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Truth Within You


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A Power Point Presentation of a Buddhist Hymn by the Wayfarers. The lyrics contain good Dhamma points for reflection.

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Truth Within You

  1. 1. Truth Within You
  2. 2. A Buddhist Hymn By The Wayfarers Truth Within You
  3. 3. Come my brothers get together, Sing the praises of your Lord
  4. 4. He hath found the cure of sadness, Gladly hearken to His word
  5. 5. He hath taught the Law triumphant, And this Law shall set you free Essence of Buddhism
  6. 6. In His Universal Sangha Ye shall find true Liberty
  7. 7. One are you with all that liveth Race and caste no more shall bind
  8. 8. Brotherhood without distinction In the Buddha’s Creed you’ll find
  9. 9. Meditate upon His Dhamma In your lives these Teachings show
  10. 10. That the nations all around you May the Buddha’s greatness know
  11. 11. Cultivate the Truth within you, It will bring you joy and peace
  12. 12. And the strife that are around you, From them you shall find release
  13. 13. Realise your Buddha nature, And Nirvana you shall see
  14. 14. In its tranquil peace undying, You shall live eternally
  15. 15. You shall live eternally
  16. 16. You shall live eternally
  17. 17. You shall live eternally
  18. 18. The End May we find the Truth within us when we conquer Greed, Hatred and Delusion With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin