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Olivia chan faux naif proposal slides

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Olivia chan faux naif proposal slides

  1. 1. Role/state of Faux Naïf art on contemporary graphic design
  2. 2. Background of Faux naïveart: electively influenced by African art, modernist art, folk art, child art, art of the insane,outsider art since the 19th century
  3. 3. Faux Naïve art in contemporary graphic design
  4. 4. Why is faux naïve art popular? Is it well designed?
  5. 5. The selection and choice of typography size, alignment, color, and spacing all are critical.-The language of graphic design
  6. 6. Balance occurs when visual elements within a composition are equally distributed and arranged to communicate afeeling of stability and harmony.-The language of graphic design
  7. 7. Why would it still become popular among the graphic design industry when the style is violating those designprinciples?
  8. 8. Do people like it because of the unsophistication/ wry humor of it
  9. 9. Why would people try to be naïve/unsophsticated when they are trained in proper art school?