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Wesak 2011 Aspirations


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A PowerPoint Presentation of 20 Aspirations to make as we walk the Path to Happiness, Peace and Freedom

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Wesak 2011 Aspirations

  1. 1. Wesak 2011 Aspirations
  2. 2. Wesak Commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of The Buddha
  3. 3. Wesak 2011 “Cultivate Loving-Kindness, Foster Harmony” Make Aspirations
  4. 4. PBHP, Teluk Intan, Malaysia May I practice more Generosity May I reach out more in Charity
  5. 5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May I always observe Morality May I be pure in mind, speech and body
  6. 6. Penang, Malaysia May I aim at Peace and Liberation May I strive on in my meditation
  7. 7. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia May I always practice humility May I respect virtue and purity
  8. 8. Genting Highlands, Malaysia May I serve the needy and the worthy May Metta and Karuna grow in me Metta = Loving-Kindness Karuna = Compassion
  9. 9. Melaka, Malaysia May I share my Merits with all beings May they meet with happiness and blessings
  10. 10. Sarawak, Malaysia May I rejoice at others’ success May all people be peaceful and blessed
  11. 11. Australia May I listen to the Dhamma attentively May I strive on in the Dhamma diligently
  12. 12. Borobodur, Indonesia May I know the Dhamma and help it spread May I sacrifice more for others’ sake
  13. 13. United Kingdom May my vision and view be right and wise May I heed the Enlightened One’s Advice
  14. 14. Singapore May I refrain from any killing To all beings may I be more caring
  15. 15. India May I refrain from cheating and stealing May my generosity grow from within
  16. 16. Poland May I refrain from immoral action May I work my Way to Liberation
  17. 17. Thailand May I not lie causing others suffering May Truthful speech bring peace to every being
  18. 18. Vietnam May I not speak evil of another being May my speech harmonize and lessen suffering
  19. 19. Paris, France May my speech be free from harshness May my speech be filled with kindness
  20. 20. Italy May I not gossip or speak emptily May my speech benefit all frequently
  21. 21. Holland May my mind be free from greed and craving May I help every needy living thing
  22. 22. Sri Lanka May I be free from hate and enmity May I give Metta to all readily
  23. 23. Scotland May I remove wrong view away May my wisdom grow day by day
  24. 24. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin