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Where Technology Meets Business - The most established Cloud event in the APAC region, attracting 500 of the most experienced cloud experts from the Telecoms and Enterprise markets!

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Cloud world forum APAC brochure

  1. 1. THE TELCO EXPERIENCE BROCHURE WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS BUSINESS Charles Huh Khadir Fayaz VP NiQ Lai Yeung Man Yau Fuller Yu Director, Information Head of Cloud CFO Green Electronics Vice President- Risk Security APAC, Carlson Department CTI - HKBN Campaign APACManagement APAC J.P. Wagonlit Travel KT Greenpeace Morgan Sidney Hui Assistant General ASIAN Manager - Group IT HKR WORLD- Jo Allison TIGERS: International Limited LEADING General Manager & Head of Operations NGOS ENTERPRISE OPERATOR Telecom New Zealand AND THE INSIGHTS KEYNOTES GREEN CLOUD GAME-CHANGING Kingsley Wood Micky Lo Jovy I. Hernandez Per Dalhberg Head of Global OTT Head of Business Development, Asia Technology Vice President & Head CEO, Asia Cloud PLAYERS Pacific, Amazon Greater China & Taiwan of Corporate Business, PLDT Computing Deutsche Bank Association Ricky Kapur Managing Director Martin Bishop EXPANDING Anson Tan Global Head of Managed ASSOCIATIONS - Asia VP-Technical Services Telstra Google Enterprise BesTV China FREE FOR OPERATORS & 3rd ANNUAL ENTERPRISES 500+ OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED CLOUD EXPERTS 12-14 November 2012, The Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong ENDORSED BY: HOST OPERATOR: GOLD SPONSORS: SILVER SPONSOR: +44 (0)20 7017 7483 @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC PART OF THE
  2. 2. 60+ OPERATOR & ENTERPRISE CLOUD LEADERS 12-14 November 2012, 30+ OF THE REGION’S MOST DYNAMIC The Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong MARKETS REPRESENTEDOUR SILVER LININGAsia is the true tiger of Cloud Computing, with more than That’s why we’ve pulled together such40% year on year growth expected until 2015- the world’s a comprehensive agenda for this year’shighest rate! Although the hype has yet to settle, Cloud is alreadybeginning to gain traction with larger enterprises moving their IT to Cloud World Forum Asia, and why we’rethe Cloud. Asia/Pacific is the world leader in this direction, with an deciding to drive focus into these two keyuptake of around 64% among Asian multinational corporations. sectors – the Telco and the Enterprise.While data backup and storage take the lion’s share of cloudservices, organisations are steadily moving more and more Dozens of Cloud gurus from over 40 countries join us inresources to the Cloud. this combined event, to discuss and provide solutions to the challenges associated with cloud, while also takingAmong the businesses making this significant shift are Telco in the expanding ecosystem to include everything fromproviders and Asia’s vast network of Enterprises, both in terms infrastructure and applications for the enterprise, to theof what IT systems they provide and how they consume them. A telco’s role in developing the mobile cloud.recent survey by Ovum found that 50% of Asian enterprises nametelecom operators as credible suppliers of Cloud Services – a The event also presents ample opportunities to networkstatistic that clearly highlights the importance of cloud across with hundreds of operators, enterprises and industrythe sectors, and one that shows why both telcos and enterprises experts, making it the ideal place to learn more and discussrepresent such prominence, in terms of market focus. cloud with those in the know!YOU An industry expert like you attends the Forum WHAT’S IN IT FOR THE TELCO? • Discuss and develop the business case for launching a telco Cloud service offer • Learn how to transform your infrastructure for deploying robust INDUSTRY BREAKDOWN Cloud services • Benchmark your Cloud service offering against that of leading Cloud 81% Operators & Enterprises vendors - Uncover the secrets of a robust security and privacy framework across the region’s different markets 10% Vendors • Explore the future role of telcos in the constantly evolving Cloud ecosystem 4% Consultants WHAT’S IN IT FOR THE ENTERPRISE? 5% Enterprises • Discover the business applications making an impression in the cloud GEOGRAPHICAL SPLIT • Review the latest case studies and gauge the benefits and pitfalls of regional cloud contracts- Discuss the new wave of cloud security 87% solutions and the issues involved Asia/Pacific • Hear from solution providers about the latest tools helping organisations deal with big data- Learn from the experts about the 5% Europe regulatory challenges affecting cloud’s adoption in multi-national companies 8% North America “We understood how to develop (Source: Telco Cloud 2011 and Cloud Computing World Forum Asia 2011) a cloud business” Senior Service Creation Manager, Telkom Indonesia @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC Register at
