Francis Davey 'A Smattering of IP'


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Presentation given at Open GLAM Legal Clinic @ the Wellcome Collection, 24.11.11

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Francis Davey 'A Smattering of IP'

  1. 1. A SMATTERING OF IPFrancis Davey
  2. 2. What is intellectual property?• A kind of property • created by statute • devolve like property by will or intestacy • attract proprietary rights (protection via injunction, account of profits etc) • assignable etc• Each carries a bundle of “rights” • may only be done with the owner’s permission • exercising right without permission is normally an infringement • many and complex exceptions
  3. 3. UK intellectual property• Patents• Copyright • Performers property rights • Database right• Designs • Registered designs • Design right • (semiconductor topography) • Community designs (registered and unregistered)• Plant breeders rights• Trade Marks
  4. 4. DurationCopyright, except: Life + 70 yearsbroadcasts 50 yearssound recordings and rights in 50 years  70 yearsperformancetypographical editions of published works 25 yearsDatabase right 15 yearsDesign right 15 years(semiconductor topography) 10 or 15 yearsCommunity unregistered design 3 yearsRegistered designs (UK + Community) 25 yearsPatent 20 yearsPlant breeder’s rights 30 years (potatoes, trees and vines) 25 years otherwiseTrade Mark Until revoked
  5. 5. Copyright
  6. 6. Copyright: LDM works• Literary • anything written, spoken or sung • includes computer programs and preparatory work • excludes databases• Dramatic • includes dance or mime• Musical • .. but none of the above
  7. 7. Artistic works• Artistic works • graphical work • painting, drawing, diagram, map, chart or plan, and any engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut or similar work • photograph, sculpture or collage • ... artistic quality irrelevant • work of architecture • building • model for a building • work of artistic craftsmanship• Photographs • any record of light or other radiation • not part of a film
  8. 8. Copyright: other works• Films• Sound recordings• Broadcasts (and cable programmes)• Typographical editions of published works
  9. 9. Copyright: rights• Copying (all or a substantial part)• Issuing copies to the public• Renting or lending to the public• Performing, showing or playing the work in public• Communicate the work to the public• Making an adaptation of the work • or doing any of the above in relation to an adaptation
  10. 10. Rights in performance• Live performances • performers • person having recording rights• Some property rights • copying • issuing copies to the public • rental or lending • making available to the public• Rights against illicit recordings
  11. 11. Copyright exceptions• Temporary copies• Fair dealing • non-commercial research and private study • criticism or review (of a work) • news reporting (but not for photographs)• Computer programs • backup copies • various reverse engineering exceptions• Public interest
  12. 12. More exceptions....Visually impaired 3Education 6Libraries 11Public administration 6Other 28 Total 54
  13. 13. Databases• Database • collection of independent works, data or other materials • arranged in a systematic or methodical way • individually accessible by electronic or other means.• Database directive • copyright – “own intellectual creation” • database right
  14. 14. Database right• Substantial investment • obtaining • verifying • presenting• Infringed by • extraction • re-utilisation• Substantial part • repeated insubstantial acts may become substantial
  15. 15. Fixtures Marketing etc• Lists of football fixtures highly valuable• First case, ECJ: • you didn’t collect the information • no rights for own data?• Second case: • its really creative so subject to database copyright • anyway, UK database copyright survived • referral to the ECJ