Student Design Forum: Walker & Sulaeman


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Student Design Forum: Walker & Sulaeman

  1. 1. Mayowood Historic District Rochester, MN Lauren Walker Natasha Sulaeman History of Mayowood Construction of Mayowood Mansion ca. 1910 Mayowood Mansion current design ca. 1936 The Estate At its peak, the Mayowood estate was comprised of over 3,000 acres, eight working farms, a man-made lake, a series of islands and several lush gardens, each inspired by a different part of the world.Ivy Lodge - First residence of Dr. Charlie At the center was the expansive Mayowood Mansion; a 38 room country home of Dr. Charles Mayo’s Bierman house own design, constructed of stone and reinforced concrete. The Inspiration Three generations of the Mayo family were raised on the Mayowood estate. Dr. Charles Mayo (Dr. Charlie) and his wife Edith initially purchased a farm home, called Ivy Lodge, on the site for summer use. The family would picnic beneath Dr. Charlie’s favorite oak tree, which inspired Dr. Charlie to design a larger home around the tree, which remains on the patio to this day. Site Context Stone BarnMayowood Estate in relationship to Rochester, MN Ivy Lodge Aerial view of mansion Bierman HouseMayowood Estate
  2. 2. Mayowood Historic District Character Defining ElementsUnique CharacterThe defining characteristics of Mayowood Mansion are practically innumerable. The design of the mansion was origi-nal to Dr. Charlie and the three successive generations of Mayos, each adding their own individual touches to thehouse. There is no consistent style to the architecture or plan of the house, rather it is a unique interpretation of thecountry-living mind set that architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright adopted. There is a story around every corner. The MansionThe MuseumWhen the mansion was donated to the Olmsted County Historical Society in 1965, they found the house suspendedin time. The family had vacated rather quickly, upon the deaths of Chuck and Alice, leaving clothes in the closets,utensils in the kitchen, and food in the fridge. The county did not have to seek out period-appropriate furniture be-cause the house was still full of the belongings of the family. Every piece was acquired by the Mayos and remainsthere today.The Music Room Living Room The Library Mayowood Mansion: 42 rooms, 23,000 ft.2, cost $60,000 in 1911Dr. Charlie’s Study The Dining Room 4600 ft.2 Ballroom
  3. 3. Mayowood Historic District Re-use Proposals Current State Mansion Re-useBallroom level: Secondary space Mayowood Museum Parking lot The Mayowood Inn Picnic area Community AreasSecond floor: Primary space Fourth floor / ballroom Preferred Guest Rooms Economy Rooms Mid-level RoomsFirst floor: Primary space • Upkeep on interior (cleaning, restoration) and grounds (gardening) • Staff management and tours • Advertising for mansion (brochures, displays, website) • Cater to public schools for field trip opportunities Second floor / bedrooms • Create community areas that do not require a feeBasement level: Secondary space • Offer small classes in ballroom area Welcome/Check-in Area Community Areas Preferred Guest Areas Museum Signage Currently, Mayowood Mansion is tucked away amongst a vast wooded area. Without directions, there is little evi- dence of its location in Rochester. Intending to increase the advertisement of the museum, we believe it would ben- First floor / living area efit greatly from additional signage at crucial intersections on the route to the mansion. Community Areas Mayowood Mansion Re-purposed If given the opportunity, we believe that the Mayowood Mansion could be successfully adapted for public use, while maintaining its rich history. Its ample living space and numerous bedrooms provide an ideal situation for a historical bed and breakfast. While replacing furniture that would be used to a greater degree, much of the decoration of the mansion could remain. Installed in each room would be a display of pictures and artifacts that describe the original state of the room and how the Mayos lived. Basement level
  4. 4. Mayowood Historic District Re-use Proposals Site Re-use Mayowood Country ClubDam house restored to supply kayaks forlake and skis for the Nordic ski trail Green house and outdoor community gardens Stone barn used for community events Recreation Rentals Greenhouse / gardens Restored bridge Stables restored for community use Stone barn event hall Mayowood Lake Community stables Ivy Lodge rental cabin Mayowood Inn / Country Club Re-use site diagramMansion reused as B&B and community meeting space Ivy Lodge rented as cabin/guest houseCommunity rentals near dam house Re-landscaped islands Nordic ski trail around Mayowood LakeRestored stables Community gardens Mayowood Site Re-use In the event that the historic district of Mayowood needs to be adapted for re-use, we propose that the site be re- stored to some of its original uses but adapted to bring the growing community together. Catering to the new housing developments surrounding the site, the mansion could be re-purposed as an Inn, with the grounds acting as commu- nity spaces. By restoring the out-buildings such as the stables and greenhouse, we could create a recreational area where the residents of Rochester could ride horses, rent bikes and kayaks and tend to community gardens.Picnic area in back garden Master bedroom in Mayowood Inn