  3. 3. The one & only Cloud Computing event for telco & enterprise professionals in Asia/Pacific! FRESH FOR 2012! “Practical advice, case studies and models for VP AND CXO A BROADER SPEAKERS ECOSYSTEM OF external Cloud services, DOMINATING THE THOUGHT LEADERS: valuable networking!” AGENDA: OTT players Google and BesTV Strategy Manager, Telecom New Zealand The high profile decision Cloud are presenting the evolution architects that you’ll want to of Cloud beyond traditional listen to are here! players. THE REGION’S THE ‘ALTERNATIVE’ “Brilliant preparation, LEADING CLOUD CLOUD: excellent content” TELCOS REPRESENTED hear from Greenpeace on how Head of IT, Deutsche Bank AT THE AGENDA: your can work on achieving a truly ‘Green’ cloud operation. from KT to Tata, the major pioneers in telco Cloud are speaking at the 2012 Summit. THE ANTIPODEAN CLOUD: THE VIEW OF THE hear from the leading operators “Learned how cloud END-USER: of Australia and New Zealand on services are developed why Cloud is hotter down under . Asia’s ‘tiger’ enterprises are in other countries” joining the agenda for the first Cloud Manager, SK Telecom time. EXPERIENCE HONG KONG WITH US! PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS Cloud World Forum Asia is once MONDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2012 again partnering with the Hong A series of interactive training-intensive workshops run by Oracle and Escaux Kong Tourism Board to offer that take operators from A to Z in developing a holistic business strategy for event delegates unique local deploying Cloud services. experiences and privileges for their stay in one of the world’s great 08:30 Registration & Welcome 17.00 Refreshments & Networking cities. Refreshments Break Delegates for our 2012 event will Critical Success factors to achieving Escaux Workshop: build your own be treated to a spectacular Lion your own Cloud transformation cloud with UC services Dance performance at the 09:00 Why Cloud? 17.30 The fairy-tale of One-Size-Fits-All drinks reception on Tuesday 13th November. Throughout the 10:00 Cloud Maturity discussion 18.15 The concept of event too, delegates will be treated standardized flexibility 10:30 Morning Refreshments to unique, engaging experiences 19:00 How to efficiently create cross representing exciting features of 11:00 Cloud economics / quick win platform services (fixed and Chinese culture: discussion mobile operator cloud, LAN, Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy: Chinese writing is considered an 12:00 Transformation roadmap and public cloud) art form where characters communicate as much as any painting. cloud services workshop 19:30 End of Pre-Conference In the afternoon networking break of Tuesday 13th November Workshops 13:00 Refreshments & Networking delegates will get the chance to experience the art of calligraphy Break from local artists joining us at the event. Oracle Workshop: Building blocks for Chinese Knotting: A small gift of Chinese folk art in which knots are profitable cloud services tied to create intricate woven patterns. In the morning of Wednesday 14th November delegates will experience an art form that has its roots 14:00 Competing in a cloud-enabled hundreds of years ago. world – Where is the real market opportunity? Every delegate will also be greeted with maps, guides and goodies 15:00 Designing to Win in Cloud provided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as well as a number of discount vouchers for Hong Kong’s attractions. 16:00 Turning Cloud Services into RevenueRegister at @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC
  4. 4. TELCO STREAM A FULL AGENDA WITH THE REGION’S LEADING TELCOS! DAY ONE: 13th November 201208.20 Registration and Refreshments 12.45 Panel: Public, private or hybrid: Discussing and designing the Cloud model that brings the most08.50 Conference Welcome & Ice breaking • What are the different arguments for adopting a private or public Cloud in terms of • Service level agreements OPERATOR Georgios Kipouros, Senior Conference Producer • Security needs Cloud World Series • Migration costs • Customer loyalty08.55 Opening Remarks from the Chair • ROI indexes Camille Mendler, Head of Enterprise – Principal Analayst, Informa Telecoms & Media • Is the hybrid cloud the way forward in this debate? • How can you attain maximum flexibility in controlling how much sensitive data is THE ASIAN CLOUD managed in house when opting for a private cloud? ENTERPRISE Sui-Lun Lo, CTO, City Telecom Hong Kong09.00 Official Opening of Cloud World Forum Asia 2012 Suk-Wak Kwok, CIO, Hong Kong, Aon Victor Lam, D. Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong Government CW Cheung, Consulting Director Asia-Pacific, Ovum Alex Connors, Head of International Product Management APAC, C&W09.15 Tigers & Dragons: Asia leading the global growth of Cloud Ernst Kelting, VP Sales Asia, Open X-Change Computing • The numbers speak for themselves: looking at key adoption metrics demonstrating 13.30 Networking Lunch – Dim Sum & Hong Kong cuisine the global growth lead of Asia in Cloud Computing • Examining the pivotal reasons making Asia a primary market for the Cloud Vendors Thunderstorm: • The lower existing IT base 3 minutes for each exhibitor to present their most profitable cloud solution • Large number of SMBs with low IT latency OPERATOR • Great diversity in languages and cultures better served by local operators THE EXPANDING CLOUD • High number of mobile device penetration with mobile broadband connectivity • What is the remaining future growth potential for Cloud in the region and how far 14.30 Carrier Grade Cloud - architecture, solution, and business models ahead are we at the end of 2012? for SPs • What are the current IT needs of major Asian enterprises and how are these • Introduce key Enterprise requirements for cloud services, with focus on SMB/SME transformed by the advent of Cloud Computing? • Carrier grade Cloud concepts, Network as a service, Open API, and Distributed cloud • Promoting the business value over the cost of developing Cloud Computing services model • How to align current IT practices with brand new Cloud Computing standards • Deployment models, including Cloud Services Broker • Overcoming the main challenges for the adoption of Cloud Computing in the region • Business models to create a new revenue stream for SPs, by taping into DC/Cloud, Charles Huh, VP, Head of Cloud Department, KT networking, and carrier grade features • Cloud Band solution, as a model of implementation for Carrier Grade Cloud model09.45 PANEL: Positioning telecom operators at the heart of the Cloud Vasile Radoaca, VP- Strategic Projects & Solutions, APAC, Alcatel-Lucent ecosystem in Asia • How can telecom operators monetise at top speed the hype for Cloud Computing? 