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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: OkakaJoshuaMatovu. Date of birth 16th /10/1989 Nationality: Ugandan Marital status: Single Sex: Male Telephone: +256-775-331252/ +256-753-346966 E-mail address: LANGUAGES RATING SPOKEN WRITTEN English VeryGood VeryGood Luo VeryGood VeryGood Luganda Fair Fair CAREER VISION To be highlyexperiencedprofessional bothpracticallyandtheoreticallytocreate a difference and positive impactonthe businessworld. CAREER OBJECTIVE To work ina verychallengingandinterestingenvironmentthatenablesme toexploitall mypotential and competenciesandcontribute toproblemsolvinginbusiness. EDUCATION PROFILE Year Institution Award June 2015 Institute of certifiedpublicAccountants CPA Level 1 2010-2014 Makerere UniversityKampala Bachelorof Commerce 2008-2009 Dr.Obote College Lira Uganda Advance Certificate of Education 2004-2007 NawanyangoCollege Kamuli Uganda Certificate of Education
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE Organization: CairoInternational Bank. Position:BankingAssistantDepartmentof cash. Period:1st October2015 upto date Roles:  Handlingdeposits  Paymentsof cash to customers  Handlingcheques  Balancing  Ensuringfraudis controlled  Ensuringknowyourcustomerpolicyisimplemented  Amongothers. Organization: Makerere University Position:ResearchAssistant Topic:The use of ICT in the Educationand Managementat the University. My supervisor:Mr.EdoruJohn Michael 0772439848 PHD studentof UNISA (Universityof S. Africa) Period:July 2014 up to May 2015. Responsibilitiesheld:  Conductinginterviewswiththe managementof Makerere University.  Conductinginterviews withICTadministratorsinthe sampledcolleges.  Issuingquestionnairestobothacademicstaff andstudentsfromthe sampledcolleges. Achievements:  Greatlyimprovedonmycommunicationskills.  Gainedinterpersonal skills.  Learnt howworkwithdifferentindividualsbasingonculturesanddifferentlevelsof administration.  Amongothers.
  3. 3. Organization: Muntu Sub-countyAmolatarDistrictLocal Government Position:Trainee Period : June 2013- August2013 Responsibilitiesheld:  Report to the finance and administration manger:  Preparation of local purchase order  Preparation of budget and work plan 2013/2014  Writing receipts and cash book  Preparing monthly financial statements  Participation in revenue mobilization / planning strategies  Making summaries in vote books  Preparation of bank reconciliation statements.  Among others Achievements:  Gained practical accounting skills for example preparing bank reconciliation statements, preparing monthly reports among others.  Enjoyed team work.  Learnt how to interact with different people from different backgrounds.  Gained the capability of taking additional task and beating the deadline among others. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES  Adaptive  Good communicationsSkills  Team player  Fast learner  Resultoriented  Interpersonal skills  Honestwithhighlevel of integrity INTERESTS  Interactingwithpeople  Adventuringandlearningnewfields  Sports  Music  Networking
  4. 4. REFEREES 1) OkelloSamuel Sub-countyaccountantat Muntu Sub-county AmolatarDistrict Telephone:+256-773-176150/+256-752-176150 2) Edoru JohnMicheal QualityAssurance Officer Kabale University. Telephone:+256-772439848 3) AkelloDoreen Workerat NSSFkampala +256-703165128/+256-712165128 CERTIFICATION I certifythatthe above informationistrue andcorrect to the bestof myknowledge Signature…………………………………………………………Date………………………………………………… OkakaJoshuaMatovu