3. the assigment of marketing wine and related product


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3. the assigment of marketing wine and related product

  1. 1. The Assigment of Marketing Wine and Related Product. Created By : Okky, SUGIANTO
  2. 2. 1. DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL WINE BAR - Its name - Location, style - Service - Presentation - How its work - Choose the specific wine - Tell about your self
  3. 3. ITS NAME : is burgundy wine and fine dinningBrief : Walking in the restaurant is like walking into somethingspecial, others we walk in and we really dont get it. Burgundywine and fine dining restaurant is all above at the same time.The front entrance isnt supposed to be exactly where it is now.And here we addopt the garden spacefacing the restaurant. When we walk in for the first time we thought thedessert cart next to the door was the reception desk until thewaiter serve a piece of cake from it, and really suprise the waiterwill bring us the hygienne liquid hand sanitizer, to greeting us,not only that the other waiter will make the line, and they willpresenting the welcome drink for us and it it complimentaryfrom the restaurant
  4. 4. LOCATION AND STYLE :Located in heart place in jakarta,which is can have the wonderful place to hang over with friend, with couple, families, colleges
  5. 5. Style : i love fine dining restaurant full ofcreativity and passion in every dish, and theservice is both attentive and informed in takingcare of guests like they are their personalbutler. Burgundy dine wine and bar has all this,but according my opinion. Its not meant to bea fine dining restaurant. Its supposed to be abit more casual than that, but they dont do avery good job of disguising it. The food isexcellently made from the freshest ingredients
  6. 6. The design : the design of the cubicle tables in particular are clever with glass separations between eachmeaning the tight space of restaurant is fully utilized and guests dont paythe price of losing their intimacy. For more privacy though, there are private dining room.
  7. 7. SERVICE :Type of service is formal fine dining, as we set the table in french style, all including the cutleries,chinaware, goblet, wine glass, flower vase, table number, candle light, guest napkin, butter bowl, coffee or tea cup with saucer, and etc.
  8. 8. Step of service is based from the sequence of service :• Greating the guest• Asking the guest reservation• Escort the guest to their table• Pulling up the chair, ladies first• Speading the napkin• Presenting the menu and drink list.• Pouring the mineral water• Taking the order• Repeating the order
  9. 9. Step of service is based from the sequence of service : (cont..ue)• Departure to the bar and the kithen• Presenting the guests order beverages first• Adjust the cutleries according the meal that they ordered• Going back to the kitchen and bringing their meal, ladies first, host is the last.• Somalier to be come to pouring the wine that the guests have ordered.• Clear up and presenting the next meal : from appetizer, soups, salad, main course, dessert
  10. 10. Step of service is based from the sequence of service : (cont..ue)• Doing as the same point above to adjust the cutleries.• Asking the guests satisfaction « how was your meal madame, sir ».• Asking if there is any another order from the guest• Waiting the guest, and waiting for the bill, payment, departure to the cashier Bring the change to the guest with black envelope, including the bill.• Say thank you for the guests visit• Escort them to the exit door
  12. 12. TEA AND COFFEE Burgundy Tea 35 Lemon squash with freshly fruits Special Tea with Traditional Herbs Aromatic and served with the French Press Burgundy Ice Cream 35 Three scoop Ice Cream ( Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla) with Grapes and Oreo Burgundy Popping Splash 35Choose your own (Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Green Apple, Kiwi, Laychee, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry) Burgundy Chocolate 50 Hot Chocolate, Fresh Milk, Kahlua, Crème De Cacao White