14.55 Exploring the role of Amazon Web Services in the Cloud Ecosystem OPERATOR • Positioning Cloud Computing as the ultimate Managed Service for telecom • Exploring the context of AWS broad service portfolio operators • Discussing AWS’s growth: bigger but still US-centric OTT • Leveraging core assets in launching and marketing secure, high-availability access to • Evaluating AWS’s enterprise ambitions and requirements telco cloud computing services • Is price the main differentiator when choosing a Cloud provider? • Discussing the most successful ways forward in terms of architectural approach and Kingsley Wood, Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific, Amazon implementation strategies when launching a Cloud offer • What is the real opportunity for telcos in delivering enterprise-grade services? 14.50 Google and the world of Cloud Computing ASSOCIATION • Debating the level and nature of partnership with leading, all around IT solution • Exploring the role of Google in the broader Cloud Computing ecosystem providers • Discussing the Google Cloud Patform, its development and growth OTT NiQ Lai, CFO, CTI - HKBN • A look at the potential of consumer cloud services, focusing on Google Drive Per Dalhberg, CEO, Asia Cloud Computing Association • What is the potential for synergies between Google Enterprise and telcos? Joe Crawford, Global Director of IT Services, Verizon Ricky Kapur, Managing Director- Asia, Google Enterprise Neil Osmond, Strategy Manager, Telecom New Zealand 15.15 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking break10.30 Introducing the Cloud Readiness Index of the Asia Cloud 16.00 Building a New Media & Gaming Cloud Computing Association: from China to Australia • Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the terminals of choice in consuming apps • Discussing the first years of the Asia Cloud Computing Association: progress and and content, integrating a truly multi screen environment growth in the key Cloud markets of the region • How is streaming technology coping with it? OTT • Presenting The Index and an overview of the state of readiness for cloud computing ASSOCIATION • What is the definition a true cloud service from a media perspective in markets across the Asia Pacific region • Is Cloud Gaming changing the Game? • Focus on regulation and policy work by governments helping advance cloud • Building our dreams, a Content Cloud that serves multi-screens and devices computing in Asia Anson Tan, Vice President -Technical, BesTV China • Discussing the key attributes and conditions that will help companies and individuals determine which markets are currently best placed for wide adoption of Cloud 16.30 Green IT and Cloud Computing: Greenpeace and the ecological Computing services argument for moving to the Cloud Per Dalhberg, CEO, Asia Cloud Computing Association • Why Cloud is the engine of an efficient economy but can also drive a greener one ORGANISATION • Can the cloud reduce the carbon emissions footprint currently attributed to the IT10.55 Morning Refreshments & Exhibition Visit sector? • Developing an argument for building new data centres in areas where electricity is Hong Kong Activity: Chinese rainbow calligraphy: experience the art of generated using renewable resources Chinese calligraphy with a hands-on workshop at the exhibition room of • How increased data centre efficiency would reduce the need for new data centres Telco Cloud APAC 2012, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board helping reduce energy consumption • Telstra and the overarching policy of developing a Green IT network Yeung Man Yau, Green Electronics Campaign Director APAC, Greenpeace THE PROFITABLE CLOUD 17.00 The evolution of entertainment and the advent of the11.50 Delivering Profitable Cloud Services connected home • How consumer lifestyle in APAC has evolved and what are their expectations in the • Exploring key trends in the evolution of cloud services landscape and the market home entertainment sector opportunities • Presenting the connected home and the opportunity for Telco Cloud providers in • Delivering the building blocks for delivering profitable cloud services the APAC Region OTT • What are the customer approaches to profiting from the cloud • Discussing the evolution The internet of things in the APAC Region Mayank Choudhary, Product Marketing Director, Oracle • Presenting the market potential for entertainment/video services, from Cloud TV to Gaming Launching a full spectrum of cloud computing services: the experience of12.15 Telcos taking centre stage in the development of mobile Cloud PCCW with the five layers of the cloud stack Computing Kevin Keefe, VP & Regional General Manager APAC, Motorola Mobility • What is the business case for prioritising mobile cloud computing services for enterprises 17.30 End of Conference Day 1 & Drinks Reception • Is mobile Cloud Computing better tailored/more relevant for the SME client base of OPERATOR an operator? • What are the most common pitfalls in mobile cloud computing and how to deal with: • Security • Liability • Data integrity • Device management Pow Min Chong, General Manager & Head of Fixed Products & Services, Maxis Malaysia Featuring the spectacular Lion Dance Performance, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Register at @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC Register at
