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Cell based hair treaments


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Best hair transplant center Hyderabad, India- Hair rejuvenation procedure (Mesotherapy) is the effective procedure of hair loss. OjasAesthetic is founded by the best hair transplant surgeons. We change lives every day, providing world-class hair transplants using proven, leading techniques. Best of all, our results are guaranteed

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Cell based hair treaments

  1. 1. P CELL BASED HAIR REGENERATION Hair loss is a common condition seen from age Group of 18 to80yrs.A part from causing psychological disturbance it causes agedappearance.Almost50%of men by the age of 50yrs experience baldness and 4o% of women by the age group of 50yrs experience some amount of hair loss. Drug therapy has been the standard protocol for ages. Though FDA approved some of the medications Like Fenestrae have potential side effects. The other standard treatment for advanced hair loss is Hair Transplantation. Both FUT [follicular unit transplantation] and FUE [Follicular unit extraction] are approved treatments and give good results in selected individuals. It’s permanent solution baldness. Nevertheless early treatment in the form of oral supplementation with good quality Supplements and vitamins are very effective in hair regrowth. Stem cell therapies are the new kid on the block. Most people confuse serum treatments with stem cell treatments. These only contain commercially processed growth factors and no live cells atall.Growth factor treatments work by delivering the growth factors to the follicles. They prevent hair fall and inhibit 5-alpha reductase.
  2. 2. P Another new treatment in the hair regeneration therapy is PLATERICH PLASMA. This treatment is done using the clients own blood and platerich plasma is separated. This has to be activated through a special process and reinjected into the bald areas; the process has to be repeated in4 weekly intervals to get good results. The more advanced way of cell based therapy is STEMCELL extraction, here stem cells are extracted from the same individual through a patented process, and reinjected into bald area and also given systemically. These treatments require multiple sittings but the advantage is once extracted they can be cultured. HAIR CLONING is a futuristic therapy is still in experimental stage. In this process a few hair follicles are taken from the back of scalp and cultured in vitro and after period of 17 to 21 days they are retransplanted. Success rate is yet to be established. Therefore early diagnosis of hair fall and proper protection goes long way in preventing raising incidence of baldness.