. AddiMonal  Resources   6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676
  11. 11. Our Center Oklahoma  CyberKnife  is  widely  known  as  a  leading  provider  of  stereotac?c  radiosurgery.  In  the  fourth  quarter  of   2009,  our  center  performed  the  highest  number  of  lung-­‐cancer  treatments  of  any  CyberKnife  center  in  the   world.  We  con?nue  to  treat  a  great  deal  of  lung  pa?ents.  In  2012  and  2013  combined,  we  treated  more  lung   pa?ents  than  any  other  lesion.     Diseases  most  oPen  treated  at  our  center  include  brain  tumors,  lung  tumors,  prostate  cancer  and  trigeminal   neuralgia.  Oklahoma  CyberKnife  has  extensive  experience  in  trea?ng  lung  cancer  pa?ents,  as  lung  tumors   represent  the  largest  number  of  our  cases.  We  have  treated  pa?ents  from  around  the  state,  as  well  as  pa?ents   from  Arkansas  and  Missouri.    We  are  dedicated  to  providing  our  pa?ents  with  the  latest  cancer  treatment   technology  and  are  proud  of  the  experience  and  exper?se  our  physicians  and  caring  staff  bring  to  our  pa?ents.   Medical  Director:  Dr.  Diane  Heaton   RadiaMon  Oncologist:  Dr.  Joshua  Garren   RadiaMon  Oncologist:  Dr.  Connie  Nguyen   Connect  with  us     6802  South  Olympia  Ave  Suite  G100  Tulsa,  OK  74132    918-­‐949-­‐6676