  5. 5. TELCO STREAM 25+ TELCO CLOUD CASE STUDIES IN TWO DAYS! DAY TWO: 14th November 201208.20 Morning refreshments 11.10 Push the Boundaries:Scaling SaaS into a Profit Platform THE REGULATED CLOUD • How technology has blurred the line between private08.55 Opening Remarks from the Chair and professional lives and why the web is shaping 14.30 Australia, China, India, Japan and this change Singapore: looking at the five leading THE RIGHT CLOUD • Exploring the tools and rules of business have frameworks to hosting Cloud Services in caused the shift in the IT landscape for Telcos and the region09.00 xaaS: strategising for the right Cloud Hosters/Cloud providers • Australia and the strong policy environment Service offer launch • Where is the POS (point of sale) in the web age? providing a predictable environment for cloud • Which model should you start with when launching a Ernst Kelting, VP Sales Asia, VP Sales APAC services Cloud Service as an operator: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS? Open X-Change • China and the restrictive data protection laws • Predicting and benchmarking ROI from the move obstructing the development of a global Cloud towards a specific application model 11.35 The experience of Telstra in data centres Computing industry in China • What assets can be leveraged for what services networking and cloud infrastructure • India with its spectacular growth potential and the OPERATOR in launching and marketing secure, high-available • Discussing the partnership between Telstra and regulator trying to stimulate investment on the access to the cloud? Accenture in delivering ‘Network Computing Services’ quality of its network, broadband and power grid • How long will the domination of IaaS among telco • Evaluating the experience of joining data centres and capabilities OPERATOR Cloud providers in Asia last for? cloud infrastructure to achieve one delivery model • Japan as the region’s most mature IT market, • Developing a relation with established, all-around IT • How Telstra’s secure and flexible ICT services with a set of agile regulations and conditions that players: synergy or head-on competition? complement Accenture’s application encourage Cloud Computing Jo Allison, General Manager & Head of Operations, • Discussing the need for synergies when building a • Singapore as the mature Cloud market with a Telecom New Zealand strong technical background for Cloud Services differentiated Data protection policy Martin Bishop, Global Head of Managed Services, CW Cheung, Consulting Director Asia-Pacific,09.25 The experience of PCCW with the five Telstra Ovum layers of the cloud stack • Launching a full spectrum of cloud computing THE TECHNICAL CLOUD 15.00 Contractual issues: The Cloud Grows Up services: the experience of PCCW with the five • A Recap of the legal issues surrounding public cloud layers of the cloud stack • Discussing the new generation of standard terms 12.00 Prepare Your Infrastructure for the and conditions – in favour of customers • Presenting the cloud approach taken by PCCW Cloud Using Open Networking Standards Solutions in providing cloud services in Hong Kong • Approaching Cloud offerings at every level of • Exploring the evolution of the foundations of cloud application OPERATOR and mainland China computing • Exploring the rationale behind providing a full • Is a common legal and regulatory approach really • Discussing the drivers of cloud solutions, where we possible in the fragmented global cloud computing spectrum of cloud computing services to include are today, and the new drivers for cloud computing infrastructure, platform, application, content and environment? going forward Peter Bullock, Partner, Pinsent Masons process • Making a case for using open standard solutions ASSOCIATION • How PCCW cloud services helped the company within the cloud computing environment reduce their IT capital expenditure, lower total cost 15.30 Afternoon Refreshments • Why SND as a disruptive approach to networking will & Networking Break ownership and increase agility change how virtually every company with a network Divesh Gupta, AVP Access Management, PCCW operates Hong Kong Activity: Chinese knotting: • Presenting the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) explore this ancient Chinese folk art in which09.50 How to address customer concerns on whose mission is to commercialize and promote knots are tied to create intricate woven Cloud with the right marketing strategy Software Defined Networking (SDN), and the patterns and leave with an original souvenir • Identifying the right market segments to be targeted underlying technologies from your experience at the event! in a Cloud marketing campaign Michael McBride, Dr. Yinben Xia, • Learning from the marketing strategies of major Huawei & Open Networking Foundation THE RELIABLE CLOUD Cloud vendors, and tailoring them to the framework of a telco’s operations 12.30 Software-Defined Wide Area Networks, 16.15 Using the cloud for an integrated OPERATOR • Developing a holistic marketing approach to tackling the Data Center without Walls, and Next- internet protection & security customer’s potential security concerns Generation Cloud Infrastructure framework: a case study from PLDT • Making the cloud ‘the place to be’ : how to spice up • Next-generation cloud services and the trend • Discussing the challenges