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Process excellence is a way to produce successful customer outcomes. In a service
economy, wha...
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Process Excellence - It's all about the customer!


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This infographics shows the most important elements of process excellence. At the end of the day, it is all about the customer!

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Process Excellence - It's all about the customer!

  1. 1. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER Process excellence is a way to produce successful customer outcomes. In a service economy, what you make is not the competitive differentiator, it is why your organization exists, how you deliver your services and what you do for your customers. The customer experience your organization produces to its customers is the biggest asset you have! DIVISION OF LABOUR IN DEVELOPED ECONOMIES (BASED ON U.S. NUMBERS) 80 % OF PEOPLE ARE INSERVICE BUSINESS WHO PAYS FOR PROCESS EXCELLENCE? 100OF THE INCOME COMES FROM THE CUSTOMERS HOW WELL YOUR PROCESSES WORK… IS DETERMINED BY HOW MANY OUT OF 10 WILL RECOMMEND YOUR BUSINESS TO THEIR COLLEAGUES! GOAL OF PROCESS EXCELLENCE IS TO CREATE PROFITABLE, GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES! AVERAGE LENGTH OF A PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS UNDER 3 ------- ----- MONTHS OVER 3 MONTHS 8% OF PROJECTS IN 2005 WERE LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LONG WHEN IN 2013 OVER 22% ARE! WHY PROCESS EXCELLENCE MATTERS? IF YOU DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, SOMEONE ELSE WILL! YOUR PERFORMANCE IS KNOWN 3 0 0 K 4 0 0 M 1 B I L L I O N 5 B I L L I O N WORDS IN BLOGS PER MINUTE TWEETS PER DAY FACEBOOK USERS GOOGLE SEARCHES PEOPLE SHARING THEIR EXPERIENCES REVENUES FOLLOW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WITH A TIMELAG 2011 2012 2013 2014 REVENUES TOO SLOW CHANGE METHODS 1BILLION DOLLAR POTENTIAL WASTED Process excellence is all about improving the organization and its processes to create meaningful customer experiences, which are not only profitable for the organization, but also fulfil the needs of the chosen target customers, are enjoyable and easy. No industry is immune to the revenue impact of customer centric process excellence. There is 1 billion Dollar potential waiting to be taken! TOP MANAGEMENT SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO SUCCEED! Critical success factors for process excellence are top management support, working across functional siloes and keen focus on customer experience. Over 30% of organizations who rate their process improvement programs successful are focusing on the customer satisfaction, while over 40% of organizations failing focus mainly on cost reductions. USE OF SIX SIGMA HAS DROPPED FROM 70% IN 2005 TO JUST 33% IN 2013 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE % Thank you PEXNetwork and Forrester Research for the statistics! $