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Wesak 2012 Aspirations...2


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Wesak 2012 Aspirations...Part 2

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Wesak 2012 Aspirations...2

  1. 1. Wesak Commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of The Buddha 1
  2. 2. May we not commit Sexual Misconduct.May CONTENTMENT be in the mind and heart. Siddhartha Practiced Asceticism 2
  3. 3. May our Generosity grow each dayand help us walk the Noble Eightfold Way. Sujata Offers The Bodhisatta Food 3
  4. 4. May we observe good Moralityin terms of our Mind, Speech and Body. The Temptations Of Mara 4
  5. 5. May we strive on in Meditation to attain Peace and Liberation. The EnlightenmentIt was on a Full Moon Wesak Day 5
  6. 6. May we have respect for beings everywhere.May we practice Metta and show that we care. The First Sermon Buddha Preached The Four Noble Truths 6
  7. 7. May we serve others with a selfless heart as we strive on in the spiritual Path. The Buddha Leads A Homeless Life 7
  8. 8. May we transfer Merits to those in need after we do a Meritorious deed.The Buddha Preaches To His Former Family 8
  9. 9. May we rejoice in others’ meritorious action.May such meritorious deeds be an inspiration. The Buddha Tends To A Sick Monk “He Who Serves The Sick Serves Me” 9
  10. 10. May we constantly learn and practice the Dhamma as we strive on diligently for Nibbana. The Buddha Chants The Ratana Sutta 10
  11. 11. May we teach and spread Dhamma everywhere. May we with Patience any hardship bear.The Buddha Exhorts 60 Arahants to Go Forth To Preach 11
  12. 12. May we straighten the views in our mindas we walk the Path for Truth Sublime.The Buddha Passes Away Into Parinibbana It was on a Full Moon Wesak Day 12
  13. 13. Happy wesak 2012May We All Grow In Compassion And Wisdom With Metta, 13 Bro. Oh Teik Bin