of the telco infrastructure your marketing campaign to take advantage of the toward multi-data center architectures landscape in the Philippines ‘hype’ factor around the Cloud • Creating an effective multi-data center architecture OPERATOR • Presenting PLDT’s WeRoam PROTECT cloud service Francisco ‘Cocoy’ Claravall IV - a Data Center Without Walls - and the critical role • How can a cloud solution for internet security VP & Head -Business Products & Services, played by the inter-data center network achieve a substantial increase in workforce Globe Telecom Philippines • Wide Area Network virtualization, automation, and productivity? integration with cloud orchestration systems via • Combining the internet security solution with a SaaS10.15 Chunghwa Telecom launch of the first network software definition package solution major Asian operator-based private cloud • Service-qualitative and economic-quantitative Juan Victor “Jovy” Hernandez, Vice-President and their xaaS benefits of SDN in the next-generation cloud and Head for Enterprise Business, PLDT • A presentation of Chunghwa’s approach to the services infrastructure Cloud, and developing the argument for choosing Christopher Janz, Head of Market Development, 16.45 PANEL: Building the most secure Cloud: the right portfolio launch Ciena Corporation Cloud security in an Asian context • Building a solution based on highly automated • Identifying the key security risks associated with the commodity hardware and software running at large scale 12.55 The love affair that lasts: Data Centres OPERATOR use of services in the Cloud OPERATOR • Why Telecom Cloud is the right technology solution and the Telco Cloud • What are the main issues with Cloud Security in the for dealing with the data explosion • Leveraging the competitive advantage of telcos with major markets for Cloud in Asia? • How to create a solution that allows you to compete Data Centres when developing a Cloud Offer • Debating the right way forward in tackling pivotal with the trendsetting enterprise vendors • How to optimise your Data Centres for improving security and privacy concerns in the Cloud: • Engineering cloud infrastructure ‘designed for agility while managing costs when offering Cloud • Data leakage upon up/download and between operators’ Services cloud Yi-Bing Lin, Member of Board of Directors, • In the transition towards using Data Centres for • Insecure or ineffective deletion of data Chunghwa Telecom Cloud Services what are the principal challenges in • Isolation failure OPERATOR ASSOCIATION terms of • Malicious activities by insiders and/or other10.40 Morning Refreshments • Network capacity parties & Networking Break • Storage capacity and segmentation • Customer management interfaces • Infrastructure optimisation • Data interception in transit • Data Centre connectivity • Who are the right partners and what are the specific Operators Thunderstorm: 3 minutes for each • Which are the requirements for developing operator to share their key concern with regards to requirements when optimising your security virtualized services including VLAN and Multicast? framework for 1) Internal Cloud 2) Private Cloud 3) Cloud Computing Amit Sinha Roy, VP, Marketing & Strategy, Global Public Cloud 4)Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Solutions, Fuller Yu, Vice President- Risk Management APAC, Tata Communications ENTERPRISE J.P. Morgan Laurence Dean, Head of Infrastructure 13.20 Networking Lunch – Dim Sum & Hong Consolidation, BT Kong cuisine Antony Ma, Chairman, Hong Kong & Macau, Cloud Security Alliance Amrish Kacker, Partner, Analysys Mason 17.30 End of Conference Register at Register at @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC
  6. 6. For the full enterprise agenda and speaker updates please visit! WPREVIE PREVIEW OF THE ENTERPRISE STREAM 13th November: 14th November: Business Models and the Current Marketplace Deployment and Integration Strategies 0800 Registration and Networking Session 2 – Solving the Mysteries 0800 Registration and Networking innovations in cloud computing to Surrounding the Cloud handle unprecedented volumes of 0900 Chairman’s Introduction traffic, enormous user numbers and 0850 Organisers Introduction Cloud computing is everywhere, but every Riad Hartani, ICT Expert, vast amounts of data, all at a fraction organisation is different having different Actel Consulting of the cost compared to traditional 0900 Chairman’s Introduction demands and expectations. Whether approaches. Combined with new Mike Mudd, Managing Partner, you’re a start-up, SME or large-scale found agility and amazingly low time Session 1 – Reaching for the Clouds to market, these are must-know Asia Policy Partners corporation, session 2 will help to solve the mysteries surrounding the cloud and With the industry changing so rapidly, best practices and techniques provide the information and answers you there are still many pitfalls to avoid and in the rapidly evolving and highly Session 1 – Cloud Computing need on the different aspects that can demanding enterprise IT landscape. trends to take advantage of. The opening make cloud computing work for you. Kingsley Wood, Head of Approach – New Business Models session on day 2 will look at what they are, Business Development, Asia and Strategy 1400 Google in the Cloud: The and the decisions you should make in the Pacific, Amazon Future of Work actual process of adopting cloud. The global IT market is fast expanding • Better together 1430 Afternoon Keynote: to accommodate cloud computing. • Anywhere you go 0910 How Cloud, Mobile & Preventing Unauthorised Developments to software