Wisdom From A Laugh 167, 168


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Two pieces of Humor With Wisdom Points for Reflection

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Wisdom From A Laugh 167, 168

  1. 1. 4 Wisdom From A Laugh 167 What A Proposal! Ah Chuah had been dating Ah Lian for more than nine months already. Finally he gained enough courage to make a proposal for her hand in marriage. It was on a moonlit night that Ah Chuah popped the momentous question to Ah Lian. These were the words he used: “Ah Lian, I have something important to tell you. You know, there are actually many advantages of bachelorhood. However, there comes a time when a person desires the companionship of another living being, a being who will regard him as a master, an idol; a being the person can regard as his possession; who will be obedient, kind and faithful even when times are hard; who will share his joys and sorrows.” Ah Chuah was delighted when he thought he saw a gleam in Ah Lian’s eyes. She nodded in agreement and said, “I think you have a wonderful idea. Can I help you to pick your puppy?” Reflections * One’s hopes and expectations are often not realized. This is the way things are. One who sees this will have less disappointments. * Beware! The ego or ‘I’ or ‘self-conceit’ can cause a lot of suffering to oneself. He will have difficulties relating to other people.
  2. 2. Wisdom From A Laugh 168 “It’s Too Late!” Anne worked for Dr. Abraham, an orthopedic surgeon. One day, Anne and the rest of the doctor’s staff were helping Dr. Abraham to move to his new clinic. There were many items to be transferred over to the new clinic. Anne set the display skeleton in front of her car. She then fastened the seat belt around the skeleton to prevent it from falling over. She had to drive the skeleton across the town to reach Dr. Abraham’s new clinic. When Anne stopped her car at one of the traffic lights, the people in the car beside her started to stare at the skeleton sitting next to Anne. She looked out of the open car window and shouted to the occupants in the other car. “I’m delivering him to my doctor’s clinic.” The other driver leaned out of his open window and shouted back, “I hate to tell you this, madam but I think it’s too late!” Reflections * The actions one does albeit innocent ones, can shock other people. It is wise to be mindful of whatever one does. Others are watching. * What one observes can be subjected to many interpretations. We should not jump to conclusions hastily.