  13. 13. Burgundy Coffee Special 55 Espresso, Fresh Milk, Kahlua and Baileys Burgundy Martini 65 Blackberry flavored fruit can be found in this our special cocktailand it is an excellent citrus that adds a touch of sour to drinks, Flamed Grand Marnier will Crystallized on your drink
  14. 14. JUICES Avocado 35 Cranberry 35 Honeydew 35 Pineapple 35Strawberry Burgundy Squash 35 Soursop 35 Sunkist 35 SOFTDRINK Coke 25 Coca Cola Zero 25 Green Tea Pokka 25 Sprite 25 Soda Water Tonic Water 25
  15. 15. MINERAL WATER Equil 25 Choice of Natural or Sparkling Aqua 25 TEA ( HOT/ICE ) COFFEE (Hot/Iced) Tea 25 Black Coffee 25 Lemon Tea 30 Espresso 25 Mint Lemon Tea 30 Cappucinno 35 Flavored Iced Tea 30 Coffee Latte 35 Mochaccino 35Latte Vanilla 35 ( Choices of Lychee, Strawberry, Peach)
  16. 16. FRESH TEA (served with coffee press) Mint Tea 35 Latte Almond 35 Blackberry Tea 35 Latte Caramel 35 Mint Lemon Tea 35 Latte Hazelnut 35 Latte Chocolate Cookies 35 Luak 65 COCOA ( HOT/ICE ) Chocolate 30 Caramel Seaclaid 60 TRADITIONAL HOT DRINKBaileys, Chocolate, Caramel syrup and Whipped Cream “Bandrek” BurgundyA Spicy Blend of Ginger, Palm Sugar, Honey & Fresh Milk
  17. 17. HEALTHY DRINKS FOUNTAINS Berry Happy 35 Cappuccino Float 35 Broccolius 35 Iced Chocolate and Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate Float 35 Melon Float 35 Orange Float 35 Strawberry Float 35 Its simply booster Vit C supplement, made from combining Cranberry juice, Blueberry jam, Strawberry, milk, Honey and tasty Mango fruit.Simply mixed of fresh broccoli, fresh orange juice, apple and lemon twist to raise Vit A, Vit C and zinc in your body. The Body Cleanser 35The main benefits of this healthy juice include revitalization of the body, good for cold and glowing skin, freshly made from 3 parts apple, 1 part ginger, 3 parts carrot and honey.
  18. 18. The Cholesterol Buster Well known to fight cancer and reduce cholesterol. It alsoimproves any sort of stomach upset and headache. Simply blend of 2 parts apple, 1 part cucumber, 1 part celery and honey. Glowing Skin Black coffee with Fresh Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream Fresh Honeydew and Coconut “Kopyor” ice cream Fresh Orange Juice and Vanilla Ice Cream Local Fresh Strawberry and Strawberry Ice Cream Blackberry Float 35 Local Fresh Blackberry and Strawberry ice cream Its a supper supplement to improve the skin texture and moisture SHAKES content in the skin yet its also a body heat reducing drink, bycombining 2 parts orange, 2 parts cucumber, 1⁄2 part ginger and Honey
  19. 19. Wildly Catcher (Choice of Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate) 35 A wonderful mouth watering juice which is excellent for you kidney andbladder as well it helps dispelling excess salts from your body by blendof 2 Apples, 1⁄2 Pine apple, 1⁄4 Watermelon, a tiny of salt and honey. Shakes 35 FLAME COCKTAIL 35 Flamming Lamborgini The Vitamunity This is an extremely healthy juice with lots content of Vit C, B2 and increases the cell activity and strengthens body immunity. Fresh blended of mixed Honeydew, strawberry, watermelon and milk
  20. 20. The Sugar Fighter 35 This is a simple but very useful in correcting irregularities in the of sugar in your blood, freshly made by mixed of Pear, banana and Honey. Oxidoxie 35A very tasty drink that will act as an antioxidant, clears the body heat, counteracts toxicity and decrease blood pressure. Mixed and blend well 3 parts mango, 2 parts peer, 2 parts carrot, 2 parts apple. Flame Coctail of Sambuca into layer of Kahlua, Bailey’s, Galliano, Vodka, & Blue Curracao on the side Flamming Bikini 90 Waterfall 90 Flame of Sambuca into mixed of Vodka, Triple Sec & Blue Curracao on the side Flame of mixed Sambuca & Gin into layered of Kahlua, Creme de Cacao White, Vodka & Gin