and • Always up to date and powered by E-Commerce Will Drive IT and the web Employees from Accessing infrastructure are being made within Business Success Eric Yee, Head of Enterprise • Is the mobile cloud equipped for Sensitive Data many organisations, as the savings and Sales - Greater China, • Nullifying unnecessary threat to flexibility of cloud becomes clearer. But e-commerce? Google Enterprise • Can cloud technologies allow your data what are the biggest challenges facing Asian companies to leapfrog their • The problem posed by privileged companies in the adoption process? And 1425 Afternoon Keynote: What counterparts in the US? accounts can cloud really be a model that works Cloud Hosting Companies Are • Are internet security issues of • How can the cloud path be for all? Not Telling You greater concern to retailers than audited effectively? • Improving performance for the cloud? For speaker updates please visit same cost Christopher Short, 0910 Business Transformation • It’s time to get the honest truth and Head of Development, Passenger through the Cloud: Fact or change your mindset Services Sales & Distribution, 1515 Panel: The CTO Panel Fiction? • How to properly consume cloud Cathay Pacific Airways • How is cloud working with • How the cloud computing industry computing For speaker updates please visit legacy IT, from infrastructure to has evolved in the last 12 months 0955 Running Business Applications applications? • Assessing enterprise cloud asia in the Cloud - Creating a • Can cloud be governed and adoption rates across Asia Roadmap for Success managed as effectively as • Is cloud computing still a good fit 1450 Dealing with the Rise of Big • New Paradigm Requires Change traditional IT? for businesses of all sizes? Data in your Organisation (Licensing, Process, Planning) • The long game is the only game Egidio Zarrella, Partner, • Online overload or business • Start Where You Are - It is an Francis Fung, CTO, KPMG in China opportunity? Evolution! Midland Realty Group • Data mining and using content as • Reduce risks and costs (regulatory, Micky Lo, Head of Global 0955 Delivering Profitable Cloud analysis license, process) Technology for Greater China & • Leveraging cloud to benefit from Senior Representative, Services Flexera Software Taiwan, Deutsche Bank big data • Exploring key trends in the Daniel Cheah, Head – evolution of cloud services Technology, Manpower 1545 Afternoon Break 1015 Morning Break landscape and the market opportunities 1510 Agile Data Centre – Accelerate 1125 Cloud Computing & Enterprise Session 3 – Cloud Computing and • Delivering the building blocks for Business & IT Tomorrow’s Enterprise delivering profitable cloud services Architecture Senior Repreentative, • Overview of the Association of • What are the customer approaches CA Technologies The final session of the conference will Enterprise Architects to profiting from the cloud • Tackling common and uncommon look at what the future holds in the cloud Senior Representative, Oracle 1530 Afternoon Break computing marketplace, in the short, challenges with Enterprise Architecture medium and long term. Is cloud computing 1025 Morning Break Session 3 –The Effectiveness of • Holistic understanding how here to stay? And what are the major trends Information Security enterprise architecture brings taking place in the industry? Can we expect business value to cloud 1125 Panel: The CIO Panel a completely different landscape to today Security and data protection are fundamental ecosystems • Security in the cloud Dave Chen, Founder and when we return for CCWF Asia 2013? • Who has successfully met the to every business and the biggest factors in the development of cloud computing. Chairman of the Association of challenge? Enterprise Architects, Hong 1630 The Next Big Thing in Social Discover what the current threats to your • Does the cloud require new IT Kong Chapter • A competitive advantage today, cloud are, and how to safeguard against them. skills? a competitive imperative Moderator: Tony Reno, 1630 Privacy in the Cloud – 1200 Situational Adoption of Cloud tomorrow Regional Support Manager, Securing your Investment Services • Facebook, iPad and Twitter are Multimedia Solutions, Asia, • International privacy laws – how do • Applications in the Cloud the new consumer standards Thomson Reuters they affect you? • Decision Matrix • The future is here – what does it Ted Suen, Head of Information • Is identity management immature? • TO DOs when Cloud is out of the look like? Technology / CIO, • A practical guide for global picture For speaker updates please visit MTR Corporation Ltd (Hong executives lawyers and Sidney Hui, Assistant General Kong) technologists Manager - Group IT, asia Nigel Green, Head of Group Dennis Lee, VP IT Governance HKR International Limited Technology & Architecture, & Control, Asia Pacific, 1700 Panel: Embracing CLP Power Hon Kong Ltd Nomura International 1230 Lunch and empowering the 1700 Panel: Legal Issues for Consumerization of IT 1200 Building for the Public Sector Business Users Session 2 – Understanding the • Creating a secure but mobile • Building a shared services model workforce • How does public sector planning • Legal pitfalls of virtualization Complexities of Building Cloud • Assessing the implications of • Control and ownership of data in relate to other global Governmental the cloud In an era of increasing data consumption, “bring your own device” policies cloud schemes? • Dealing with termination and other how do you build your cloud to scale? • Analysing the pros and cons of • Across the globe - New practical issues SaaS reliance What