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Schomaker marcottcombined


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Schomaker marcottcombined

  1. 1. REUSE PLAN FOR RTC Dining Room to Restaurant Re-establish Front Enterance Physicians Quarters to B&B Rental Shop, Museum, Retail, Bakery, Pharmacy The reuse of Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center will be developed in stages. The �irst area to begin renovation will be re-establishing the Bed and Breakfast Restaurant and Kitchen main entrance and the �irst three �loors on the east wing. This will feature a Military Rehabilitation Center. The rehab will include patient, family and nurses’ residences. To generate income for the Gymnasium Military Rehabilitation Center community, a bed and breakfast will be implemented next. The third phase will stimulate population and economic growth through commercial development and education driven careers. To further Bathrooms Stairwells connect the community with the site, a rental shop will be available for recreational equipment on newly developed bike and walking trails leading throughout Fergus Falls. Professional Businesses All Seasons Outdoor Adventure Storage Areas
  2. 2. Success Stories Traverse City, Michigan Before- Arcading Hallway After- Trattoria Stella Restaurant Before- Attic Space After- Condominium The Village at Grand Traverse offers a wide variety of uses including: Retail: Eateries & Wineries: Services: Clothing Coffee Family Practice Floral Candy Electrical/ Engineering Jewlery High End Dinning Gym