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Firefox instructions for Macintosh


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Firefox instructions for Macintosh

  1. 1. How to collect your web history using Firefox on a Macintosh <ul><li>Monica Bulger, Oxford Internet Institute </li></ul><ul><li>RIN Project, August 2010 </li></ul>
  2. 2. Collecting your web history ~ We ask that you collect your web activities over a 2-3 day period. Choosing days when you are most actively working on your research (as opposed to teaching or service) would be ideal. ~ Please use login information provided in e-mail. ~ You may opt out or pause recording at any time.
  3. 3. Step #1: Select preferences from Firefox menu
  4. 4. Step #2: Select the “Advanced” option
  5. 5. Step #3: Select “Network” under “Advanced” option
  6. 6. Step #4: Select “Settings” under “Network” option
  7. 7. Step #5: Define proxy settings Enter proxy address & port number Click OK
  8. 8. Step #6: Quit Firefox & re-launch
  9. 9. Step #7: Enter user name & password Please use the user name & password provided via e-mail Click OK
  10. 10. Step #8: Confirm that Firefox should remember password Click remember
  11. 11. Step #9: Use web regularly
  12. 12. Step #10: Pause proxy at any time Click “no proxy” button Click OK
  13. 13. Data generated Timestamp (unix) Website viewed
  14. 14. Frequently asked questions ~ The proxy server should not slow down your access beyond possibly a second or two. If a website fails to load, disable the proxy server. ~ Regarding privacy: We will not collect keystrokes. None of your personally identifying information will be recorded.
  15. 15. Frequently asked questions (continued) ~ If using multiple computers, please feel free to use our proxy server for each of them (even at the same time). ~ If you forget the password, or the password does not work, click “ c ancel ” when prompted for a password, enter the settings menu, and select “ n o proxy ” to disable the proxy server. Please send us an e-mail to receive a new password.
  16. 16. Many thanks for your help! Please contact Monica Bulger ( [email_address] ) if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.