assurances to major providers offer opportunities for emerging • Data security compliance: a Desmond Chan, Regional customer or vendor responsibility? you and how do you retain control? This suppliers and SMEs Service Manager – North APAC, Moderator: Paul Haswell, Senior session will delve into the more technical Senior Representative, HK Aon Asia Pacific Associate, Pinsent Mason aspects of building a future-proof cloud. Government Gerrit Bahlman, Director of Mark Parsons, Partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP Information Technology, The 1400 Leveraging Amazon 1230 Lunch Tobias Gondrom, Managing Web Services and Cloud Hong Kong Polytechnic Director, Thames Stanley Ltd. Computing to deliver scalable, University Lim Shih Hsien, Executive cost efficient websites and Andrew Milroy, Vice President, Manager, Information Security, applications for enterprise ICT Practice, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club workloads. Frost & Sullivan Learn how many enterprises are 1740 Chairman’s Closing Remarks taking advantage of the tremendous 1740 Chairman’s Closing Remarks @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC Register at
  7. 7. EMPOWER YOUR @ CLOUD WORLD PARTNER ACCESS Central to the success of this event is The key to the global cloud market is that it’s accessible and attractive to all players across the the core focus on meeting and deal value chain, from enterprises to infrastructure providers and telcos. Entry to all elements of this making. Dedicated networking sessions event is FREE for Operators and Enterprises, giving you a wide base of audience background to from evening receptions, workshops, interact and network with! master classes and working groups We offer a wide variety of standard sponsorship packages designed to meet each of these are at the core of the conference’s objectives. These range from keynote Platinum sponsorship to hospitality based packages and programme for 2012. What is more, exhibition stands. user-friendly meeting and exhibition facilities with designated public For further details on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact networking areas including Hong Kong Oliver Howard at or call +44 (0)20 7017 7415 Tourism Board supported activities like Chinese calligraphy and knotting. Joining these, our acclaimed 3 month open online networking tool ensures that you will be meeting and securing your ENTERPRISE STREAM CONFERENCE ROOM business partners before, during and after the event. TELCO STREAM CONFERENCE ROOM 10 S 8FAQ: GET INVOLVED ENTRANCE R 18 WHAT PARTICIPATION OPTIONS 19DO YOU OFFER? 17 The options are varied and very flexible from SPlatinum Sponsorship to exhibitor space. We always try Rand tailor packages to suit a company’s objectives andbudget. Contact or call+44 (0)20 7017 7415 to discuss available packages. I’M NEW TO THE EVENT. DO I S 2GET ANY SORT OF ‘NEW BUSINESSDISCOUNT’? 1 We aim to build valuable long term relationshipswith as many new and existing stakeholders in the cloudmarket as possible. We offer packages to represent costsavings to both our long term collaborators and thosenew companies who are interested in taking part. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OFSPONSORING VS. EXHIBITING? In a nut shell: Opportunities to be positioned asthought leaders via presentations, huge levels of brandawareness and exposure, a Quantifiable and measurableincrease in ROI THEY’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE! Our game-changing launch event attracted over 150 attendees from acros • Aircel ltd India • Chong Hing Banking • GE Capital • Hutchison Global • Omantel  • Adidas Corporation • Google Communications Ltd • OOCL  • Amazon • Chunghwa Telecom  • Guangzhou Research • ICBC • Oracle • ANZ Bank • CITIC Bank  Institute of China  • JP Morgan Chase • Ovum  • Asia Cloud Computing • CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd  • Herbalife • Kirkland & Ellis Intl LLP  • PCCW  Association  • CSL Ltd  • Hewlett Packard • KT  • Banglalink  • CTI HKBN • HK Airport • Kumaran System Pvt Ltd  • Pinsent Masons  • Barclays Bank • Deutsche Bank • HK Mercantile Exchange Hong • Macao Water • PricewaterhouseCoopers • Bravo • Dialog Telekom Axiata  Kong • Maxis Malaysia  • PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia • BT  • FarEastone Communication • Hong Kong Government • Microsoft Public telecommunications Co Ltd • Hong Kong Hospital Authority  Co Ltd • CA Technologies  • Mobily  • Forrester Research • Hong Kong Jockey Club • SingTel • Cable & Wireless • NTT Com Asia Ltd • China Mobile • Forsythe International Inc  • HSBC • OGCIO  • SK Telecom 
  8. 8. R BUSINESSD FORUM ASIA GOLD SPONSORS: MEET Alcatel-Lucent is a long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and governments around the Our online networking tool sets the scene for meeting and world. Alcatel-Lucent is a leading innovator in the field of interacting with your peers from the moment you register until networking and communications technology, products and services. The three months after the event! company is home to Bell Labs, one of the world’s foremost research centers, responsible for breakthroughs that have shaped the networking and Even on site during the event, it enables you to arrange those communications industry. The Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand ™ portfolio enables the last minute meetings – while our onsite team are also happy carrier cloud by bringing together service provider infrastructure, operations, and network into a centrally managed carrier-grade cloud environment to deliver to facilitate introductions