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Global Businesses Need Global Security Capabilities


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This map represents the countries within which Verizon is currently delivering the respective security service to its clients.

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Global Businesses Need Global Security Capabilities

  1. 1. SOC SHIFT 1: 8:00am–16:00pm CET (UTC + 1) (2:00am–10:00pm EST) DORTMUND SOC SHIFT 2: 16:00pm–24:00am CET (UTC + 1) (10:00am–6:00pm EST) ASHBURNVERIZON DELIVERS GLOBALSECURITY SERVICES TO THECOUNTRIES DISPLAYED IN RED SECURITY CENTERS (MSS CLOUD, DDOS) SECURITY OPERATIONS SOC SHIFT 3: CENTERS (SOCs) 24:00am–8:00am CET (UTC + 1) FORENSICS LABS (6:00pm–2:00am EST) CANBERRA THREAT MANAGEMENT MANAGED IDENTITIES INVESTIGATIVE RESPONSE PCI COMPLIANCE SECURITY CONSULTING SECURITY CENTERS SECURITY OPERATIONS MANAGED SECURITY DEVICES Argentina Ecuador Israel Poland Thailand FORENSICS LABS INVESTIGATED BREACHES PCI QSAs SECURITY CONSULTANTS (MSS CLOUD, DDOS) CENTERS (SOCs) Austria Egypt Italy Romania Turkey Australia Denmark Italy South Africa Australia: Canberra Australia Germany Lebanon Spain Australia Japan United Kingdom Australia Ireland South Africa Australia Finland Japan Russian Federation United Arab Australia: Sydney Australia: Canberra Austria Finland Japan Spain Hong Kong Austria Ghana Luxembourg Taiwan Austria Netherlands United States Belgium Italy Spain Belgium France Luxemburg Saudi Arabia Emirates Germany: Frankfurt Germany: Dortmund Belgium France Korea Sweden Japan: Tokyo Bahamas Greece Mexico Thailand Belgium Saudi Arabia China Japan Sweden Brazil Germany Malaysia Singapore United Kingdom Hong Kong India: Chennai Brazil Germany Lebanon Switzerland Luxembourg Belgium India Netherlands Turkey China Singapore Denmark Korea Switzerland Canada Greece Malta South Africa United States Netherlands: Amsterdam Luxembourg Canada Ghana Luxembourg Taiwan Singapore Brazil Ireland New Zealand United Arab Emirates Finland South Africa Finland Luxembourg Taiwan Cayman Islands Hong Kong Mexico South Korea Venezuala UK: London Switzerland: Geneva Chile Greece Poland Thailand UK: London Bulgaria Israel Philippines Ukraine France Spain France Malaysia United Arab Emirates China Hungary Netherlands Spain Vietnam US: Houston, TX US: Ashburn, VA (Commercial) Chine Hong Kong Russia United Arab Emirates US: Mechanicsburg, PA Canada Japan Romania United Kingdom Germany Sweden Germany Netherlands United Kingdom Columbia India New Zealand Sweden US: Los Angeles, CA US: Ashburn, VA (Federal Govt) Colombia India Singapore United States Denmark Jordan Russian Federation United States India Switzerland Hong Kong Norway United States Croatia Indonesia Norway Switzerland US: Washington, DC Costa Rica Ireland Slovenia Venezuela France Kuwait South Africa Italy United Arab Emirates India Saudi Arabia Denmark Ireland Philippines Taiwan Indonesia Singapore