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Founded in 1994, the Outdoor Industries                                                       Women’s Coalition is the onl...
Industry-wide,Goal #1                                              51%                              =Build on our strong  ...
According to an                                   These findings                    OIA study titled                      ...
Goal #3                   29%                          of respondents think                          that men and women   ...
Goal #4                                                      OIWC programming                                             ...
OIWC’s 2012Workplace Studyforms the basis for theorganization’s workplacediversity and women’sleadership advancementinitia...
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2012 OIWC Workplace Study Exec Summary


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In February 2012, OIWC conducted a 15-minute online survey with professionals in the Outdoor, Bike and Snow Industries to study perceptions of gender diversity and workplace values.

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2012 OIWC Workplace Study Exec Summary

  2. 2. Founded in 1994, the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition is the only national organization dedicated to workplaceVision: Respect, Inclusion and Gender diversity and inclusion by expandingEquality at every level in the workplace opportunities for women and companiesMission: Advocacy, Education and in the Outdoor, Snow, and Bike Industries.Resources for women in the Outdoor,Bike, and Snow Industries Respondents felt OIWC could have the most immediate impact on workplace gender diversity by:In February 2012, the Outdoor IndustriesWomen’s Coalition conducted a 15-minute online 68% Championing companies that are excellent places to work for both genderssurvey with professionals in the Outdoor, Bike, andSnow Industries to study perceptions of genderdiversity and workplace values. The study serves asthe foundation for workplace diversity and inclusion 67% Highlighting best practices when it comes to gender diversity retention and advancementand women’s leadership advancement efforts by theOIWC and as a benchmarking tool for measuringOIWC’s impact on gender diversification andperceptions moving forward. It also serves as an 57% Helping members navigate opportunities via professional development and leadership trainingeducational tool for the industries around the topic OIWC spent eight months reviewing each response, evaluatingof workplace gender and leadership diversity. narrative feedback, studying other industries, and collaborating with the leaders in the Outdoor, Bike, and Snow Industries. Through this rigorous process OIWC has adopted the following goals that will guide OIWC’s strategic planning though 2016:
  3. 3. Industry-wide,Goal #1 51% =Build on our strong of men feel bothfoundation of resources, genders have equal access toeducation and networkingto increase women’saccess to opportunities 75% of men report that men & women are training and advancement but onlyand advancement. 29% provided equal training and opportunities for advancement at their companies. of women feel this way. = OIWC programming However, only will include: 58% of women thought so. Network Nights Education Series Online Resources and Webinars
  4. 4. According to an These findings OIA study titled are supported “Manufacturer Em- ployee Compensation by research Report (2011),” women suggesting are underrepresented that women in key decision-making account for roles within the industry: only 2% 12.5% of all OIA of Fortune 500 Company CEOs 8% of top company CEOs with sales over $20 million leadership are women. positions and 16% of board directors andGoal #2 10.5% of OIA company CEOs with sales between $5-$20 million are women. corporate officers*Increase women’sleadership and OIWC programming 15% of OIA will include: company CEOs withparticipation in sales under $5 million are women. OIWC Executive Roundtable at ORSM, SIA, and Interbike (est. 2009)all levels of the Cross industry, cross company OIWC Mentoring Program (Pilot 2013)workplace. Board Advisory and Development Program (Pilot 2013) *(Kellerman, Barbara, and Deborah L. Rhode, eds (2007) Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for Change. Jossey-Bass.)
  5. 5. Goal #3 29% of respondents think that men and women 30% of female respondents indicated thatBuild a comprehensive are paid equally for they have equal work in their children (up fromset of industry models, industries – a finding supported by the U.S. 26% in 2008)best practices, and Census Bureau estimate that women who work but 70.8% of full time earn 77 cents women in thestandards on workplace for every dollar that men earn U.S. workforcediversity and inclusion c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c have children*that provides a firm c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c cbasis for action by c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c OIWC programmingindustry partners and c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c will include: 46% Ongoing and benchmarkingother stakeholders research regarding Women in Leadership, Organizationalat all levels. of respondents believe Change & Effectiveness and Inclusive Workplace Practices that having children (2012) has a negative impact Advisory Services to provide on industry-level industry partners with trusted opportunity for women advice and actionable insights compared to only 12% to build and sustain workplace who think having inclusion/retention (2015) children negatively impacts opportunity for men. *Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010
  6. 6. Goal #4 OIWC programming will include: OIWC Keynote Presentations at ORWM, SIA, andStrengthen our Interbike (2012)responsiveness to Champion companies 80% that implement innovative organizational approachespartnership opportunities with proven, measurable results that address the recruitment,in the Outdoor, Snow, of respondents report that a work-life development, and advancement of all women (2014)and Bike Industries and balance has an important impact on how they view theirwork with our industry job. However, only 58% of respondentspartners toward greater 55% report that their employers recognizeworkplace gender the value of work-life balance. of women respondentsdiversity all levels. 82% report that their employers relate to an agree their company fosters a culture of respect between the genders where as 71% of activity or cause I am men respondents share the passionate about, but same level of agreement. only 73% report that this is important to 60% of women say them. This is the only their company values statistic where the the perspectives of both companies are genders, however exceeding expectations. 72% of men say the same.
  7. 7. OIWC’s 2012Workplace Studyforms the basis for theorganization’s workplacediversity and women’sleadership advancementinitiatives. The full workplacestudy report is available toall OIWC members andcorporate members.Please contactAmy Luther: toobtain access to the first ever genderperception workplace study in theOutdoor, Snow, and Bike Industries. The 2012 OIWC Workplace Survey would not be possible without the generosity and expertise of Leisure Trends Group and True North Marketing. Thank You.