  21. 21. BEERS (Bottle) SPECIAL MARTINIS Bintang 35 Carlsberg Guinness Stout Lychee 60 35 The Lychee Martini is a surprisingly full bodied drink Vodka and 40 Chocolate 69 fruit flavor blend60 San Mig Light 40 A chocolate Indulgence of a drink made of vodka, crème de cacao and garnished with a Chocolate kiss San Miguel 40 Kiwi Corona 60 A Vodka Martini shaken with muddled Fresh Kiwi Orange 60 Peach 60 Espresso 65 Green Apple 65 Strawberry 65 Grape 65 Lolypop 65 Raspberry 65 Mandrin Vodka with a light taste of orange is contributed by an orange liqueur and orange juice
  22. 22. CLASSIC COCKTAILS Sky Fall Dry Martini 60 Jaggerbomb 60 Vodka and spicy tomato juice, rimmed withA Cocktail that is Mixed by dropping a shot salt of Tequila & Vodka Strawberry Vodka and dash Dry Vermouth into a glass of Beer more flavored with Apeach Vodka and Freshly Peach and our fresh farm strawberry liquers COFFEE COCKTAILS Margarita 60 Irish Coffee 60The Classic Gin cocktail with Dry Vermouth, Irish Whiskey, Coffee and Cream and green olive Frappuchino 60 The most Popular cocktail in North French Coffee 60 America with A Popular STICK CRUSHED Refreshing tequila, Triple Sec, and Lime Baileys, Cold Coffee and Cream with Ice Juice Crushed Bloody Marry Currant Vodka with muddled Fresh Grape Vanilla Vodka with Kahlua Coffee liqueur, Vanilla syrup Vodka with Vanilla liqueur and Orange with cold espresso Juice, garnished withGreen Apple Vodka with more Green Apple lolypop candy syrup and garnish Raspberry vodka with muddled Fresh with a Green Apple slice Raspberryt Brandy, Coffee and Cream
  23. 23. LONG DRINKS 60 Caipirinha 60 Made with Vodka, Muddled Lime and Sugar Brazils National Cocktail that is made with the Rum, Muddled lime and sugar Mojito Singapore Sling 90 Sex On The Beach 90 Illusions 90 Long Island Ice Tea Caipiroska 90This is a smooth, slow, and sweet cocktail. Contains of Gin,Cherry Brandy, DOM Benedictine, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Soda
  24. 24. SPECIAL MOJITOS TEQUILA Absolut Blue 50 Cendana 140 GINSpecial Long Drink with 14 Gilbeys Gin 45 Chivas Regal 12 Y.O 50kinds of Spirits and top up with Soda Water Gordon Dry Gin 50 Absolut Kurant 50Strawberry 70 Lychee 70 Bombay Sapphire 60 Absolut Mandarin 50 SPIRITS Jose Cuervo 50 JW. Black Label 50 Lemon 70 APERRITIF Gilbeys Distiller Bland 45 Absolut Raspberry 50 Kiwi 70 WHISKY Bourbon Absolut Vanilla 50 Martini Dry 45 Scotch Jim Beam White 45 Martini Rosso 45 VODKA Smirnoff Green Apple 50 Campari 70 Gilbeys 45 Smirnoff Red 50 By Bottle Martini Bianco Apple Absolut Apeach 50 Jack Daniels 50 By Glass 45 JW. Red Label 45 Smirnoff Strawberry 50
  25. 25. RUM Beehive brandy 2.800 Sambuca Vaccari 50COGNAC AND BRANDY LIQUERS Tia Maria 50 By Glass By Glass Amaretto Disaronno 50 Bacardi Light 45 Kahlua 45 Grand Marnier 50 Myers Dark Rum 45 Malibu 45 Bacardi Apple 50 Midori 45 Bacardi Lemon 50 Galliano 45 By Bottle Baileys Irish Cream 50Remy Martin VSOP 1.350 Cointreau 50 Martell Cordon Bleu 2.800 Southern Comfort 50
  26. 26. MENU
  28. 28. SOUPS POTATO CREAM - 40 Our Signature Potato Soup, CREAM OF MUSHROOM - 35 Liason, and Crispy Sweet Potato Cream of Champignon Chip. Mushroom, Fresh Herbs and Cream. MINISTRONE ALA CASALINGA - 35 PUMPKIN VELOUTE - 35 Traditional Italian VegetablesTasty Thick Pumpkin Soup with Soup. Cream. FRENCH ONION SOUP - 45 HUNGARIAN GOULASH - 35 Consomme based onion soup Spicy Beef, Potato, and topped with cheese crouton. Vegetables Broth.
  29. 29. SALADS US Beef - 240 CAESAR SALAD - 35 Australian Beef - 160 With CHICKEN - 45 BORDEUX FILLET MIGNON Fillet Mignon, Potato Macair, Garlic Brocoli GREEK SALAD - 35 and Gorgonzola Sauce. PRAWN SALAD - 45 US Beef - 220 Australian Beef - 160 CHICKEN ORIENTAL - 35 ORIENTAL STEAK HAWAIIAN CHICKEN SALAD - 45 Charbroiled 150 grams of „Black Angus‟ Sirloin in mixture of exotic Asian MEATS Spice. our signature – US Beef - 220 TOURNEDOS ALA BURGUNDYSeared Tenderloin with Creamy Raisin- Australian Beef - 120 Peppercorn sauce and mashed potato.