with your potential partners and better performing cloud services while reducing cost and increasing profit business leads. Our Linkedin group and Twitter communities margins. To learn more about Alcatel-Lucent, CloudBand, and the carrier cloud are also firing up discussions on cloud while expanding with got to new experts every day of the year! Only Oracle’s software and systems span the communications industry technology landscape – from carrier-grade servers, storage and IT infrastructure, to mission-critical business and operational support systems and service delivery platforms; from business intelligence applications and retail point-of-sale solutions to the Java platform running on more than two billion mobile and handheld devices. Oracle helps 100 of the world’s top 100 service providers innovate and exploit new business models, build strong, profitable customer relationships, and streamline operations. For more information, visit 11 Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management. Flexera Software helps application producers and their 14 customers strategically manage application usage to achieve continuous R compliance, optimised usage and maximised value. The producer and consumer communities have moved beyond just tactical tools for application administration 13 to now seek strategic solutions for Application Usage Management. Flexera S Software has grown to become a large and successful company—a solidly profitable, top 200 software company with over 80,000 customers and market leadership in installation, licensing, entitlement & compliance management, S application readiness and software license optimisation. 4 SILVER SPONSORS: S Ciena is the network specialist. We collaborate with customers worldwide to unlock the strategic potential of their networks and fundamentally change the way they perform and compete. With focused innovation, Ciena brings together the reliability and capacity of optical networking with the flexibility and economics of Ethernet, unified by a software suite that delivers the industry’s leading network automation. For more information, visit S Sold R Reserved For more than a decade, Open-Xchange has been delivering innovative, cost-effective, open source collaboration alternatives for email, calendar, contacts and document management. The company is a pioneer in SaaS HOST OPERATOR: (software as a service) and now a leading email and collaboration cloud application, Established in 1999, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, the which provides integration with social and business networks, as well as mobile access. wholly-owned subsidiary of City Telecom (H.K.) Limited, targets to Open-Xchange is used by the largest web host providers in the world, as well as develop its own network infrastructure with advanced technology on-premises by some 3,500 businesses, governments and educational institutions. to deliver various fixed telecom network services. Over the years, HKBN has invested over HK$3 billion in establishing its own network. Open-Xchange AG is a privately-held company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany Leveraging on the superior network built by optical fibre and with offices in Olpe, Germany and Tarrytown, N.Y. For more information, visit http://www. CAT-5E high grade cables on Metro Ethernet IP technology, this advanced network caters for “multi-play” applications - conglomerating broadband Internet access, telephony, fully-digitalized IP-TV and corporate data services in a single network. Currently, HKBN provides Broadband (symmetric 1000Mbps, 500Mbps, 100Mbps) Internet access, telephony and IP-TV services, with 1,240,000 subscriptions. BRONZE SPONSORS: For details, please visit CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services. Organizations leverage CA Technologies software and SaaS solutions to accelerate innovation, transform infrastructure and secure data and identities, from the data center to the cloud. Solutions from CA Technologies are thess the Continent. Some of the organisations joining us included: critical foundation for helping customers gain deep insight into and exceptional control over their complex, mixed IT environments. Our solutions enable customers to support • Smart Cloud Technologies Co Ltd  • Telstra changing business models at the right time, the right place, and from the best sources, • SmarTone Vodafone  • Telstra International  and flexibly deliver IT services in the manner that best serves business needs. Our • Societe Generale Asia Ltd  • Thomson Reuters solutions and services are the foundational elements for the deep insight and • SoftLayer  exceptional control necessary to make the promise of flexible IT and agile business a • Times Warner reality. Learn more about CA Technologies at • South China Morning Post • St Teresa’s Hospital • Towngas • Starhub • Turner Broadcasting ESCAUX was founded in 2003 with the vision to radically change the way • STC  • Veolia Water Unified Communication Services are created and delivered. The founders • Swiss Reinsurance Company – Jordi Nelissen, Christophe Hendriks, Amaury Demilie and Etienne Saelens  • Verizon  • Taiwan Fixed Network Co Ltd  – are tried and tested in telecoms and IT. Their joined experience, individual talents and • VNPT clear vision allowed for a flying start. In 2008, Luxembourg-based BIP Investment • Telecom New Zealand • Vodafone Partners, decided to participate in ESCAUX’s capital, further contributing to the national • Telekom Brunei  • Volkswagen and international expansion of the company. • Telkom Indonesia Register at @CloudWSeries #CloudAPAC