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Website and software translation and localization services


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Website And Software translation and Localization Services Companies that is offering high quality Localization Services With the most affordable rates in the localization and the translation Market.

Source : Elite TransLingo : Your Trusted Translation and Localization Service Provider.

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Website and software translation and localization services

  1. 1. Website and software Translation and Localization Services Professional Website Translation Services With High Quality and Low Cost. Website localization Is the process of adapting and localizing your website content to meet the language of your target audience. Knowing that millions of US and Canadian residents talk a second language at home other than English, and prefer to surf the web with other languages such as the Spanish, Chinese, and French, this fact confirms that the non-English speakers represent the fastest- growing sectors of online users today. When you localize or translate the content of your website into any language, you have a better chance for seizing a bigger market share, and reaching more Hispanic and other communities that represent a valuable market segment for any organization. While translating and localizing your website, we carefully take into account your target audience. We make sure that the style of the language including ; grammar and vocabulary is reflecting your client’s needs and requirements. At Elite TransLingo we do more than just rendering a translation of your website content, we bridge the gap of communication between two languages, two cultures and two worlds, because we take into account the cultural significance of everything in the website, whether it is a picture or a color, we recommend our client to adapt few and simple changes if required, because we believe that our client is our business partners, and not a one time customer. When you choose to localize your website with us, all what you need to do is to send us an HTML, text, or a word file version of your website source files, which can be easily provided to you by your webmaster. If for any reason you could not find the source document in an html file format , do not worry about it, just send us an email letting us know that you are willing to translate and localize your website contents and we will be more than happy to help you, and send you an accurate turnaround time and cost estimate. Professional Software Localization Services With High Quality And Affordable Rates Software localization is more than just a simple translation of the software with its user interface, and support files, we at Elite TransLingo is making software localization reach more levels of adaptation and cultural integration, Our translators and localizers make sure to render a translated version of the software that adapts the target cultural, linguistic and technical requirements. In today’s competitive market, you do not need a standard software translated in one language or two , you need to conquer new markets, new cultures, and new audiences with a comprehensive understanding for the materials at hand .We are here to help you accomplish this goal and to serve you a professional software localization services within your own budget expectations. Sources: Elite TransLingo