  30. 30. T-BONE STEAK Williams US Beef - 240 SAUCE Australian Beef - 190 : Mushroom, Black Pepper, Pepper- Corn, BBQ or SHORT RIBS Gorgonzola US Beef - 175 MEATS Australian Beef - 120 ROAST BEEF SIRLOIN - 540 (Share for 4 SIRLOIN to 6 persons) US Beef - 195 LAMB Australian Beef - 120 LAMB CHOPS PROVENCALE - 220 POTATOES MUTTON SASHHSLIK - 110: French Fries, Mashed, Herbs Potato or Potato Croquette
  32. 32. INDONESIAN FAVOURITE NASI GORENG KAMPOENG CIBODAS - 50Traditional Fried Rice served with Fried Egg, SambalGoreng Teri, Crackers, Satay, Fried chicken piece BEBEK GORENG DAGO GIRI - 60 Traditional Deep Fried Marinated Duck served with Turmeric Rice, SambalMatah or SambalIjo, Sauted Vegetables IGA BAKAR LALAH LANGEN SARI - 80 Charbroiled Beef Ribs Braised in Balinese Sauce served with “Plecing kacang panjang” and Turmeric Rice or steamed rice SOP BUNTUT (Indonesian Oxtail Soup) - 80Slow Cooked Ox-Tail in Aromatic Broth served with Rice, Melinjo Crackers and Green Chili Sambal (Choose your style of cooking by Kuah, Bakar, or Goreng) SOP KONRO - 80 Beef Ribs Braised in Authentic Indonesian Herbs and spices, served with white steam rice.
  33. 33. ASIAN DELIGHT SALMON TERIYAKI - 95 Served with Salad and Steamed Rice. CHICKEN LAKSA - 65 Penang style laksa with light curry broth served with chicken, tofu and bean prouts. KUNGPAO CHICKEN - 65Stir-fry chicken in Sichuan Kung-Pao sauce serves with steamed rice and vegetables. FRIED PRAWN WITH SALTED DUCK EGG - 70 Davao style deep fried tiger prawn with salted egg yolk of duck curry leaf, served with steam rice and vegetables. HAINAN CHICKEN RICE - 65A classic Singaporean dish of delicately slow boiled chicken infused with ginger with rice cooked in chicken stock served with and fresh ginger and soy sauces.
  34. 34. DESSERT CRÈME BRULEE - 25 Trio Crème Brulee, Strawberry, Chocolate FRIED ICE CREAM - 35 & Ginger. Deep fried ice cream, served with “pineapple couli” sauce. APPLE STRUDEL - 30 Puff pastry, apple, cinnamon, raisin,almon COLENAK - 25 slice, serve with Fla. Grilled Fermented Casava, served with Young Coconut, Spiced Palm TANGKUBAN PERAHU ERUPTION - 45 Sugar Sauce and Kopyor Ice Cream. Vanilla sponge, peuyeum, fruit, strawberry ice cream and sweet meringue, BANANA SPRING ROLL - 25 flamed with triple sec on your table.Deep Fried Banana in Spring Roll Wrapper with Cheese and Chocolate CREPE SUZETTE - 40 Chips served with Chocolate Chips Ice French crepe with orange sauce, served Cream. with vanilla ice cream. BURGUNDY PANCAKE - 30 ASSORTED SLICED TROPICAL FRUITS – 25Medallions of Raisins Pancake Garnished with Strawberries, Syrup and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.
  35. 35. HOW IT WORKS : To create and develop food can be maintainthe sales of wine, and many variants menu, able to stimulate the Guests demand of wines, as the concept of our Restaurant is Wine and Fine Dining, not enough only that, we have to stimulate the employee, especially the waiters, greeter, bartender, to always up selling the wine, and ofcourse the decoration of wines make it more attractively, the temperature to put wines, the wines display, hygiene and sanitation, and everything must be combine together toachieve high quality wines, and after the uniqueness and the professionalism of taking care of wine can be a assets andour strategies to promote our Restaurant, because we have a concept.
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  38. 38. ABOUT THE CREATOR : Prenom : Okky Sigit Nom : SUGIANTO Portable : +33 (0)6 67 15 70 42 mail : okkysigit@ymail.com okkysigit.sugianto@etud.univ-angers.fr Université dAngersUFR Ingénierie du Tourisme, du Bâtiment et des Services IMIS-ESTHUA
  39. 39. Thank you …